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Die Zeichentrickserie "Speed Racer" (1967) ist Kult... Das wissen auch Andy und Larry Wachowski (u.a. "Matrix"-Trilogie), die sich an einer "Speed Racer" Realverfilmung versuchten...

In grossen Autorennen fährt Speed, der begeisterte Jungrennfahrer, meistens der gesamten Konkurrenz davon. Auf seinen Touren erlebt er aber auch aufregende Abenteuer abseits des Renngeschehens...

Die Besetzung kann sich sehen lassen: Emile Hirsch (u.a. "In die Wildnis - Allein nach Alaska") als Speed, Susan Sarandon (u.a. "Lovely Bones") als Mom Racer, Christina Ricci (u.a. "Sleepy Hollow") als Trixie, Matthew Fox (u.a. Jake in "Lost") als Racer X, Scott Porter (u.a. "Descent") als Rex Racer, John Goodman (u.a. "The Big Lebowski", "Roseanne") als Pops Racer, Richard Roundtree (u.a. "Blade: The Series", "Sieben", "Shaft") als Ben Burns, Benno Fürmann (u.a. "Mutant Chronicles", "Anatomie") als Inspector Detector...

Der Live-Action-"Speed Racer"-Film kam am 8. Mai 2008 in die deutschen Kinos... Ein Sequel - möglicherweise in 3D - ist/war angedacht...

Speed Racer

[29.05.2008] Bei
Moviehole gibt es ein Interview mit dem Produzenten Joel Silver...
Question: [...] Since Larry and Andy never do press, have they started thinking about 3-D filmmaking?
Yeah, we talked about this being 3-D. We actually discussed this being 3-D. There aren't enough theatres yet right now to make it would have taxed us to make this 3-D right now. But maybe if we make a sequel, I mean, they have a story for a sequel and if they make it...
Question: What is it? Any hints on where it might go?
Well, there's things they want to do with him. There's as many episodes of this cartoon so there's a lot of ideas, but if we make the sequel maybe that will be in 3-D, but I mean it would have been possible because it was digital to begin with to do it in 3-D and all those shots were rendered so it would have been possible.
Question: Do you think they want to do a sequel or do you think they want to take on another property?
Well, I mean, I don't know if they will direct the sequel. Maybe somebody else will--maybe they will, I don't know. This was pretty tough this one to do, but to create this you know, but I don't know if they'd want to give that to somebody else, I don't know. [...]

[28.05.2008] CS! berichtet über die US-Kinocharts...
[...] Warner Bros.' Speed Racer rounded out the top five with $5.2 million. Made for about $120 million, the Wachowski Brothers adaptation is at $37.4 million after three weeks. [...]

[13.05.2008] Bei AICN gibt es ein Interview mit Joel Silver...

[12.05.2008] berichtet über die internationalen Einspielergebnisse...
"Iron Man" stayed golden at the international box office, dominating the weekend with $39 million at 7,500 playdates in its second frame while "Speed Racer" crashed out of the gate with a disappointing $12.8 million at 3,940. [...]
"Iron Man" heavily damaged Warner Bros.' family-friendly "Speed Racer" in head-to-head contests, particularly in Europe. [...]

[10.05.2008] Noch unschlüssig !?! Bei Yahoo! Movies kann man sich die ersten 7 Minuten anschauen...

[08.05.2008] Heute startet "Speed Racer" in den deutschen Kinos... Bei AICN gibt es mehrere Kritiken...

[07.05.2008] Bei gibt es eine Kritik...
[...] it’s pure cotton candy -- entirely non-nutritious but too sweet and pretty for young people to resist. [...]

[06.05.2008] Bei CS! gibt es ein Interview mit Emile Hirsch...

[03.05.2008] 3 Minuten aus "Speed Racer" gefällig !?!

[28.04.2008] CS! sprach mit Christina Ricci über ein mögliches "Speed Racer"-Sequel und ihre Rolle darin...
[...] "I would like her to do more action-y things because I had fun being out there. That was fun stuff," she told us.
Ricci raved about working with the brothers and laughed about how the cast begged them to start working on another "Speed Racer" movie as soon as they wrapped.
"Larry and Andy created a world that they love and created characters that they loved and are attached to. When we were all leaving, we were like 'write the sequel!' 'We want to come back'. And they were like, 'I know. I know. We're going to. Don't worry'. They were as sad for it to be over as we were."
When asked if she thought the Wachowskis would jump right back into another film she excitedly told us yes!
"Yeah, definitely. Yes, that's definitely the impression I got."
As far as how many sequels she's signed on for, Ricci was rather coy about that.
"I don't know. You don't have to sign up for them. It's more like if this movie does well, they'll make another one. But, I'm not really sure. I don't pay attention to that stuff." [...]

[24.04.2008] Bei IESB gibt es einen Schwung neuer Bilder... Und bei gibt es mehrere Videos zum "Speed Racer" Videospiel...

[22.04.2008] Bei gibt es ein Interview mit dem Produzenten Joel Silver, der u.a. nach einer "Speed Racer"-Fortsetzung gefragt wurde...
Joel Silver: [...] Look, they have a great story idea for a sequel to this movie (Speed Racer), we have a great idea for a sequel if it makes sense to make it. [...] We’re having a good time. I love working with them and it’s a great joy to have them in my life. They’re smart and funny and they love the kind of movies I love and they know how to make them like no one else. I look at this movie and can’t believe we created it. I can’t believe it exists. [...]

[21.04.2008] Bei AICN gibt es eine Kritik von Elvenblade...
[...] Speed Racer goes by ridiculously fast and smooth, and it's the most entertaining film I've seen all year. In terms of artistic liberty, it goes far and beyond what most green-screen-fests (Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, Sin City, 300, etc) have done before. That's not a knock on those films, all of which I love, but praise for the masterful use of cinematic technique that went into the production of Speed Racer. The special effects blend in effortlessly with the world on-screen. [...]
In short, the Wachowskis have reclaimed their former glory. Maybe I'm just a raving lunatic nerd, but this is not just a small summer film! [...]

[19.04.2008] Bei CS! gibt es mehrere TV-Spots...

[14.04.2008] Ein neuer "Speed Racer" International-Trailer ist online !!!

[11.04.2008] Bei DemoNews gibt es neue Screenshots zum kommenden "Speed Racer" Videospiel...

[02.04.2008] Unter gibt es eine nett gemachte Website eines Lizenznehmers, inkl. exklusivem Videoclip...

[27.03.2008] Bei gibt es exklusive Bilder...

[20.03.2008] Bei Yahoo! Movies gibt es mehrere Poster zu bestaunen...

[19.03.2008] CS! berichtet über die ShoWest-Präsentation...
[...] Warner Bros. President Alan Horn introduced the Wachowskis' long-time producer Joel Silver, who looked like a proud Papa as he brought out three of the film's primary cast: Emile Hirsch, who plays Speed Racer, Christina Ricci, who plays his girlfriend Trixie, and Matthew Fox, the mysterious Racer X, before showing an amazing four-minute clip that included some of the footage from the recent trailer but also gave a far clearer picture of the movie's plot than what's hinted in previous footage. Essentially, a rich mogul has gotten tired of Speed Racer winning every race and he offers a million dollar bounty to anyone who takes Speed Racer out in the next big race. With such danger all around him, Speed's Mach 5 is upgraded to the Mach 6 with lots of new devices added to help counter the assassins' weapons and the extended footage included a lot more flying and spinning cars as well as some of the weapons that Speed Racer will have to face on the track. The extra footage included some more expositional dialogue between Racer X and Speed Racer that hints at their relationship. One of the reasons the film might look so strange at first is that it's very colorful, but also, the Wachowskis wanted to make a movie where everything was in focus rather than the eye having to determine where to focus its attention. It's similar to the way Robert Rodriguez brought Frank Miller's graphic novel Sin City to life, and it's also the closest that a live action movie can come to recreating the feel of a cartoon. [...]

[17.03.2008] Bei IESB gibt es ein Video-Interview mit Christina Ricci...

[13.03.2008] Der "Speed Racer" US Theatrical-Trailer ist online !!!

[10.03.2008] Zwei "Speed Racer" UK-Trailer sind online und bieten reichlich neues Material !!!

[05.03.2008] CS! meldet...
IMAX Corporation and Warner Bros. Pictures announced today that Speed Racer, the action-packed adventure from the creators of "The Matrix" trilogy, will be simultaneously released to IMAX® and conventional theatres on May 9, 2008. Speed Racer, based on the hit anime series created by Tatsuo Yoshida, is written and directed by The Wachowski Brothers. The film will be digitally re-mastered into the unparalleled image and sound quality of The IMAX Experience® with IMAX DMR® (Digital Re-mastering) technology. Warner Bros. Pictures will be the exclusive distributor of the film to IMAX theatres worldwide. [...]

[24.02.2008] CS! sprach mit Christina Ricci über ihre Rolle...

[22.02.2008] Bei Yahoo! Videogames gibt es den Trailer zum "Speed Racer" Videospiel... Und bei AICN gibt es eine Kritik zu einer Testvorführung...
[...] Is the movie perfect? No. The only problem for me was that it did drag a little bit in the middle, seeing as how this was a first cut however, that didnt bother me too bad. Im sure they will tighten it up before release. The relationships between several of the villains is confusing and needs to be addressed and due to unfinished FX there was a lot of confusion at first as to what was happening during the races.
After watching it though, I am even more curious to see a finished product of the movie because I know it will be jaw dropping. I think that this could be a big hit for Warner Bros. this year, as long as audiences get what they were trying to do with this movie. I do think it has appeal to just about anybody, even if you are not a traditional fan of the cartoon, as I was not. [...]

[19.02.2008] CS! berichtet über die Toy Fair '08...
[...] Just as exciting are all the vehicles from the Wachowski Brothers' upcoming live action Speed Racer that are being reproduced by Mattel in various sizes and designs, including Hot Wheels versions of the Mach 5 and Racer X's car. We only scratched the surface with our pictures of the dozens of cars, vehicles and playsets Mattel would be producing, many of which will be available on March 23. While many of the toys are clearly for kids, it's obvious that older Speed Racer fans will geek-out to the highly-detailed "race and flip" versions of the Mach 5, Mach 6, Racer X's car and the very cool GRX driven by a new character, Jack "Cannonball" Taylor. There are also radio-controlled versions of the cars and ones that include racing sounds from the movie and an actual Speed Racer helmet, all of which you can see here. [...]

[27.01.2008] berichtet über die Lizenznehmer, u.a. gibt es Produkte von Lego und Puma...

[18.12.2007] Bei IESB kann man einen Blick auf das Teaser-Poster werfen...

[07.12.2007] Der "Speed Racer" Teaser-Trailer ist online !!!

[06.12.2007] Bei USA Today gibt es erste offizielle Szenenbilder und mehr...
[...] Racer, says producer Joel Silver, has a trump card - or two, actually - in Andy and Larry Wachowski, the gadget-happy siblings who were huge fans of the TV series, one of the first Japanese cartoons to make it to the USA.
"The effects are beyond belief. We called it 'car fu,' because it was like kung fu with the cars," Silver says. "We couldn't have made this movie until right now."
But effects, he says, take a back seat to the Wachowskis' true love of the old series: the cars, costumes and message.
"It obviously has a present-day aesthetic to it," Silver says. "But it's still a great yarn about family and not selling out. That's an important message to the (Wachowskis) and why we all connected to the show."
Well, not everyone. Christina Ricci, who plays faithful girlfriend Trixie, first saw Speed Racer in clips in Geico insurance commercials.
She quickly received an armful of DVDs to acquaint herself with the Racer family, which includes a monkey, Chim Chim. Unlike stars Emile Hirsch and John Goodman, Chim Chim required two stand-ins: Kenzie and Willie.
"You'd think that would be tough, using live monkeys," Ricci says. "Now we're worried about them stealing the movie."

[05.12.2007] Bei iKlipz gibt es einen "Speed Racer" ET-Setbericht, in welchem u.a. Matthew Fox als Racer X zu sehen ist...

[11.08.2007] Bei AICN gibt es eine recht positive Kritik zum Drehbuch... Vorsicht SPOILER !!!
[...] SPEED RACER kicks unholy ass. In this draft I've read, there's some mistakes that cut the flow of the action sequences, and it's too long, but what they got right, they got spectacularly right. [...]
This film, as described by the script, comes straight out of the television show. This isn't some "re-imagining." It's not dark for the sake of being dark. It's the cartoon, in live-action, very much oriented towards family audiences. No long pieces of dialogue dripping with quantum philosophy here. For a 160+ page script (too long, but I'll get to that in a bit) it's mostly very tight. [...]
So... here's a case where real nostalgia has created something truly enjoyable, and I hope that it translates well to the big screen. All signs point to a blast of a movie. It feels like they're making a live-action family film that parents wouldn't be embarrassed to watch with their kids [..]

[10.08.2007] Bei Latino Review gibt es eine recht negative Kritik zum Drehbuch (Rating: D)... Vorsicht SPOILER !!!

[08.08.2007] AreaGames berichtet über die "Speed Racer" Videospiele...

[31.05.2007] Heute fand in Berlin eine "Speed Racer" Pressekonferenz statt...

Speed Racer
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Sophia Kelly
Go, Speed Racer, Go!
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VIDEOSPIELE - Hardware, Spiele & Zubehör Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainement veröffentlichte am 9. Mai 2008 "Speed Racer: Das Videospiel" für Nintendo Wii und Nintendo DS zum gleichnamigen Kino-Film der Wachowski-Brüder... Am 14. November 2008 erscheint auch eine Umsetzung für PS2...
Schauplatz des Geschehens ist eine hyperrealistische Welt, in der das Auto zum Synonym für Kultur geworden ist. Auf achterbahnähnlichen Rennstrecken tritt man als Fahrer der World Racing League (WRL) an. "Car Fu" lautet das Zauberwort - am Steuer des T180 ist nichts unmöglich: atemberaubendes Tempo, individuell drehende Räder, Sprünge, Salti, halsbrecherische Manöver... Ein unvergleichliches, kampforientiertes Rennerlebnis! Speed Racer: Das Videospiel fängt den Look, das Feeling und die Action des adrenalingeladenen Renngeschehens aus dem Film ein und packt das Ganze in ein leicht zugängliches, unterhaltsames Spiel: Einfach einsteigen und weiter geht das Rennen durch die irre Welt von Speed Racer. ..

AreaGames berichtete am 8. August 2008...
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment gibt bekannt, dass zeitgleich mit dem im kommenden Jahr anrollenden Kinofilm zur japanischen Animé-Serie Speed Racer auch das passende Konsolen-Spiel eintreffen wird. [...]
Parallel dazu werden die zeitexklusiven Versionen der Versoftung für Wii und DS veröffentlicht. Die ebenfalls angekündigte PS2-Fassung soll dann etwas später zum Launch der DVD nachgeschoben werden. Entwickelt werden alle drei Spiele in Neuseeland, und zwar von Sidhe Interactive (Grip Shift, Jackass - The Game).
In den Versionen für die stationären Konsolen kann man in die Rolle verschiedener Film-Charaktere schlüpfen und deren extravagante Schlitten in brachialen Rennen um die Kurven zirkeln. Der kampfbetonte Stil des Spiels soll dem des Kinovorbilds sehr ähnlich sein und wird vom Publisher als "Car-Fu" bezeichnet. "Speed Racer ist eine außerordentlich kreative Marke, die zusammen mit der Vision der Wachowskis eine tolle Vorlage für ein actiongeladenes Rennspiel liefert", verspricht Samantha Ryan von Warner Bros. Interactive. "Das Spiel wird die Racing-Intensität des Films einfangen und Zockern wie Filmfreunden gleichermaßen die Möglichkeit geben, sich nach dem Kinobesuch selbst hinters Lenkrad zu klemmen." Joel Silver, der Produzent des Films, weiß derweil nicht nur zu berichten, dass das Regisseurs-Duo auch selbst Videospiel-begeistert ist, sondern er lässt uns auch wissen: "Larry und Andy sind der Überzeugung, dass die "Speed Racer"-Erfahrung erst durch ein interaktives Game wirklich komplett wird."
Inwiefern sich die DS-Variante von den "großen" Spielen unterscheiden wird, verriet der Publisher in seiner Ankündigung leider nicht. Unbekannt ist auch, wie sich das Ganze mit der Wii-Mote lenkt und ob vielleicht eine "Car-Fu"-mäßige Stylus-Steuerung angedacht ist. [...]

Speed Racer

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