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"Pan's Labyrinth" (2006) - Original-Titel: "El Laberinto del Fauno" - ist das Meisterstück von Guillermo del Toro (u.a. "Hellboy")...

In magisch-realistischen Bildern wird die berührende Geschichte der kleinen Ofelia (Ivana Baquero) erzählt, die mit ihrer hochschwangeren Mutter zum Stiefvater in eine ländliche Gegend Nordspaniens zieht. Der Stiefvater hat dort den Auftrag übernommen, im Jahr 1944 kurz nach General Francos Sieg, die republikanischen Rebellen zu bekämpfen. Seine Brutalität, Unberechenbarkeit und das schwere Verhältnis zu ihm lassen Ofelia in eine geheimnisvolle Fantasiewelt flüchten, welche von wundersamen, schaurigen und mythischen Fabelwesen bevölkert ist. In ihrem neu erschaffenen Kosmos findet das Mädchen nicht nur Zuflucht, sondern wird mit Ängsten und Träumen konfrontiert, welche ihr helfen, den Schrecken der Realität zu trotzen...

Der Film startete am 22. Februar 2007 in den deutschen Kinos...

Pan's Labyrinth

"Pan's Labyrinth" auf DVD !!!
Am 3. April 2009 erschien
"Pan's Labyrinth" auf DVD in der Reihe "Grosse Kinomomente"... Jetzt bei Amazon bestellen !!!

[26.02.2007] "Pan's Labyrinth" wurde mit 3 Oscars ausgezeichnet !!!

[22.02.2007] Heute startet "Pan's Labyrinth" in den deutschen Kinos...

[24.01.2007] "Pan's Labyrinth" wurde für 6 Oscars nominiert !!!

[22.01.2007] CS! berichtet über die US-Einspielergebnisse
[...] Guillermo del Toro's Pan's Labyrinth added 415 theaters for a total of 609 and climbed from 16th to 7th, making $4.7 million in its fourth weekend. Picturehouse's fantasy film has earned $10.2 million. [...]

[15.01.2007] CS! berichtet über die US-Einspielergebnisse
[...] Just outside the Top 15, Guillermo del Toro's dark fantasy Pan's Labyrinth made $2 million after quadrupling its theatres, allowing it a similarly impressive per-theatre average as Stomp the Yard. Its current gross of $4.3 million is a good start for the movie, as Picturehouse plans to expand it into over 500 theatres next weekend [...]

[11.01.2007] Capone von AICN sprach mit Doug Jones...

[29.12.2006] Capone von AICN sprach mit GDT...

[09.12.2006] Bei CS! gibt es ein Interview mit GDT...

[14.10.2006] Bei AICN gibt es eine weitere positive Kritik...

[12.10.2006] Bei IGNFF gibt es den neuen "Pan's Labyrinth" US-Trailer und bei IMP Awards kann man einen Blick auf ein weiteres US-Poster werfen...

[30.09.2006] meldet...
Guillermo del Toro's fantasy horror film Pan's Labyrinth will represent Mexico in this year's foreign-language film Oscar race, Variety reported.
Picturehouse, which picked up North American rights at Sundance for close to $6 million, will release the Spanish-language drama Dec. 29 in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago before expanding to 35 other markets on Jan. 12, 2007. [...]
Pan's Labyrinth premiered at Cannes, where it competed for the Palme d'Or and received a 22-minute standing ovation.

[27.09.2006] Bei Moviehole gibt es ein Interview mit GDT...

[24.09.2006] Bei AICN gibt es eine Kritik von Capone...
[...] Pan’s Labyrinth is both sensitive and shocking, as all the great fairy tales are; and let’s face it, that’s what this film is. [...] More than a collection of memorable visuals and far more than a simple historical drama, Pan’s Labyrinth transcends the genres it wholly embraces by giving us some of the most undeniably gruesome, startling, and sometimes magical images in recent memory. It’s a film I’m desperate to see again with a less anticipatory mind and just enjoy the beauty and terror of this remarkable film.

[19.09.2006] Bei AICN gibt es eine Kritik von Quint...
[...] The film is a masterpiece, easily as good as THE DEVIL'S BACKBONE, but I think it's even better. PAN'S LABYRINTH is Guillermo Del Toro at his best on all levels. His script is the best writing he's ever done, the direction is sharp, imaginative, but not showy. The actors are all directed perfectly. Each performance nuanced and different than every other in the film. [...]

[18.09.2006] Bei AICN-D gibt es eine weitere Kritik...
[...] First of all, remove expectations before you see this film. If anything hindered my enjoyment of this film, it was the tremendous about of anticipation based partly on on the stills that had been released and based mostly on the rave reviews that have appeared online. Not that I blame any of the reviewers themselves; if I saw this film before there was any buzz, I think I'd be singing its praises until I was blue in the crotch. As an audience member, however, it's hard to divorce yourself from that stuff, and I was starting to wish I'd gone in without having heard a thing.
Actually, the biggest hinderance was the fact that I was expecting a fantasy film. This is a mistake. PAN'S LABYRINTH should be seen as a drama with fantastical elements, because I strongly believe that's what the film really is. [...]
If I didn't care about not raising your expectations, I would be spending paragraph after paragraph going on about how the story of this girl's escape from her world is beautiful yet unsentimental, and that the actual fantasy sequences are among the best ever committed to film, and that the experience of watching this film is one that will stay with me for a very long time. [...]

[15.09.2006] Bei AICN gibt es eine weitere Kritik...
[...] Once the two worlds are established, an exciting story of courage and betrayal unfolds, constantly - and with great agility - shifting between reality and fantasy. This is going to be a very hard sell in the States, because it’s a decidedly adult fairy tale, with too many dark images and too much violence to be anything but R-rated. Plus it violates the same cardinal rule that the aforementioned THE HOST does - albeit with a silver (make that gold) lining.
The performances are uniformly excellent, but the standout of standouts is Sergi Lopez as the stepfather-captain. [...]

[13.09.2006] Bei AICN gibt es eine weitere Kritik...
[...] This film works on so many levels that the mind just boggles. Every frame is filled with recurring iconography and detail; beautifully composed and not a shot wasted. It is also a lesson on set-ups and pay-offs, as del Toro juggles so many elements, without dropping the ball once. He takes the time to bask in the details within scenes, adding dimension to characters, both major and minor. [...]
This is one of those films where you catch yourself halfway through and think: this is something special. And it is. Better by far than any Hollywood film I've seen this year. [...]

[08.09.2006] Bei AICN gibt es eine weitere Kritik...

[02.09.2006] Bei CHUD gibt es, neben dem "Pan's Labyrinth" US-Teaser-Trailer, auch eine kurze Kritik zum Film...
Here’s a warning about Pan’s Labyrinth: people walked out of my recent screening crying. If you only know Guillermo del Toro from Blade II and Hellboy, this December you’ll be kicked in the solar plexus and have your heart broken by a movie that’s deep, beautiful, brutal, touching and magical. Pan’s Labyrinth is the kind of movie I sit through hundreds of other movies hoping for - a film that’s deeply personal, completely transcendent and effortlessly engaging. It’s a feat of the imagination in the way that all the best fairy tales are. [...]

[27.08.2006] Bei AICN gibt es eine weitere Kritik zum Film...
[...] From the incredible opening shot, to an ending that has the perfect blend of pathos and a sense of hope that lifts your spirits, Pan’s Labrynth is the perfect film that constantly surprises, always intrigues and never fails to hold your attention. If like me you’ve become increasingly cynical about films and cinema in recent years under the bombardment of unimaginative dross from Hollywood, Guillermo’s Pan’s Labrynth will restore your love of film and storytelling. [...]

[21.07.2006] Bei CS! gibt es das US-Filmplakat... Und bei AICN gibt es ein sehenswertes Promo-Poster für "Pan's Labyrinth" von Mike Mignola... Man stelle sich mal vor: Im nächsten "Hellboy"-Film taucht plötzlich diese Gestalt auf... :-))

[13.07.2006] Blickpunkt:Film meldet...
Das Toronto International Film Festival (7. bis 16. September) setzt in diesem Jahr auf spanischsprachige Filme. Einen hochkarätigen Titel konnte sich Festivalchef Piers Handling mit Guillermo Del Toros "Pan's Labyrinth" sichern, der seine Nordamerikapremiere auf dem kanadischen Festival feiern wird. [...]

[27.06.2006] Bei TcH gibt es den "Pan's Labyrinth" Promo-Trailer...

[31.05.2006] Bei AICN gibt es eine weitere Kritik zum Film...
[...] When the credit's came up on Pan's Labyrinth I had the deep sense that I had seen one of the best, and without a doubt best made film's of my entire, film obsessed life. Wiping teary eyes. I immediately went back into the Palais, swiped my badge and snatched another ticket for the afternoon session for myself and my equally obsessive DOP and later on watched with pure jubilation and Del Toro and his cast came back down the red carpet to a standing ovation which didn't stop. A film with this much heart, inventiveness and superlative craft... well for me, that is everything film should stand for. [...]

[30.05.2006] Bei AICN gibt es eine Kritik zum Film...
[...] I am sorry to say that I was overall a bit disappointed. That is always the issue with great expectations. All Del Toro fans will appreciate the Del Toro specials (metal against flesh, ticking clocks with mechanisms, blood circles...), always as nifty as possible, but the movie is still a little bit too long, too rushed on the FX, too meaningless regarding the plotlines and regarding the people’s reaction to fully implicate the viewer. [...]
Overall, some magical moments, of course a film much above average, but still a little deception for all people awaiting a perfect mix- up of DEVIL’s backbone with HELLBOY. Just kidding, but it feels that it is the way they sell it. [...]

[27.05.2006] Bei gibt es mehrere "Pan's Labyrinth" Clips / Ausschnitte...

[15.05.2006] Bei AICN gibt es den Hinweis auf einen neuen Trailer im Flash-Format...

[02.03.2006] zeigt ein paar neue Bilder...

[23.02.2006] Bei AICN gibt es ein paar coole Szenenbilder...

[22.02.2006] Bei AICN gibt es sehenswerte Concept Art...

[28.01.2006] Bei AICN gibt es ein neues spanisches Poster...

[26.01.2006] Die Offizielle Website ist zwischenzeitlich online...

[24.01.2006] meldet...
Picturehouse has acquired North American rights to Guillermo del Toro's fairy tale film "Pan's Labyrinth." A fall release is anticipated. Set against the fascist regime in rural Spain, the film stars Ivana Baquero ("Fragile") as a lonely girl who creates a world filled with fantastical creatures. The cast also includes Mirabel Verdu ("Y Tu Mama Tambien"), Sergi Lopez ("Dirty Pretty Things") and Doug Jones ("Hellboy"). "This is a stunning film both in its visuals and narrative," Picturehouse president Bob Berney said. "Guillermo is a master filmmaker and the ultimate film fan as well."

[06.01.2006] Bei und gibt es den "Pan's Labyrinth" Teaser-Trailer jetzt auch im Quicktime-Format... Unbedingt anschauen !!!

[04.01.2006] Bei AICN gibt es Links zum "Pan's Labyrinth" Teaser-Trailer !!! Und im Forum von schreibt GDT...
[...] LIfe before, during and after Pan has been a bit crazy. Crazy hectic (delivering the script for HELLBOY II, THE GOLDEN ARMY, doing impromptu trips to Europe and New Zealand, finishing PAN´s LABYRINTH, etc) and just plain crazy.
With the help of Parker and Spydaweb I plan to upload the PL Spanish teaser in the next 72 hours (contact me guys!) and post some new stills.
I am incredibly proud of PL and believe it to be a beautiful, moving film- yes, I am that deluded- but giving birth to it took a toll. Physically I am 40 pound lighter (and a whooping 110 pounds lighter than on HELLBOY) and spiritually I am going through a "dark night of the soul" but all´s well that ends- oh, um- well it ain´t over yet, so let´s wait a bit [...]

[09.12.2005] Empire Online sprach mit Guillermo del Toro...
[...] "the best thing I’ve ever done, that’s not saying much but I’m sure of it! It’s really beautiful, man!" [...]

[12.11.2005] Bei AICN gibt es sehenswerte Bilder aus dem Film und einen Kommentar von Harry Knowles...
[...] I see that Doug Jones again looks amazing in a Del Toro film. And little Ivana Baquero looks adorable as Guillermo's Alice of the story, named Ofelia. This bittersweet horrific fairy tale has only just wrapped, with Guillermo beginning his long post upon the film. [...]

[24.10.2005] meldet...
The filming of "Pan's Labyrinth", the latest great film adventure of Mexican filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro, coproduced by Studies Picasso and Tequila Gang, with the participation of Telecinco and distribution of Warner Bros, arrived at its end after 15 intense weeks of work. [...]
The movie enters now in a laborious phase of post production that will be headed by Bernat Vilaplana. Javier Navarrete, who already has collaborated on other projects with the Mexican producer, is the author of the soundtrack of the movie.
The world premiere, that will take place in Spain, and is scheduled for the second half of 2006.

[24.10.2005] Bei gibt es ein paar Bilder...

[28.05.2005] sprach mit Doug Jones über seine Rolle als Pan...
[...] the lead character in the movie is a 12 year old girl, and basically as an audience you’ll be following her journey through a little... well, I’ll call it a dance. She’s doing a dance between the real world and the fantasy world, and I am playing the role of Pan, who is the satyr that guides her along her dance to get her back to the fantasy world. I’m the one who brings her the information and the how-to, and the guidance and the reprimands and all that along the way. [...]

[25.04.2005] Harry Knowles von AICN schreibt...
[...] I've had the pleasure of reading Guillermo Del Toro's next Spanish Language gothic fairy tale. This will complete a trilogy of Guillermo's own grim fairy tales that began with CRONOS continued with THE DEVIL'S BACKBONE and is carried through with PAN'S LABYRINTH which is most definitely the largest in scope. Think about "LABYRINTH" - but scary, no songs, a far younger more vulnerable girl, very real problems to be escaping from... and in this case a very real destiny - but whether it is a happy one or a tragic one... I'll leave that to you - but ponder back on Guillermo's Spanish fantasy films... both have been bittersweet and you better believe el Gordo hasn't been laying the cajeta in too thick. Doug's satyr, Pan isn't the only creature, and the creatures aren't the only monsters facing this little girl. [...]

[11.03.2005] Bei gibt es ein Interview mit William Stout...

Pan's Labyrinth
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DVDPans Labyrinth
Limited Extended Edition (3 DVDs)

Regionalcode 2
FSK: Freigegeben ab 16 Jahren
Ton: Deutsch, Spanisch
DVD Erscheinungstermin: 30. Juli 2007

Die 3-Disc Collector's Edition bietet ein 100-seitiges Buch mit Storyboards und Produktionsskizzen sowie Behind-the-Scenes-Material und zahlreiche weitere magische Specials im liebevoll gestalteten Lederschuber...

DVDPans Labyrinth
Regionalcode 2
FSK: Freigegeben ab 16 Jahren
Ton: Deutsch, Spanisch
DVD Erscheinungstermin: 30. Juli 2007

DVDGrosse Kinomomente
Pans Labyrinth

Regionalcode 2
FSK: Freigegeben ab 16 Jahren
DVD Erscheinungstermin: 3. April 2009

DVDPan's Labyrinth [UK IMPORT]
Regionalcode 2
BBFC: Freigegeben ab 15 Jahren
Sprache: Spanisch
DVD Erscheinungstermin: 12. März 2007

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DVDThe Devil's Backbone
Regionalcode 2
FSK: Freigegeben ab 16 Jahren
DVD Erscheinungstermin: 25. Februar 2003
Spanien 1939. Gegen Ende des Bürgerkriegs ist das Waisenhaus Santa Lucia, das weit entfernt von der nächsten Stadt mitten in einer einsamen Ebene liegt, randvoll mit Kindern. Vor nicht allzu langer Zeit verschwand dort spurlos ein Junge und niemand hat eine Erklärung dafür. Als auch der zwölfjährige Carlos in Santa Lucia ein neues Zuhause findet, geschehen plötzlich merkwürdige Dinge. Eine schemenhafte Gestalt taucht auf. Es ist der verschwundene Santi, dessen Geist nachts durch das alte Gemäuer zieht und Carlos mit den Worten "Viele von Euch werden Sterben" verfolgt. Erst angsterfüllt, ist Carlos mit der Zeit absolut sicher, dass die weitverzweigten Kellergewölbe des Waisenhauses ganz offensichtlich ein düsteres Geheimnis verbergen. Ein grausiges Verbrechen, in das die Direktorin, der gutmütige Professor Casares und der aggressive Verwalter Jacinto irgendwie verwickelt sein müssen...

Regionalcode 2
FSK: Freigegeben ab 16 Jahren
DVD Erscheinungstermin: 3. Februar 2006
VHS Erscheinungstermin: 10. Oktober 1996
Dem Antiquitätenhändler Jesus Gris fällt ein geheimnisvoller Apparat in die Hände: Die Cronos-Maschine. Sie verleiht ewiges Leben, aber wer sie benutzt wird durstig nach Blut. Um in ihren Besitz zu kommen, schreckt ein reicher, sterbenskranker Industrieller auch vor Mord nicht zurück - doch die Toten kehren zurück...

Pan's Labyrinth

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Pan's Labyrinth

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Pan's Labyrinth

Javier Navarrete
Pan's Labyrinth
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Erscheinungstermin: Januar 2006

21 Titel: u.a. Long, Long Time Ago (Hace Mucho, Mucho Tiempo)

Pan's Labyrinth

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