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"TIM & STRUPPI"-Gewinnspiel !!!
In Kooperation mit Sony Pictures Home Entertainment verlosen wir eine Blu-ray & eine DVD von "Die Abenteuer von Tim & Struppi: Das Geheimnis der Einhorn"... Machen Sie mit beim "TIM & STRUPPI"-Gewinnspiel !!!

Tim und Struppi Steven Spielberg und Peter Jackson bringen "Tim und Struppi" - auch bekannt als "Tintin & Milou" - als 3D Abenteuer in die Kinos...

Tim, der pfiffige Reporter, sein treuer Terrier Struppi, der ewig fluchende Kapitän Haddock und der zerstreute Professor Bienlein geraten von einem Abenteuer ins nächste...

In den 60er Jahren wurden abendfüllende Zeichentrick-Adaptionen der Hergè-Comics veröffentlicht... "Tintin and the Mystery of the Golden Fleece" (1961), "Tintin and the Blue Oranges" (1964), "Tim und Struppi im Sonnentempel" (1969), "Tim und Struppi und der Haifischsee" (1972/73)... In den 90er Jahren kam dann die TV-Zeichentrickserie "The Adventures of Tintin"...

Es gab bereits einige (erfolglose) Anläufe eine Realverfilmung auf die Beine zu stellen, wie man bei nachlesen kann...

Steven Spielberg und Peter Jackson arbeiten gemeinsam an einer "Tim und Struppi"-Trilogie... Ähnlich wie in "Monster House" und "Beowulf" wurde der fast photorealistische Trickfilm durch den Einsatz von "Performance Capture"-Technologie realisiert... Der erste Film "The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn" kam am 27. Oktober 2011 in die deutschen Kinos... Im Erfolgsfall folgt "Prisoners of the Sun"...

Tim und Struppi

"Tim und Struppi" auf Blu-ray & DVD !!!
Am 22. März 2012 erscheint "Die Abenteuer von Tim & Struppi - Das Geheimnis der Einhorn" auf Blu-ray & DVD... Jetzt bei Amazon bestellen !!!

[14.01.2012] Collider sprach mit Steven Spielberg...
[...] After the success of The Adventures of Tintin in French theaters last fall, the sequel, to be helmed by Peter Jackson, is generating much curiosity. Given Tintin’s cultural importance in France, everyone wants to know which books part deux will be based on.
"I’m not going to say which stories have been chosen for Peter Jackson’s sequel because Peter and I agreed that we weren’t going to let that information out yet. The script is now being written. It’s more than one book, but it’s not three books, so that means it’s two books. It’s two and a half books that we’re combining with The Secret of the Unicorn. And Peter will start working on the film this year. When he’s done shooting The Hobbit, he’ll begin his performance capture work with the actors later in 2012, which I’m very excited about. And of course, I’m hoping I’ll be able to direct the third one. I’d love to do the third one because I had so much fun on the first one." [...]

[27.10.2011] Heute startet "Tim & Struppi" in den deutschen Kinos...

[25.10.2011] Matthias Heine betitelt die Filmkritik in seinem Blog Die weiße Garde mit "Der erste 3D-Film für denkende Menschen"...

[18.10.2011] "The Adventures of Tintin" US-Trailer #2 ist online...

[17.10.2011] Bei kann man in den "The Adventures of Tintin"-Score von John Williams reinhören... Und bei Empire gibt es eine erste Filmkritik (4/5)...
[...] a joyful play of opposites: the romance of old-school cinema, conjured by the slick synthesis of CG wizardry. [...]

[12.10.2011] Die ersten "The Adventures of Tintin" Clips / Ausschnitte sind online...

[10.10.2011] "The Adventures of Tintin" International Trailer #3 ist online...

[06.10.2011] Ein "The Adventures of Tintin" International Trailer ist online...

[27.09.2011] Ein deutscher "The Adventures of Tintin" TV-Spot ist online...

[08.09.2011] Bei CS! gibt es ein neues "The Adventures of Tintin"-Poster zu bestaunen...

[17.05.2011] Der "The Adventures of Tintin" in 3D Teaser-Trailer ist online !!! Und bei CS! kann man 2 Poster bestaunen...

[09.04.2011] Bleeding Cool meldet...
Anthony Horowitz this week appeared on Richard Bacon’s Radio 5 talk show to promote his final Alex Rider novel, Scorpia Rising. After delivering some beautiful Harvey Weinstein anecdotes (in short: he’s everything we’ve heard he is) Horowitz started to talk about his ongoing work with the American studios:
I’m working in Hollywood at the moment, I’m writing a feature film even as we speak. I’ve been hired to write Tintin...
The Secret of the Unicorn is being directed by Steven Spielberg and was written originally by Steven Moffat, of course the writer of Doctor Who in this country. He did a couple of drafts then it was taken over by Edgar Wright... they’ve got [that] coming out at Christmas and if that film is a success and works and gets an audience I’m writing the sequel to it, Prisoners of the Sun, which Peter Jackson is going to direct.
Joe Cornish is also a named screenwriter with Edgar Wright... That’s only three [writers]. Three is not too bad... at the moment on the second one it’s just one but you can bet your bottom dollar that by the time the film hits the screen, if it ever happens next year, that I’ll be joined by one or two other names there.

[07.11.2010] Bei gibt es Scans aus dem Magazin "Empire" mit weiteren Charakteren !!!

[01.11.2010] Bei Empire gibt es eine Cover-Story mit ersten Bildern aus Spielberg's "Tim und Struppi"...
[...] Our exclusive and specially-Weta-created cover is a riff on the iconic image of Tintin (Jamie Bell) and his dog Snowy picked out by a spotlight as they are running. Then we have a couple of stills from the film, one showing you Andy Serkis’ Captain Haddock and another with Haddock and Tintin adrift at sea and signalling for help. [...]
And for those of you thinking really far ahead, what has Jackson got planned for his Tintin adventure if and when the planned sequel happens? "One of my favourites is The Seven Crystal Balls, so that’s the one I’ve always been thinking of," he says. "I also really like the Eastern European ones, the Balkan ones like King Ottoman’s Sceptre and The Calculus Affair. I think it’s a terrific setting for a thriller, the weird Balkan politics and the mysterious secret service agents. I think the Moon ones are terrific, but they’d be good for the third or fourth Tintin film, if we get that far. We want to keep his feet on the ground just a little bit longer." [...]

[20.02.2010] Hero Complex sprach mit Steven Spielberg...

[25.11.2009] CS! zitiert aus Interview mit Peter Jackson...
[...] Jackson said that filming for the Steven Spielberg-directed "Tintin" movie, which Jackson is producing, is in the can, but it will take two years for the computer animation to be completed. "'Tintin' is great. It's made. The movie is cut together and now [we] are turning it into a fully-rendered film. So the movie, to some degree, exists in a very rough state."

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