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"Die Zeitmaschine" (1960) ermöglicht dem jungen englischen Wissenschaftler George, gespielt von Rod Taylor (u.a. "Die Vögel", "Giganten") aus dem Jahr 1899 ins Jahr 802701 zu reisen... Dort stösst er auf die friedliche Zivilisation der Eloi, die von den grausamen Kannibalen vom Volk der Morlocks tyrannisiert werden. Unter Führung des unerschrockenen Zeitreisenden kommt es zum Aufstand gegen die Unterdrücker...

Der gleichnamige Roman von H.G. Wells (u.a. "Der Krieg der Welten") gehört zu den grossen Klassikern der Science-Fiction-Literatur - und die aufwendig inszenierte Filmversion von George Pal, nach einem Drehbuch von David Duncan, macht ihrer grossen Vorlage alle Ehre. Die sensationellen Spezialeffekte wurden 1960 mit einem Oscar belohnt...

Die Neuverfilmung "The Time Machine" (2001) von Simon Wells - Ur-Enkel von H.G. Wells - lehnt sich eng an die Romanvorlage an... Die Elois und Morlocks wurden modernisiert...

Es spielen u.a. mit... Guy Pearce (u.a. "L.A. Confidential") als Alexander Hartdegen, Samantha Mumba als Mara, Mark Addy (u.a. "Ganz oder gar nicht ") als Dr. Philby, Sienna Guillory als Emma, Orlando Jones (u.a. "Evolution"), Jeremy Irons (u.a. "D & D", "Stirb Langsam 3") als Dekan, etc...

Im Herbst 2000 begann die Pre-Production zur Neuverfilmung, Dehbeginn war der 5. Februar 2001 im Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York... Die Dreharbeiten endeten im Juni 2001... Am 8. März 2002 startete der Film in den US-Kinos und am 21. März 2002 in den deutschen Kinos...

Eine TV-Serie, welche die Handlung der Neuverfilmung fortführen soll, ist in Vorbereitung...


"The Time Machine" auf DVD & Video !!!
Am 22. August 2002 erschien die Neuverfilmung "The Time Machine" auf DVD & Video... Jetzt bestellen !!!

[22.10.2004] RTL II zeigt heute um 20.15 Uhr "The Time Machine" als deutsche Free-TV-Premiere...

[21.02.2004] DreamWorks SKG Fansite meldet...
Reliable sources have informed me that The Time Machine mini-series is in the works at Warner Bros.
Arnold Leibovit Entertainment (Executive Producer The Time Machine 2002 Warner Bros./Dreamworks) is in discussions with The David Wolper Organization & Warner Bros. for a continuation of The Time Machine as a multi-part Mini-Series for television and possible TV Series.

[21.03.2002] Heute startet "The Time Machine" in den deutschen Kinos... Bei Spiegel Online gibt es einen längeren Artikel zum Film...
Mit Dank an Henrik...

[20.03.2002] Bei gibt es eine Kritik...

[09.03.2002] Bei Moviehole gibt es ein Interview mit Guy Pearce... Bei Coming Soon! gibt es eine Kritik (3.5/5)...
[...] This version of the classic H.G. Wells novel is a lot different than the famous George Pal version of 1960 which starred Rod Taylor as Hartdegen. This version is a lot flashier and goes for the fun buried within the story. This film isn't for the cerebral science-fiction fan but for the fans of the "popcorn-science fiction" films. Huge crowd-pleasers like Independence Day, Stargate and Armageddon are perfect examples of popcorn-sci-fi. [...] I really enjoyed the escapism and kinetic energy housed within Time Machine. It's purely escapism fun. A lot like Tim Burton's revisualization of Planet of the Apes, Simon Wells has re-envisioned the classic novel.

[08.03.2002] Fantastica Daily zeigt Bilder von der Weltpremiere, die am 4. März 2002 im Westwood Village Theatre in Westwood (Kalifornien) stattfand... Derweil gibt es bei CountingDown ein kurzes Interview mit Samantha Mumba...
[...] Mumba said she did most of her stunts, which included being pulled under the sand by a monstrous "Morlock."
"There was no acting. That was genuine fear," she said. "It was disgusting, actually, to do. But afterward you got a bit of a buzz."
Mumba reveals that she has little interest in time travel although she might like a peek at the future.
"I'd like to go forward, see if I had family, what they were like, that would be really exciting," she chuckled. "See my husband."

[07.03.2002] Bei Dark Horizons gibt es ein Interview mit Guy Pearce...
[...] It was the original George Pal film that partially led to Pearce's decision to step into Rod Taylor's memorable shoes, he adds. "Being such a fan of the original was certainly a factor, as well as getting back to the child within oneself was also something I found quite appealing, really, because this is not normally the kind of film that I would be drawn to doing".
Though Pearce had never read Wells' novel, he was drawn to the themes of the 1960 version of the story, responding to "that notion that as human beings you tend not to want to concentrate on the present moment. We would always rather fantasize about the future or dwell on the past, or actually allow ourselves to feel anxious about what possibly could happen in the future, or dwell on the sort of negative things that have happened in the past. That's just our ego trying to create some sort of identity for ourselves. We allow guilt and fantasy and all those kinds of things to identify us, when really we would do ourselves a much better service if we could actually just exist in the present moment".

[06.03.2002] Bei AICN gibt es eine vernichtende Kritik von Harry Knowles...
[...] By the time I got home I was enraged about the film. You see, here’s a film that has all the tools... all the talent... all the chances to have been something great. This was a favorite project of Spielberg’s... He retooled the script late in the process. The machine looks like an excellent toy, adequately conveying the sense that it is in fact a time machine. However, Stan Winston’s Morlocks are simply some of the worst conceived and designed and executed creatures in the history of film. Terrible. Real terrible. [...]

[05.03.2002] Bei Dark Horizons gibt es eine recht positive Kritik...
[...] Guy Pearce was very convincing and makes a nicely unconventional hero, and the scenes with Orlando Jones were wonderful. They're the most dynamic in the movie-- they're funny, and they even seem to be encouraging some kind of thought. The visual effects are mostly solid, and even original-- you seem some stuff you haven't entirely seen before. Jeremy Irons has a small role, and is also intriguing, but he doesn't have much screentime. And there's some Lion King-esque music in the score that is totally ridiculous and laughable. Simon Wells directed it, and it's briskly paced, but nothing really interesting stylistically. Basically, The Time Machine is a solid piece of afternoon entertainment, but doesn't add up to a totally engaging experience, even as a popcorn movie. It's worth checking out if you're in the mood for sci-fi/adventure/etc. The actors, parts of the story, and the effects make it pretty decent.

[02.03.2002] Bei gibt es das deutsche Filmplakat... Nicht unbedingt der Bringer... *g*

[01.03.2002] Bei gibt es 4 Ausschnitte aus "The Time Machine"...

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