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Die archivierten Nachrichten aus der Rubrik "Aktuelles"...

[29.06.2007] Bei gibt es eine recht positive Kritik (7/10)...

[28.06.2007] Quint von AICN kann Teil 4 nichts abgewinnen... Daneben gibt es bei AICN eine recht positive Kritik vom PG-13-Gegner Vern...
[...] I am relieved to be able to tell you that, despite everything going against it, LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD is a pretty damn entertaining movie. It could and should be harder. But it's fun, it has a good villainous plot, it has many intense and well constructed action sequences, and other than the rating and Kevin Smith it manages to overcome most of the worries I had about the movie. [...]

[27.06.2007] Heute startet "Stirb Langsam 4.0" in den deutschen Kinos... Und Spiegel Online titelt "Daddy Uncool"...

[26.06.2007] Bei MTV gibt es ein Video vom DH4-Set: die Stunts !!! Und bei CS! gibt es ein Interview mit Len Wiseman...

[24.06.2007] ProSieben zeigt heute um 22.15 Uhr "Stirb langsam 3 - Jetzt erst recht"... Die Wiederholung läuft um 2.45 Uhr... Bei gibt es zwischenzeitlich einen Schwung "Live Free or Die Hard" Clips / Ausschnitte... Und bei AICN gibt es weitere Kritiken zu Teil 4...
[...] Basically it’s kinda fun and in a summer full of disappointments it’s an entertaining time but at the same time it doesn’t really feel like a Die Hard film for much of its runtime (I would say about two hours, five/ten.
I guess it’s like Godfather 3 or Predator 2. On its own it’s an okay film, pretty entertaining, solid, fun summer flick but seen as part of a bigger whole, compared to what’s come before it, it doesn’t really measure up that well. That said only the first Die Hard is truly great. Two is a xerox, three is really fun entertainment but again doesn’t always feel like Die Hard. [...]

[23.06.2007] Der TV-Sender Pro7 zeigt heute um 22.00 Uhr "Stirb langsam 2"... Und bei Moviehole gibt es Infos zur Zukunft des "Die Hard"-Franchise...
Bruce Willis popped by the Second Life program [..] to talk up the latest "Die Hard".
Willis seemingly had such a good time working on this latest one [..] that he’s already ready to get going on "Die Hard 5".
"I would definitely consider doing "Die Hard 5." I would consider doing it anywhere", says Willis. "You know, I would really like to see Holly McClane come back" [...]
"There was a time when one of the ideas of doing another "Die Hard" was doing the prequel, "John McClane: The Early Years." I think I've kind of missed that window now unless they come up with some kind of new technology where they can smooth out these wrinkles that I have on my face. But I would do it. I think that I could act it. It's just a matter of how I look."
Funny he should mention that, as I hear there’s a "McClane" prequel series currently in development - which sounds rather superb. (That’d be a TV series though, so Willis wouldn’t be doing that... unless his career really hits the skids).

[22.06.2007] Bei Yahoo! und gibt es neues Video-Material zum 4. Teil... Und bei AICN gibt es eine weitere Kritik zu "Live Free or Die Hard"...
[...] It felt like an extended episode of 24, it moves at pace but at the expense of logic or any meaningful characterization.
Whilst there are some self-referential nods to lift shafts, basements and walkie talkie banter with bad guys it all lacks grit, any sense of realism or any real tension. Indeed the dialogue is shockingly hokey (Kevin Smith is no actor by the way), the acting (as opposed to the action) poorly directed and the lines delivered awkwardly, almost to the point you actually feel a little embarrassed about it. [...]

[21.06.2007] Bei AICN gibt es eine Kritik zu "Live Free or Die Hard"...
[...] It feels very much like a sequel to Die Hard With A Vengeance, only not as good, in the same way that Die Harder felt a lot like Die Hard, but not as good. It's not set in a closed environment, and while the third film could at least claim to be "Die Hard in New York", this one is just like any other action film in terms of setting - the action moves from place to place throughout the film as the plot calls for it.
Which brings us to the film's main problem... no, not the PG-13... the story. Or the script. Or the director. I'm not sure quite what's to blame here, but the story at the heart of the film is never really convincing. [...]

[20.05.2007] Bei AICN beantwortet Bruce Willis Fragen der Fans...
[...] My only question regarding Live Free or Die Hard concerns the inclusion of John's daughter in the film. In sequels, we quite often see family members introduced (or reintroduced in this case) with not-so-good results. Putting to mind the large role the daughter plays in the film, what would you say separates her role from less-than-stellar ones that appear in sequels quite often? [...]
Lucy McClane's inclusion in LF or DH made a great deal of sense, since the seires of the 4 movies started with 5 year old Lucy's appearance in Die Hard, where she lisped, "come home". And having seen the 4th installment of the DH series, I can tell you that Mary Elizabeth Winstead plays the grown-up Lucy really well, and bangs and all, brings a lot of humor to her role, not to mention other elements that will remind the audience that she is definitely John McClane's daughter [...]

[11.05.2007] Bei AICN erzählte Bruce Willis u.a. über Teil 4...
[...] i have said it elsewhere on this Thread, but except for the Fuck quotient, this Film is as badass as the First, and way tougher than 2 or 3, and the hardcore heart of the Film's Mythology has not been compromised one bit, regardless of the outrage of those who haven't seen it yet.
Other than the 5 year old character of Lucy McClane, who is now 26, there are no cameos from the 3 previous Die Hards. [...]

[07.05.2007] AICN sprach mit Bruce Willis...
[...] According to Bruce, he feels this Die Hard is right there with the original - and that if you didn't know it was PG-13, you couldn't tell, because it got him to the edge of his seat at least 6 times. Now, it might not have as many "fucks" as in the past, but the action and intensity - he swears is there. [...]

[03.05.2007] Vern von AICN widmet sich der unmöglichen Altersbeschränkung von Teil 4: PG-13 statt R !?!

[04.04.2007] Die Offizielle Website hat ihre Pforten geöffnet und ein neuer "Die Hard 4.0" Trailer ist online...

[01.03.2007] Bei gibt es ein "Die Hard 4.0" Teaser-Poster...

[17.02.2007] Ein neuer "Stirb Langsam 4: Live Free Or Die Hard" International Teaser-Trailer ist online...

[30.01.2007] Bei AICN gibt es ein paar Bilder von einem ungewöhnlichen "Live Free or Die Hard"-Set...

[14.01.2007] CS! sprach mit Kevin Smith, u.a. über seine "Die Hard 4"-Rolle... CS! sprach auch mit Timothy Olyphant, u.a. über seine Rolle als Bösewicht...
[...] Olyphant said his role is quite different from Alan Rickman's character in the first "Die Hard" film. "I just started this week so we're kind of feeling it out. But, it's a cyber-terrorist plot based on this article that was in Wired magazine a few years ago saying that as horrific and sad as it was seeing a building come down, the real threat to the country was cyber-terrorism; if somebody were to hack into that infra-structure, they could cripple the country in a matter of days. This character is a guy who used to work for the government and warned them of this possibility and is now carrying it out. So, in its own right, it's a different character, a different villain. There's something that feels a little bit more unstable about a person who would do that kind of a thing. The ouch doesn't really match the pinch. It was a guy whose career was ruined and is now saying 'I told you so.'" [...]

[12.01.2007] AICN weiss u.a. mehr über die Rolle von Kevin Smith...
[...] Word has it that Smith's role is a supporting character that is a hacker/computer wiz with some witty and sarcastic dialogue. Think about the Jack Black, Seth Green, and Jamie Kennedy parts in Enemy of the State. Similar to those type of roles and dialogue that was used.
People will love this movie. It's a John McClane flick but amped up to the extreme... obviously to match "24", which I consider to be the ultimate unofficial Die Hard franchise in the absence of years past. Plenty of smart ass Willis moments! [...]

[03.01.2007] Wie Moviehole meldet, übernimmt Kevin Smith aka Silent Bob eine Rolle in "Stirb Langsam 4: Live Free Or Die Hard"...

[17.12.2006] Der "Stirb Langsam 4: Live Free Or Die Hard" Teaser-Trailer ist zwischenzeitlich online... Bei Yahoo! Movies gibt es obendrein ein paar Bilder...

[05.12.2006] weiss mehr über den kommenden "Stirb Langsam 4: Live Free Or Die Hard" Trailer...
[...] we are able to confirm that Fox will release the teaser trailer for LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD to select theaters this weekend. The trailer would run before prints of BLOOD DIAMOND - but not all prints. The trailer, of a still undetermined length, will only run before 35mm prints of DIAMOND with Fox swapping out PATHFINDER for digital prints. Still investigating Fox's plans for releasing the trailer online but I would suspect that, in keeping with their original plans to do this hush-hush, it wouldn't hit the web until Sunday. [...]

[01.12.2006] Bei Star Tracks gibt es weitere Bilder vom "Live Free or Die Hard"-Dreh...

[20.10.2006] meldet...
Timothy Olyphant and Mary Elizabeth Winstead have snagged key roles in "Live Free or Die Hard," 20th Century Fox's fourth installment of the "Die Hard" series. Len Wiseman is directing. Bruce Willis is reprising his role as John McClane in the story of an attack on the U.S. computer infrastructure that begins to shut down the country. The mysterious figure behind the scheme has figured out every digital angle but never counts on the old-fashioned, "analog" McClane. Olyphant will play Willis' nemesis, while Winstead will play Willis' daughter. Justin Long and Maggie Q already have been cast in the production, which is shooting in Los Angeles.

[04.10.2006] weiss mehr zur Besetzung...
[...] Jeffrey Wright (Syriana, Angels in America) is going to be that one guy making John McClane’s life a living hell? And it would only make sense, as production moves from Baltimore to Wright’s hometown of Washington DC.
Right now, all we know is he’ll be the head of an agency; McClane will then be leading the team to stop him. A call back from Wright’s people hasn’t been returned to confirm any extra plot details. [...]

[02.10.2006] Bei gibt es weitere Bilder von den "Live Free or Die Hard"-Dreharbeiten, sowie die Artikel "Take a 'Hard' look" und "Stoplights, camera, action!"... Moviehole meldet, dass Yancy Arias die Rolle des Agent Johnson spielen wird... Und bei IESB gibt es ein Interview mit Tom Rothman von Fox...
IESB: [...] John McClane has gone through everything, he’s faced some of the toughest villains, when are we going to hear who the new villain is?
TR: Soon, very soon and it’s, well we’re not quite closed on it, but it’s a very cool piece of casting. Very cool and contemporary.
IESB: It’s really hard to top Alan Rickman.
TR: It’s always been hard but the great thing about big action, or these kind of films, you’re right, I mean, they often are only as good as the villain is. And the thing that we pushed for here is to make a complicated villain and my own personal belief is the more complicated and more interesting the villain is, and the more ambiguous his agenda, or the motives let’s put it that way, the more mysterious rather than ambiguous, the more fun the movie is.
IESB: So within a week or two we may hear?
TR: Yeah, within a week or two, we just announced Justin Long last week and I would think within very shortly.
IESB: British, American, can you say anything?
TR: American. [...]

[30.09.2006] Bei AICN gibt es die ersten Bilder von Bruce Willis als glatzköpfiger (!) John McClane in "Live Free or Die Hard" !!!

[23.09.2006] Moviehole meldet...
After weeks and weeks of back-and-forward rumblings, Justin Long has finally been confirmed for the new "Die Hard" film.
Maggie Q ("Mission : Impossible 3") has also been added to the cast of the pic, titled "Live Free or Die Hard".
Interestingly enough, Variety doesn’t say anything about Long’s character being the son of John McClane (Bruce Willis) - as was originally planned. Seems now he’ll just be a token computer expert - no relation to the NYC copper - who helps McClane take on a terrorist organization around the July Fourth holiday.
Q will play a world-class hacker at odds with McClane.

[19.09.2006] HNR meldet...
[...] actor Bruce Willis will produce/star in 20th Century Fox' Live Free Or Die Hard aka Die Hard 4, scheduled to shoot in Vancouver, BC and Washington, DC, starting September 30, for a June 29, 2007 release.
Willis will reprise his role as New York cop 'John McClane' who takes on an Internet-based terror organization.
Director is Len "Underworld" Wiseman, from a screenplay by Mark Bomback, based on original characters by Doug Richardson and Roderick Thorp.
John McTiernan, director in 1988 of the first Die Hard feature, will produce, alongside Willis, Stephen J. Eads and Arnold Rifkin. Simon Duggan has also signed on as cinematographer, Marco Beltrami is composer, Patrick Tatopoulos, production designer and Nicolas De Toth, editor.

[11.07.2006] Bei AICN gibt es einen Spy-Report... SPOILER !!!
[...] I was flying down to Baltimore from Los Angeles over the Fourth of July weekend. I was sitting in first class and as the sneaky little easedropper that I am, I was listening in on the conversation of the two gentlemen in front of me. First of all, let me say that I first noticed that the gentleman in front of me to my left was looking through a portfolio with a lot of sketch art in it. The portfolio had the title "Die Hard 4.0" on it and also the name Patrick. The upper left hand corner of the pages had in bold print, "Die Hard". This, needless to say, caught my attention. I was trying to peek through the open space to get a better glimpse of the portfolio but the only thing that I could see was a drawing of what looked like a flipped over semi-truck. The two men were talking back and forth to each other and the gentleman directly in front of me said, "I then want Maclane to jump out of the way". [...]
I told him that I read about the story line for the next Die Hard and heard that Maclane's son was suppose to be in it. The guy told me that that was the original concept but they changed it. Now, it's not Maclane's son, but some computer genious that they're getting out of jail to help Maclane with the situation. [...]

[02.06.2006] Bei AICN gibt es eine Kritik zu einem "Die Hard 4.0"-Drehbuchentwurf... SPOILER !!!
[...] The "internet terrorists" are a bunch of folks who have banned together to reboot America.
In a phased process, they intend to systematically demolish or seize our technological infrastructure via a three-day plan. [...]
The film should play to this innate desperation, fear, desolation, paranoia, and apprehension. It should make the ambience affecting. If Wiseman doesn’t rely on bombast (yeah... I know... but I said "if"...), and treats 4.0 as an artistic exercise more than a bludgeoning, this film has the potential to be one hell of an inventive, effective, and even chilling ride - one that might make us feel a little, and think a little, along the way.

[31.05.2006] meldet...
Len Wiseman is in discussions to direct "Die Hard 4" for 20th Century Fox. The fourth installment of the franchise finds hero John McClane coming out of retirement to battle an Internet terrorist organization. Bruce Willis will reprise his role as the fearless cop. Mark Bomback and Doug Richardson penned the screenplay, which at one point was titled "Die Hard 4.0." Arnold Rifkin is producing the latest entry. The three "Die Hard" films have earned $740 worldwide and influenced a generation of action filmmaking. The franchise also made then-TV actor Willis into a bona fide film star. In recent weeks, Rifkin had hinted that he was looking for a hot, young helmer to inject new life into the franchise. Wiseman, whose vampire thriller "Underworld: Evolution" opened at No. 1 for Screen Gems in January, fits the bill. Wiseman, who is repped by ICM and attorney Howard Abramson, made his feature directorial debut with 2003's "Underworld." He also was a writer on both "Underworld" films. Fox's Alex Young will shepherd "Die Hard 4" for the studio

[01.04.2006] CS! meldet...
[...] Bruce Willis, interviewed on the set of his new movie Perfect Stranger with Halle Berry, said he can't tell you what will come first: A sequel to 16 Blocks or a new Die Hard.
"They're both being written. We've to throw a few more 'old man' jokes in the Die Hard script, while we do that...we might bring Jack Mosley back".
He was asked whether it's true that Jessica Simpson auditioned for the role of his daughter in the Die Hard film. He laughed, saying, "Man, I don't know even know if that character is even in this version of the script anymore. I can honestly tell you that Bonnie Bedelia and Reginald VelJohnson, from the first films, are the only guys we've talked about bringing back. There has to be enough room in the scene for my walking cane". [...]

[15.02.2006] Moviehole meldet...
[...] Justin Timberlake tells MTV that rumours that he’s up for the role of Bruce Willis’s son in the forthcoming "Die Hard 4.0" are false.
Says the site "Rumors of him signing on to "Die Hard 4" are as thin as Bruce Willis' hair."
Meantime, the owner of the hair, Bruno himself, tells that he’d like to do "Die Hard 4.0", but at the moment they’re trying to get the script right.

[13.02.2006] zitiert Bruce Willis...
[...] Bruce Willis was out promoting his new thriller 16 BLOCKS when the topic of DIE HARD IV came up and how the magazine Entertainment Weekly recently wrote it was one sequel they "didn’t want to see."
"Entertainment Weekly hates me," says Willis. "They've hated me since they've been a magazine. Fuck them. And you can go tell them that."
Of course, Willis would like to see DIE HARD IV happen and hints at the possibility.
"I would like to see DIE HARD IV happen," says Willis. "If it happens and they get the script right, great. I would consider it." [...]

[24.11.2005] Moviehole meldet...
[...] FOX have started casting "Die Hard 4.0", the long awaited fourth adventure for Bruno’s John McClane character. In this one, rumoured to be filming in Montreal Canada, the ex-cop takes on cyber terrorists.
Studio Insider ‘Sputnik’ offered a quick update on how it’s going today.
"They're workshopping ideas on the New Orleans part of the script, due to Hurricane Katrina and dedicated loyal fans and even people at Fox who have managed to get hold of the script/have read reviews of it aren't liking the storyline at all, as well as the so-called bad guys and girls, who are computer hackers.
"Luc Besson is one director's name being banded around (as well as who did ‘Hostage’. I know he has the script and Willis does want to work with Luc again."
"He has stated it’s to be a stand alone Die Hard vehicle and if you haven’t seen the previous 3, it shouldn’t matter".
Apparently FOX are keen to release the film on DVD before the end of 2006, so expect it to be pretty much wrapped, released and doing a swift swoop of the theatres mid-year.

[16.04.2005] Moviehole meldet...
[...] Doug Richardson, has been hired to write the screenplay for "Die Hard 4.0". I think he'll give the series a nice wax and polish. And if it's half-as-tense as "Hostage", it could just be the best sequel yet.
Even better news though : allocine talked to director Florent Siri who said Bruce Willis has asked him to direct the long-awaited sequel. He hasn't read Richardson's script yet - but once he does, he'll make his mind up whether he wants to steer McClane's latest jaunt. Please jump aboard Siri - you're one slick dick. If anything, the sequel could use somewhere with a bit of funk and flair to help it rise above the norm. [...]

[04.04.2005] Moviehole verbreitet neue Gerüchte zur Besetzung...
[...] Bruce Willis obviously thinks dancing-man Timberlake 'has got it' because he's gunning for Britney's one-time beau to join him for the next "Die Hard".
An insider tells Moviehole that Willis and Timberlake apparently got along like cats to a plush toy on the set of "Alpha" - and now, Willis is trying to coax him into playing his on-screen son in "Die Hard 4.0".
John Jr, John McClane's son, was featured in the original "Die Hard". In the next film, he'll be older - and with sister Lucy (the part Jessica Simpson auditioned for last year) gets entangled in Dad's latest adventure.
"The 'Edge of The City' script that featured the amazon jungle contained John Jr., with McClane searching for him", says our scooper. "This ' plot has supposed computer warfare and apparently contains both John Jr and Lucy McClane", he adds, noting that Timberlake is under consideration, but not a lock.
Ben Affleck was rumoured to be in the running to play McClane's son - but the studio are (and not surprisingly) looking for someone with a bit more 'pull' at the moment. [...]

[14.03.2005] Bei Moviehole gibt es Insider-Infos...
[...] The last few years it has been suggested that the movie will feature John McClane's (Bruce Willis) grown-up daughter, Lucy, with everyone from Britney Spears to Sarah Chalke mentioned as being in the running to play the copper's kid. Now, it's believed the key co-star will not be that of Lucy, but that of John Jr, McClane's grown-up son. Though Lucy will apparently appear in the film too, it's John Jr who'll be hogging most of the frame.
The insider also tells us that "Die Hard 4.0" is being written as the final chapter in the cash-cow series. Make of that what you will.
"'Die Hard 4.0' is based upon a spec previously entitled '', set on America's East Coast. 'Godsend' and 'Constantine' scribe Mark Bomback started the rewrite, though has since been rewritten by 'Die Harder' and 'Hostage' screenwriter Doug Richardson. Willis and his former Agent and fellow producing partner, Arnold Rifkin, take the producing chairs when this is expected to go before cameras late Autumn", says the scooper.
And what of the rumours "Ong Bak" star Tony Jaa will play a villain in the film? About as accurate as a battery-less calculator apparently. The only Hollywood filmmaker currently looking at working with the fast-kickin' martial arts superstar is Quentin Tarantino. [...]

[24.02.2005] Empire Online sprach mit Bruce Willis über "Die Hard 4.0"...
[...] "Doug Richardson, who wrote [Willis’ latest film] Hostage, took a shot at Die Hard 4.0 and it’s a good idea. The script will be done by summer and they want to shoot it in the fall. McClane’s retired, he’s not a cop anymore."
Yes, yes we knew that, we need more!
"It’s completely different from the other three films. The only one of the other three films that I thought had any merit to it was the first one. Actually, in the third one I think Sam Jackson’s work was really strong."
Again with the vagueness, give us something concrete like... what’s with the 'point oh' in the title?
"Well, it has something to do with computers..."
Good, good. Now we’re getting somewhere. And is it true that you might kill off the vest-wearing icon in this instalment?
"I’ve heard that rumour! I like keeping those things a secret. But they didn’t want my character to be killed in Armageddon. It was in the original script, but once they saw the film, they were talking about sequels. But I was like, "I want to stick to the original script." I don’t know what the outcome of Die Hard 4.0 will be. It feels like it should be the last one. Right now, if I retired the series, I would retire undefeated." [...]

[10.02.2005] Die BBC sprach mit Bruce Willis...
[...] 'Die Hard 4.0' is being written as we speak, and if all goes well we'll be shooting it in Autumn on the east coast of the United States."
"John McClane has retired as a cop, and that's all that Fox have allowed me to tell you about it."

[17.01.2005] Bei Freeze Dried Movies gibt es einen Auszug aus einem MAXIM-Interview mit Bruce Willis, in dem sich dieser u.a. nach "Die Hard 4" gefragt wurde...
[...] "It's Die Hard 4.0. They're working on the script right now. Doug Richardson, who wrote Hostage is typing away furiously. It's a really interesting idea. And it's the first one that Fox has liked, so we'll see.
Maxim continues: Yippee-ki-yay! What's the plot?
I can't tell you a thing about it.
I can't tell you a thing about it.
John McClane is retired. I can tell you that. [...]

[03.11.2004] Moviehole meldet...
We haven't heard much about the direction "Die Hard 4" is taking - hey, who the heck yelled out good guy shoots back at bad guys?! - since Doug Richardson was hired to pen it, but over the weekend we had the pleasure of having some details passed on.
I've been told that, in December, a second draft of the "4.0" screenplay is to be handed in to the Twentieth Century Fox Execs and also Cheyenne Enterprise's Bruce Willis and Arnold Rifkin, who are producing the movie for Fox. Writing duties were provided by "Die Hard 2: Die Harder"'s Doug Richardson, who also penned the upcoming Willis starrer "Hostage" as well as "Money Train" and the original "Bad Boys".
Word is that the script was a spec called "" and was in the vein of the 80's Matthew Broderick flick "War Games". Mark Bomback who scripted the God awful "Godsend" was brought in and whom was rewritten by Richardson a few months ago.
As yet, only Willis himself has been cast and "Die Hard" and "With A Vengeance" helmer John McTiernan IS NOT going to be involved.
Despite no firm storyline being released, detective John McClane is supposed to be RETIRED in the fourth movie of this most successful and entertaining action franchise.
We also checked in with Ben Trebilcook, who penned a version for "Die Hard 4", to see what he's heard and whether he'll be involved.
"I certainly think Doug Richardson is the way to go with this film. Steven De Souza should be brought in too. People forget that those guys played a major part in creating this franchise as well. I'm a huge admirer of them both. I'm really looking forward to "Hostage", says the writer, whose new film "Daisy Scarlett" is in production.
"It's been ten years since "With A Vengeance". In the first movie, McClane said he had been in the job for 11 years. If it was real life, he'd be the right age for retirement. It has to be kept as real as possible. It's where Lethal Weapon 3 and 4 went wrong with Danny Glover's Murtaugh. He was about to retire in the "Lethal Weapon", back in 1987. Sure it's 'movie world' but movie world has to make sense sometimes."
Is he involved? "For once, I won't say too much, however don't anybody rule out any Die Hard related involvement where my name's concerned."

[27.07.2004] CS! meldet...
20th Century Fox has hired Doug Richardson to rewrite Die Hard 4, which is being developed under the supervision of star Bruce Willis and his Cheyenne Enterprises partner Arnold Rifkin, reports Variety.
Richardson also wrote Hostage, the Florent Siri-directed, Stratus-financed adaptation of the Robert Crais novel that stars Willis and will be distributed by Miramax.
The trade says Richardson will be rewriting a script by Mark Bomback, who redrafted a pre-existing Fox script called "World War" Richardson will be working from the same storyline to bring John McClane back to the big screen.
John McTiernan directed the original and third installment, but it is unclear whether he will return for a third film.

[23.07.2004] Moviehole meldete kürzlich...
[...] The previously rumoured-to-be-titled "Die Hard 4: Die Hardest" is now going by the avant-garde title "DH 4.0".
Screenwriter Marc Bomback, of "Godsend" fame, is off the project and Doug Richardson, the scribe for Willis' latest "Hostage" is on, with a script apparently to be done and dusted within the next 4 months.
Bruce Willis is clearing his schedule for a Spring/Summer 05 shoot. "Die Hard" co-star Reginald Vel Johnson will also appear, back in the guise of cop Al Powell - he too, is currently in talks.
No word on a plot, location or further co-stars as yet.
Word from LA sources give reports of a possible merging of screenplays penned by Ben Trebilcook ["Daisy Scarlett"] and Bomback, with Richardson - who also penned "Die Hard 2: Die Harder" with Steven E. De Souza, as well as the original "Bad Boys" and "Money Train" - sorting them both out.
The fourth "Die Hard" film has been in the works for a couple of years now. Bruce Willis wasn’t so keen at it at one point but seems to have accepted the fact that he’s in dire need of a hit and this might be his best bet.
The strongest plot rumour suggests that the film will centre about Cop John McClane (Willis) and his daughter, though that might change with Richardson’s script.

[04.07.2004] Moviehole meldet...
Director John McTiernan is out of the running to direct "Rambo 4", having instead opted to direct Bruce Willis in the long-awaited fourth "Die Hard" instalment.
McTiernan - who directed the first and third "Die Hard" films - was apparently one of several directors being considered as pilots for the new John Rambo chapter.
F.Gary Gray ["The Negotiator"] may also have passed on an offer to direct "Rambo 4".
At this point, the project is still being written. It can still apparently make it's rumoured Summer 2006 release date. No word on when "Die Hard 4" is start to lens or when it'll open.

[29.04.2004] Bei DH gibt es ein Interview mit Bonnie Bedelia alias Holly McClane in "Die Hard" & "Die Harder"...
Question: There have been rumors of a Die Hard 4. Do you think it'll happen?
Answer: It's being written right now. I'm definitely doing this one. It's going to feature John and Holly's kids too, I believe. It's taken a while to do another one because Bruce wasn't sure whether he really needed to do one and the studio wasn't so sure that it was the best time to do a Die hard film with all that's going on in the world right now. So they've waited a few years, worked on a story that doesn't necessarily concentrate on the whole terrorist theme, and everyone feels it's time to make it happen.
Question: And there's talk of Britney Spears playing your daughter?
Answer: "No, all I know is that John McTiernan, who is just wonderful, he did the first film, wants to do it. Hopefully it'll be underway soon. I look forward to it".

[01.04.2004] sprach mit dem Drehbuchautor Mark Bomback über "DH4"...
Is it really being called Die Hardest? It's not going to be called Die Hardest, at least not to my knowledge. I think that it was in development at one point and it might have been called Die Hardest, but it was an entirely different plot. It was a whole different movie. It wouldn't make sense to call this one Die Hardest. Maybe they will, I don't know. There are worst titles in the world. I'll tell you this. On my script pages, it doesn't say Die Hardest.
Is there a different subtitle? We just call it Die Hard 4.
What guidelines were you given? I think the only big mandate was to make it feel like a Die Hard film. [...]

[28.03.2004] meldet...
Rumors of a Die Hard 4 ranged from "It’ll never happen" to "Britney Spears will play John McClane’s daughter." But now a screenwriter is at work on a script, and Bruce Willis himself explained why he chose to return to McClane for a fourth time. "People wanted to see it," Willis said. "People kept asking me about it."
Willis said the project is still only in talks, and he’s having a hard time accepting a concept that would top the original trilogy. "We’re talking about it. We’re having a contest to come up with the ending. The problem is... I have no idea, what can we do? Have two planets crash into each other? Juggle an asteroid maybe?" [...]

[10.01.2004] Bei Moviehole gibt es Vorschläge für die Besetzung von "Die Hard 4" - direkt von Ben Trebilcook, der ein Drehbuch zum vierten Teil verfasst hat, welches evtl. verfilmt werden wird...
[...] In Trebilcook’s script, Detective John McClane is required to represent his Department in the Caribbean, meeting his estranged daughter and both becoming embroiled with a group of violent island hopping wreck looters. [...]

[10.01.2004] USA Today sprach mit Bruce Willis über "Die Hard 4"...
[...] "We're working on it. Fox wants to do it. I want to do it. It depends on the script," says Willis, 48, whose tough, wise-cracking cop, John McClane, became a pop culture favorite.
Willis, sporting a full, salt-and-pepper beard for his role as a hostage negotiator in Hostage, wouldn't say that the project, which would be the first Die Hard movie since 1995, is a done deal.
"After the first Die Hard, I said I wasn't going to do any more Die Hards, and I did two more. So I don't make predictions anymore. If they get the script right and it seems like an interesting story ..."

[13.12.2003] Moviehole meldet...
"Semper Occultus" scribe Ben Trebilcook dropped by to let us know there’s a possibility his script for the next "Die Hard" movie, might be the one that gets used. "Die Hard has been one huge quest for me since 1997. I have written Die Hardest for Bruce Willis. I had Andy Vajna's company come close, but he has since sold his rights and is no involved. It's a fantastic script because it gives McClane and his fan base a lot of closure and tidies up stuff that needed to be trimmed or explained. It's with the William Morris Agency in LA at present and I have some good backing and I’m due to head out there in Feb to discuss some issues". What’s the story then? "McClane isn’t with Holly anymore but is in close contact. The third movie had some flaws and I feel does need to be tied up. His children do feature also, along with some familiar faces fans should enjoy seeing and saying a last hello to. McClane is in Trinidad to represent his Department when he gets in the way of other peoples plans. The reluctant guy he is, just has to get involved as well as patching family up." He adds, "I have some fantastic people cheering me on. Nobody’s seen what Mr Bomback can produce, so who knows, he may pull off a great one, however I believe I will do the franchise and the fans justice. I’m a fan myself. 35 writers have been hired so far and mine has only been changed by me."

[20.10.2003] DH hat ein weiteres Gerücht aufgegriffen...
Terrorists in the Caribbean seems to be the setup according to Swedish evening paper Expressen.

[13.10.2003] meldet...
Mark Bomback is set to pen the screenplay for 20th Century Fox's "Die Hard 4." Bruce Willis is currently attached to the sequel in which he'd reprise his role as John McClane, who first appeared in the 1988 hit "Die Hard" and who was last seen in 1995's third installment in the series, "Die Hard: With a Vengeance."
Cheyenne Enterprises, in which Willis is partnered with Arnold Rifkin, is on board to produce the project. It will be overseen for the studio by exec Alex Young for TCF topper Hutch Parker.
Bomback's credits include the upcoming Lions Gate release, "Godsend," a supernatural thriller starring Robert De Niro and Greg Kinnear. He is also developing an adaptation of Richard Yates' novel, "Disturbing the Peace," with which he hopes to make his directorial debut. Bomback is repped by Endeavor, the Firm and attorney David Colden of Colden, McKuin & Frankel.

[10.06.2003] USA Today sprach mit Bruce Willis über "Die Hard 4"...
[...] He'll next be seen this fall in The Whole Ten Yards, a sequel to 2000's The Whole Nine Yards. He also is set to shoot Die Hard 4, due next year.
All this despite the fact that he is no fan of sequels.
"Sequels are not new movies," he says. "They're another chapter of a movie you've already seen. ... I have a little distaste for them based on how much TV I did."
Understandably, he expresses some reservations about the fourth installment of Die Hard.
"I always said the genre had kind of run out of gas and had to reinvent itself," he says. "I think that's the goal Fox has also. Maybe too much time has gone by since the last one. We'll see."
The last Die Hard film opened in 1995, and Willis openly says that the first Die Hard in 1988 "was the only good one."
He draws a comparison between the action films of its time and current ones: "If the first Die Hard were an analog version of an action movie, the kind of action movies that are being made right now are all digital. So, Die Hard 4 would have to be brought up to the modern age." [...]

[04.04.2003] sprach mit Bruce Willis & Arnold Rifkin über "Die Hard 4"... Zunächst: Die "Britney Spears"-Gerüchte haben weder Hand noch Fuss... Und nun zur Story... ;-)
[...] Let's face it, Bruce ain't jumping off buildings anymore because he ain't going to land that well. We want to do it, and we are in active pursuit. We have probably met with 30 writers, and the biggest questions that you ask yourself - because one day if we do do it we'll be sitting here with you, and you're going to say why did you this movie? So, the reality is, who is he? It's eight years later. What is he doing, what happened when he was rebellious, he was never within the system, and you can't have him in the right place at the wrong time again. Do you bring Sam back? Do bring Sam's son back and somehow Sam gets killed and whatever, and because of their relationship Bruce adopts? What would make sense to any of you that you would be willing to accept that he's now doing this again? Because he ain't leaping from buildings, we've done planes, we've done buildings. What is it you do? And you don't want to do terrorists, because then we're going to sit here and you're going to say, 'Wasn't that irresponsible of you to put terrorists back in the White House?' Or do you want to put terrorists in Yankee Stadium, where the biggest event is? And that's unfortunately what people, writers come up with. So we will do it if the right story comes."

[24.02.2003] CS! sprach mit Bruce Willis, u.a. über "Die Hard 4"...
[...] Although Willis thinks 20th Century Fox would be willing to make another one, there's factors today that may make it difficult to do. "I'm sure that Fox wants to see 'Die Hard 4' made because the first three films were so successful, financially, which is the business of studios. It's so difficult in the world that we live in right now to make a movie about terrorists. I think they've kind of hit a wall with that storyline. I said that I would at some point do 'Die Hard 4' if they came up with a script that was interesting and wasn't another version of how could the same thing happen to the same guy four times, which is a difficult job I think for Fox to try to find that script."
At this time no director or writer are on board for a fourth film, but would Willis be up for it? "I could do Die Hard 9. I could Die Hard 200 and just keep doing that film over and over. I try and keep myself interested as an actor. I try to look for films that challenge me, to do new things, to try to entertain people in a different way than I did last time. I've gone on record as saying that I had gotten to a point in my career where I was tired of running down the street with two guns in my hand, screaming, 'Nooooo!' I don't know, I guess I just try to keep challenging myself." [...]

[05.02.2003] DH hat ein weiteres Besetzungs-Gerücht aufgegriffen...
Reggae singer Beanie Man apparently has a stint as a bad guy in the next sequel.

[26.01.2003] World of hat angeblich Insider-Infos direkt von FOX...
[...] Die Hard 4 will be based in the Caribbean. John McClane accidentally meets up with his daughter who's a cabaret dancer, whom he has had very little contact in the past ten years. Lucy McClane (yes, watch the past movies, his daughter's name is actually Lucy ! lol) will be played by Britney Spears.
McClane will use one gun in the movie, a German Luger which is found in a World War 2 plane wreck underwater. The script says he will only fire it twice, one of them to save his daughter from the villain in the movie. Lots and lots of fist fights will be present, including ones made by Lucy McClane.
They are in talks with Demi Moore about playing the villain, although a villain of Japanese origin has been said to be preferred. The villain is described as athletic, spiteful, unpredictable and beautiful.
The vest-wearing John McClane is once again ready to set the silver screen aflame with his incredible stunts. Yes, There are plans to launch Die Hard 4, and keeping Bruce Willis company is none other than Britney Spears.
The plot includes an all-action rescue of Britney who plays Willis' daughter, when she is kidnapped by a gang.
A film insider was quoted as saying in People: 'Britney is a huge fan of Bruce and the Die Hard movies, and she's delighted to be working alongside someone she admires so much'.
Willis has promised that the film would definitely be the last in the Die Hard series.
He even hinted he preferred his character John McClane to die in a shark-infested sea to make certain there would be no comeback. [...]

[22.01.2003] DH hat ein weiteres Besetzungs-Gerücht aufgegriffen...
The Mirror and Hello reports that Britney Spears is up for the role of Bruce Willis' daughter whom has to be rescued from kidnappers.

[07.01.2003] Eine Sammlung aller Gerüchte gibt es bei LDJW Films... ;-)
I received an e-mail yesterday from a man claiming to have seen a rough draft of the Die Hard: Die Hardest script. The man wishes to be known as -whispers- claimed this will be the last time Bruce will play the vested hero as he will be finally killed. Producers did think of Ozzy Osbourne to play the bad guy but talks with the actor didnt go very well. Fox was also interesed in Ben Affleck playing opposite Bruce but there is only a 13 week window when Bruce and Ben are available at the same time. The script written before September 11th had to be re-wrote again after 09/11 but the story is ecologically-themed and does involve terrorists, but in the jungle.

[01.01.2003] Moviehole meldet...
According to TV Week, the fourth "Die Hard" film now has an official title. Not surprisingly, it will be called "Die Hardest". The publication also talked to an insider on the production who revealed star Bruce Willis is a bit grumbly about doing the flick. "He's tired of running with guns and yelling. Bruce is keen to get it done and concentrate on more intelligent films".

[07.12.2002] Moviehole meldet...
A scooper this morning tells us original "Die Hard" helmer John McTiernan could be returning to direct the fourth adventure. "There is news that Bruce Willis was pleased with a rough cut of John McTiernan's "Basic," and has once again requested him to take over the directing duties for "Die Hard 4." [...]

[30.10.2002] DH hat ein Besetzungs-Gerücht aufgegriffen...
MTV apparently indicated rocker Ozzy Osbourne may play a part in DH4 as a bad guy.

[11.10.2002] CS! meldet...
Bruce Willis and Arnold Rifkin's Cheyenne Enterprises are near a deal with 20th Century Fox to bring yet another installment of the Die Hard franchise to the big screen, reports Variety.
The deal for Die Hard 4, details of which are being finalized, comes as the result of a title swap. Willis' latest project at Revolution Studios, directed by Antoine Fuqua, has gone through several monikers, including Tears of the Sun, but the studio and the producers wanted to call it "Man of War." That title, however, happened to be a Fox property.
Fox agreed to hand over the "War" title if Cheyenne would commit to a fourth installment of the popular and lucrative "Die Hard" franchise. There is no writer on board for the next actioner.

[04.05.2002] Moviehole meldet...
According to one of our sources, Fox have booked studio and location time for a certain film called "Die Hard 4" for Queensland. Now, Bruce Willis isn't happy to be doing it - but he's contractually obliged to reprise his role. The reason Queensland has been chosen is because of the script's jungle setting in, and for three months beginning later this year, Willis and rumoured co-star Ben Affleck will call Australia home as the film is made. My source explains to me that despite the widespread movie world recoil on terrorism themes, war violence and airplane hijacks and crashes after the September 11 Trade Centre attacks in New York, there was little to alter in the action-packed script for the new Die Hard venture. The story is ecologically-themed and is about terrorism in the jungle with big international conglomerates ripping South American jungles apart, literally killing off tribal communities. What is becoming more of a worry for the producers is that they can only schedule the 13-week shoot when Willis and co-star Affleck. During the past 15 months there has been no time when could have been available simultaneously. Add to this quandary, apparently the initial three directors the Die Hard producers courted have are not in favour with Willis, but an announcement on who will be at the helm of the Far North celluloid activities will be made in a matter of weeks.

[31.10.2001] Bei Spiegel Online gibt es ein Interview mit Bruce Willis, in welchem er sich u.a. über "Die Hard 4" äussert...

[15.10.2001] Auch Spiegel Online greift das Thema auf... Bruce Willis: "Ich bin kein Action-Star mehr" !!!

[13.10.2001] Ananova zitiert Bruce Willis...
"I'm not an action hero anymore, and I think it would be inappropriate for me to compare anything that happens in Hollywood and the entertainment industry to the tragic loss of life on September 11. [...] I know people who died in that tragedy. It's impossible to wrap your mind around what happened there. [...] What happens in Hollywood isn't real - it's about diversion. What I'm trying to do is just entertain people. I'm proud to be an entertainer."

[03.10.2001] Bruce Willis meinte gegenüber "E! News", dass es keine weiteren "Die Hard"-Filme mehr geben wird... Eine Folge der Terroranschläge in Amerika...

[03.01.2001] Laut BILD Online will Bruce Willis wieder "langsam sterben". Ein vierter Teil der Action-Serie "Stirb langsam" soll angeblich demnächst abgedreht werden. Mit dabei: Ben Affleck ("Shakespeare in Love"). Die beiden hatten ja schon zusammen in "Armageddon" die Welt gerettet...

[23.10.2000] In einem Interview gab Bruce Willis bekannt, in Zukunft auf kommerzielle und "massenwirksame" Actionfilme mit "Blockbusterstatus" verzichten zu wollen. Nach eigener Aussage hat er es satt, immer wieder in die gleichen Rollen schlüpfen zu müssen. Seiner Ansicht nach gäbe es eine Reihe weiterer Darsteller, die genau so gut wie er in der Lage wären die Welt ständig retten zu wollen...

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