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"Sin City" (2004) ist die Verfilmung der "Sin City" Comics von Frank Miller... Verantwortlich dafür ist Robert Rodriguez (u.a. "Desperado", "Spy Kids", "From Dusk Till Dawn", "Faculty")...

Willkommen in Sin City! Der Stadt der Hartgesottenen, der Korrupten, der gebrochenen Herzen. Manche nennen diese Stadt düster. Dann gibt es andere, die sie ihr Zuhause nennen. Korrupte Cops. Sexy Huren. Verzweifelte Spitzel. Die einen suchen Rache. Die anderen dürsten nach Erlösung. Und dann gibt es noch solche,die ein bisschen von beidem haben wollen. Ein Universum voller unwahrscheinlicher und zögerlicher Helden, die immer noch das Richtige tun wollen - in einer Stadt, in der die Grenzen zwischen gut und böse verschwinden...

Es wirken mit...
Mickey Rourke (u.a. "Irgendwann in Mexiko") als Marv, Jaime King (u.a. "Pearl Harbor") als Goldie, Bruce Willis (u.a. "Die Hard") als Hartigan, Jessica Alba (u.a. "Dark Angel") als Nancy, Clive Owen (u.a. "Die Bourne Identität") als Dwight, Brittany Murphy (u.a. "8 Mile") als Shellie, Rosario Dawson (u.a. "MIIB") als Gail, Rutger Hauer (u.a. "Blade Runner") als Cardinal Roark, Nick Stahl (u.a. "Terminator 3") als Roark Junior, Josh Hartnett (u.a. "Black Hawk Down") als The Man, Elijah Wood (u.a. "Der Herr der Ringe") als Kevin, Carla Gugino (u.a. "Spy Kids") als Lucille und viele andere...

"Sin City" startete am 1. April 2005 recht erfolgreich in den US-Kinos... Und am 11. August 2005 - nach einer Terminverschiebung - auch hier in Deutschland... Die Dreharbeiten zu "Sin City 2" sollen im 2. Halbjahr 2011 beginnen... Und auch von "Sin City 3" wird weiterhin munter gesprochen... Daneben wurde auch eine "Sin City" TV-Serie angedacht...

Sin City

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[15.03.2012] Bei gibt es ein Status-Update zu Robert Rodriguez' Filmprojekten...
[...] The follow-up to that will be the long-discussed Sin City sequel, which will be shot using the same extensive green screen work as the first film. As we’ve reported before, this sequel will adapt the graphic novel A Dame to Kill For, but will also feature two new stories written for the film by Sin City creator Frank Miller.
And then we’re doing Sin City 2 - it might overlap that. It’s going to be right at the end of that, so we’ll probably be editing Machete while we shoot Sin City. It’ll be summer, it’ll be hot, and it’ll be nice and cool inside on the green screen. [...]

[30.10.2011] CS! meldet...
Last week, news broke that the character of Marv has been written to appear in the upcoming Sin City sequel, tentatively planning to shoot in early 2012. Today, caught up with actor Mickey Rourke at the junket for his latest project, Immortals, and asked whether he had any plans to return to the role.
"It depends," he smiled, "It depends on how bad they want me. You feel me?"
Some time ago, Rourke had noted his reluctance to re-approach a part with such heavy make-up.
"I did [like the character]," he reiterated today, "but I'm claustrophobic, so the the hours of makeup -- You have to keep it on for about 13 or 14 hours a day. It's latex and glue and that stuff that gets my eyes all red..."
Rourke, who is famous for his candid interview comments, also recalled an anecdote from the first film's production that reminds him of another reason to resist prosthetics.
"I remember I picked up some chick at a bar in Texas one night and invited her to the set to have lunch at the lunch break," he grinned. "I couldn't take the s--t off. F-- it, I never saw her again!" [...]

[23.10.2011] Bei MTV gibt es Clips aus einem Video-Interview mit Frank Miller, u.a. bzgl. "Sin City 2"...

[30.08.2011] Heat Vision meldet...
Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller are bringing in some Oscar-winning firepower to help shape the script for Sin City 2, the sequel to their 2005 hit graphic novel adaptation.
William Monahan, who won the Oscar for best adapted screenplay for 2006’s The Departed, has been hired to work on the script, according to sources, supplementing a draft completed recently by Miller.
Momentum has been building lately behind the long-in-development sequel to Sin City, which grossed a healthy $100 million worldwide in 2005. Rodriguez, who co-directed the original with Miller (who scripted and authored the source material), said at Comic-Con in July that financing for the sequel had been arranged and shooting would begin as soon as a script could be locked, possibly by the end of this year.
It’s not clear which actors would return from the original, though rumors on fan websites have suggested a storyline featuring the characters played by Mickey Rourke and Jessica Alba. Rodriguez indicated to THR during an interview at Comic-Con that actors playing characters that survived the first film are expected to return, and that because much of it is shot in pieces against green screen that scheduling shouldn’t be too difficult. [...]

[10.08.2011] CS! meldet...
At the San Diego Comic-Con last month, Robert Rodriguez said that Frank Miller has written the script for Sin City 2 and that "it could shoot as early as later this year."
Talking to We Got This Covered, Rodriguez added that the sequel has financing in place as well:
"Sin City 2 is going good, we're just finishing the script for that, we already got the money. We have everything we need so we can just start shooting as soon as we get the pages. And it's the same thing for Machete 2. We've already got the budget, just waiting for the script. As soon as we're finished writing we get to start the shoot."
It is unclear which actors might return for the next film, though the previously-rumored "A Dame to Kill For" storyline again features Marv (Mickey Rourke) and Nancy (Jessica Alba).

[05.10.2010] meldet...
Rosario Dawson wants to work on 'Sin City 2' - but hopes filming will begin soon or she will feel too old to wear skimpy costumes. [...] "The last time I saw Robert Rodriguez was a month ago and he really wants to make 'Sin City 2' happen. I said, 'I understand you've been taking your time, but if you want me to wear the outfit that fits into one hand, dude. I'm not getting any younger.' " [...]

[30.10.2009] sprach mit dem Produzenten Stephen L'Heureux...
[...] L'Heureux confirmed for us that the long-awaited sequel 'Sin City 2' will go into production in the second half of 2010. Unlike the first movie, which used the graphic novels as both screenplay and story boards, the sequel will be based on an original script by Miller. As with the original, Miller will co-direct with Robert Rodriguez.
The producer also told us that Miller is hard at work on the screenplay for 'Hard Boiled', based on his comic series from Dark Horse from the early 1990s. Miller is attached to direct that feature. [...]
"With 'Sin City' just on the horizon I don't think we'd be able to do it with Frank right away. As simple as 'Sin City' seems, it's a very complex scheduling with all these actors and it's a very demanding shoot to be on a sound stage all day long," L'Heureux told us. "We have to space it for Frank. There's also talk, of course, of 'Sin City 3'."

[26.09.2009] MTV sprach mit Clive Owen über den Drehbeginn zum Sequel...
[...] "I'm hearing it might be next year," Owen told MTV News. "I heard that from a very good source... recently."
However, Owen wouldn't reveal where he heard the news ("Maybe one of them," he grinned, when asked if it was Miller or Rodriguez), and he didn't let fans' hopes get too carried away. According to the actor, he hasn't read a script for the film yet.
"I had a great time on the first one. It was a stunning film," said Owen. " I think it was an absolutely extraordinary achievement, what [Rodriguez] did with that film. It is a genuinely original movie." [...]

[08.06.2009] Bei Moviehole gibt es eine Q&A-Session mit Jaime King ...
[...] Have you heard anything about a "Sin City" sequel? I so can't wait to see it! - Brianna
Yes, there are rumors abound, it's gonna happen, we are just waiting for everyone's schedules to be organized. I am super excited about that, Sin City was one of my favorite movie making experiences. [...]

[08.05.2009] IGN sprach kürzlich mit R.R. über "Sin City 2"...
[...] he had a few other commitments he had to complete before moving on to Sin City 2, but he is beginning talks with his creative team and could begin filming as early as next year.
"I actually had a phone call with some of the players in it today, but I was on a plane so I missed it," he said. "So next week we're going to talk about it some more and get a timing on when we'd be doing it. But there's a lot of people who are interested in it. ... We are definitely going to do that one.
As for the story in the film, Rodriguez said that it will include the Sin City story "A Dame to Kill For" as well as new additional material written by Miller himself.
"There's a lot of stories," Rodriguez said. "That was sort of the approach I took to it. That's why there's three stories in the [first] movie, because I thought, 'I love this material, but gosh, what happens if it's not successful and I don't get to make a part two and part three. I still want to see "The Big Fat Kill" and "That Yellow Bastard."' So I wanted to put them all in one movie so I could at least get some of these stories out of my system. But there's still so many books and so many stories to do."

[21.04.2009] CS! meldet...
IESB is reporting an interesting rumor saying that The Weinstein Company's Dimension Films has let the film rights for Sin City 2 expire:
The specifics are not clear but some details are emerging that the movie will now be financed by a private equity group and an announcement is expected soon.
Robert Rodriguez' Trouble Maker studios will still produce the film.
No word on what studio may end up distributing. Universal Studios' name has come up as a possible contender.
The first film, released in April of 2005, was both a critical and financial success. Made for about $40 million, the graphic novel adaptation earned $158.8 million worldwide.
UPDATE #1: MTV has debunked the above story from IESB with an official statement from The Weinstein Company attorney Bert Fields:
"TWC's rights to produce sequels to Sin City remain intact as they always have been. Any suggestion to the contrary is complete hogwash."
UPDATE #2: The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that Hollywood producers have been shopped the rights by representatives for Frank Miller's estate, who they say are seeking a new place to set up a potential follow-up. The Weinstein Company, however, on Wednesday said it stood by its statement above.

[06.03.2009] CS! sprach mit Rosario Dawson aka Gail...
Q: Jamie King said she's read the "Sin City 2" script. Have you?
Rosario Dawson:
No, I have not. She's working with Frank [Miller] to possibly produce something together. I just talked to Frank about it though and said he finished it a couple of months ago so I'm really excited to get it going. Supposedly it's going to happen in 2009. Q: Did he tell you anything specifically about the script?
I get to wear a mask in this one. Is that specific enough? Q: Where you would like to see your character go in the next film?
Gail? I think Gail is pretty much Gail. What you see is what you get. I don't think she's going to be poppin' out any babies and singing any songs or anything like that. What's actually really fun about it is that we get to investigate it a little bit more into the storyline that was actually in "Sin City 2" - that middle chapter which is where Gail mostly was. Investigate a little more as to who is this man and what are they talking about when he's got a different face. [...]

[20.02.2009] Wie meldet, wurde die Videospielumsetzung zu "Sin City" auf unbestimmte Zeit verschoben, da der Entwickler angeblich "keine finanziellen Reserven mehr hat"...

[13.01.2009] Latino Review sprach mit Jamie King aka Goldie...
[...] She mentioned that Frank Miller just finished the script and that they will hopefully begin shooting this year. She also mentioned there's no nude scenes for her this time around. [...]

[15.12.2008] SHH! sprach mit Frank Miller...
[...] Last week, we spoke to actor Mickey Rourke about returning as Marv in Sin City 2, and he seemed kind of tentative about spending three hours putting on Marv's make-up, but Miller shared, "He has a pretty big role. I hope Mickey plays it."
And as far as whether Miller might co-direct with Robert Rodriguez again or direct himself, now that he has The Spirit under his belt: "I hope to work with Robert. We're talking it over and trying to work out the mechanics of actually getting it made. It's always tricky with movies. I believe that a movie's going to come out as soon as I see its name on a marquee."
"I'll publish something," he hinted with a smile, when asked whether there might be a "Sin City" or "300" comic or graphic novel out before either movie. [...]

[09.12.2008] IESB sprach kürzlich mit Rosario Dawson über den Stand der Dinge...
[...] she confirmed the April start date talked about for SIN CITY 2. She says yes the script is done and they are all set to go. She will reprise her role of Gail. [...]

[08.12.2008] CS! meldet...
A couple days ago, MTV's Splash Page chatted up actor Mickey Rourke at a party for Fox Seachlight and the results of that discussion (which you can read here) seemed to indicate that both Frank Miller and Mickey were ready to go on the long-delayed Sin City 2.
At the junket for Darren Aronofsky's The Wrestler in which Rourke gives a heartbreaking performance as Randy "The Ram" Robinson, a has-been wrestler trying to go out in a blaze of glory, he told Hype! that he's not as gung-ho about returning to play Marv as he might have been last week.
"No, I'm not interested in that right now. That's not a reality right now. It's pissing in the wind," Rourke admitted. "There's different factions going different directions there. I don't know. That's three hours of make up and I'm claustrophobic, so I'm going to have to work something out."
Who knows how much of a role Marv would have played in the sequel considering that it was to be based around the mini-series "A Dame to Kill For" but Marv was always kind of in the background even in the stories that didn't feature him, so hopefully, they can work things out. [...]

[05.12.2008] IGN sprach mit Frank Miller...
[...] "Sin City 2 is written," he proclaimed. "It's mainly a matter of working out the details of the production. I'm hoping to do it with Robert Rodriguez again in the same circumstances that we did the first one, and we could be shooting as soon as April."
He wouldn't be drawn on the nature of the plot or which A-listers would return for the shoot [...]

[21.09.2008] zitiert Frank Miller...
[...] I cant' talk about my projects, because I don't believe a movie is real until I see the title on the screen. There are many things that can go wrong. But I can tell you that I'm very close to begin Sin City 2 with Robert Rodriguez. We have to arrange a few things and we'll be back in action. [...]

[30.08.2008] Wie Gamespot kürzlich meldete, arbeitet Transmission Games nicht länger am "Sin City" Videospiel, ein bislang unbekannter Entwickler sei mit der Umsetzung beschäftigt...
[...] Information remains relatively sparse on Sin City the game. Red Mile has previously announced that the game will make use of Epic Games' Unreal Engine 3, which has powered such titles as Gears of War and Hour of Victory. Reports earlier this year indicated that the game would arrive on the Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii in time for Christmas 2009.
Commenting on the direction of the game when it was first announced, design lead Flint Dille said, "Frank [Miller] and I have been having a party coming up with nasty stuff for the game. In true Sin City fashion, some old characters will return, new characters will appear and--without giving anything away--probably die horribly."

[25.05.2008] Der TV-Sender Pro7 zeigt heute um 23.00 Uhr "Sin City" als deutsche Free-TV-Premiere...

[25.01.2008] CS! sprach mit Jessica Alba...
CS/SHH!: What can you tell us about your character in "Sin City 2"?
Jessica Alba:
I haven't read a script. I don't know anything about it. Robert (Rodriguez) and Frank (Miller) haven't talked to me about it at all. [...]

[17.01.2008] GameFront meldet...
Red Mile Entertainment will das Sin City-Spiel 2009 in Europa ausliefern. Das bestätigte der Publisher gegenüber MCVUK.
Red Mile verwendet für die Umsetzung der Comic-Serie von Frank Miller die Unreal Engine 3. Als Plattformen sind PS3 und Xbox 360 im Gespräch, wenngleich sie auch noch nicht offiziell bestätigt wurden.

[08.06.2007] MTV Movies Blog meldet...
[...]Two years after "Sin City" thrilled audiences with its revolutionary style, author and co-director Frank Miller was eager to tease fans with talk of the sequel. "Robert [Rodriguez] and I have a script and we’re all raring to go. We’re aching to get started," he said. "I want to work with that crew again...that wonderful cast."
Rodriguez previously revealed to MTV News that the film will be an adaptation of Miller’s "A Dame to Kill For," a prequel to "The Big Fat Kill." But what Miller could really use is a Big Fat Starting Date. With Miller set to direct "The Spirit" and Rodriguez gearing up for a remake of "Barbarella," it was recently announced that filming on the sequel would be pushed back.
"There was just some problems above us that I don’t understand... that I don’t really want to understand," Miller said matter of factly about studio delays in pre-production. All of which shouldn’t bum out fans, he insisted, since he expects not only to eventually film "Sin City 2," but "Sin City 3" as well. That story, Rodriguez divulged, would concentrate on Miller’s "Hell and Back," the story of a hallucinating artist named Wallace. Rumors have persisted for months that the role of Wallace was being written for Johnny Depp, a casting coup that Rodriguez himself was coyly confident would eventually happen.
As for Miller? "I ain’t talking cast until we’re actually shooting," he said, a large smile crossing his face at the possibility of getting Depp, "or close to it!"

[31.05.2007] Moviehole meldet...
It was apparently full-speed ahead for "Sin City 2" - or so we thought.
Michael Madsen, who’d be reprising his role as ‘Bill’ in the sequel, says the fact that Robert Rodriguez’s last film "Grindhouse" bombed at the box office doesn’t fare well for the director’s computer-created "Sin City" follow-up.
"They haven't shot it yet. I don't know if they ever will. I am not sure [about] the franchise. I think the Grindhouse thing didn't kind of work out", Madsen tells "The only reason I did it was because Robert Rodriguez said that if I took that little part I would get a bigger role in the sequel, that Bob would have more to do in the sequel. So I said: "Okay, fine."
Madsen would do the film in a second though. "I haven't seen the script for Sin City 2. I don't know if they are gonna make it. I hope they do. And if and when they do, I will be in it."
Madsen did confirm however that he’d indeed be starring in the long-gestating "Inglorious Bastards" - the next film from Quentin Tarantino.

[30.05.2007] Rotten Tomatoes meldet...
[...] just before we sat down with Miller that Robert Rodriguez had been signed onto a remake of the classic sixties sex flick "Barbarella". So what of "Sin City 2"? Rumours swirl that the project has been stalled by the breakdown of Rodriguez' marriage. "Sin City 2 is still likely to happen," says Miller, "just not right away. The script is written and Robert and I are raring to go, but it looks like I'm going to be doing The Spirit first and Robert's going to be doing Barbarella first." [...]

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