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"Monster House" (2006) ist ein animierter Gruselfilm für die ganze Familie, abgesehen von den Familienteilen, die sich vor kinderfressenden Häusern fürchten... ;-)

Der 12-jährige DJ ist sich sicher, dass mit dem Haus des schrulligen Herrn Nebbercracker auf der gegenüberliegenden Straßenseite irgendetwas nicht stimmt. Ständig gehen dort auf mysteriöse Weise die unterschiedlichsten Dinge verloren: Bälle, Dreiräder, Spielzeug und sogar Haustiere...

Als kurz vor Halloween ein weiterer Basketball in den Tiefen des Hauses verschwindet, wird es endlich Zeit zu handeln: Gemeinsam mit seinen Freunden will DJ das Geheimnis dieses unheimlichen Hauses ergründen. Doch diese Rechnung hat er ohne das Haus gemacht, das plötzlich sehr viel lebendiger ist, als es den Kindern lieb ist...

"Monster House" startete am 24. August 2006 in den deutschen Kinos...

Monster House

"Monster House" auf DVD, UMD & BLU-RAY !!!
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment veröffentlichte am 23. Januar 2007 "Monster House" auf DVD, UMD & Blu-ray Disc...

[24.08.2006] Heute startet "Monster House" in den deutschen Kinos...

[22.07.2006] Bei AICN gibt es eine Kritik von MiraJeff...
[...] This is one of those films that reminds you what it’s like to be a kid again. It’s children’s entertainment for adults.
Parents take note, you might not want to bring the little ones to this movie. There were some genuinely scary parts that might keep your kids up all night, peering through their bedroom window blinds at the house across the street. [...]

[15.07.2006] Bei AICN gibt es eine Kritik von Massawyrm...
[...] what everyone else is saying is dead on. This movie doesn’t just evoke the mood and style of 80’s family films - it wears its love for them on its sleeve. But it never shoves it down your throat. This could have easily turned into a non-stop series of 80’s jokes and references. But it never does. There are a few winks here and there, but nothing blatant. This isn’t about laughing at or about the 80’s - it’s about capturing the soul of the era, the spirit prevalent in all those films I named earlier. And it does it quite well.
It’s positively ingenious - with a story so simple, so seemingly straight out of childhood, that you can’t quite imagine how it’s never been told before. I mean, it’s about an evil, man-eating house. When kids discover the house’s terrible secret they tell the adults, the authorities... but being a family film, no one believes them. So what do they do? You’re damn right. They set out to stop it before it hurts anyone else.
Monster House hits every note just right, without a single misstep to be found. It’s funny in all the right places, scary in all the right places, but ultimately has the word ADVENTURE tattooed over every inch of it. This movie is fun, edge of your seat entertainment, unlike anything else in the CG Animated field. I quite simply loved this film. It took me back in a big way and entertained the ever-loving hell out of me. For a family film, that’s a big deal. This isn’t "cute." This is "good." Damn good. [...]

[14.07.2006] Bei AICN gibt es eine Kritik zum "Monster House" Score von Douglas Pipes...

[12.07.2006] Bei AICN gibt es weitere Kritiken...
[...] How cool is Monster House? The song picked to play over the closing credits is not some Alan Menken bullshit, but "Halloween" by Siouxsie and the Banshees. This new animated feature from Sony, opening nationwide July 21, will likely face an uphill marketing battle for that very reason: the target audience is the audience who remembers Siouxsie and the Banshees. Doesn't sound like Cars or Doogal, does it? But, rest assured, Monster House is probably the most unexpected Hollywood delight of the summer, otherwise known as a "sleeper." Yet, when was the last time a major studio animated feature was a "sleeper?" I don't know how many people will see Monster House, but there's a very clear audience, and that is the people who wouldn't think they should see it. [...]
It's more than just an enjoyable film, it's a completely refreshing one. It's the kind of film that probably could not have been made inside the world of the studios without the support of Spielberg/Zemeckis, and that's sad but true. It's almost too smart for its own good. It's the kind of film that has no clear audience, and as many of us know, that sometimes is the number one ingredient for some of the best entertainment.

[26.06.2006] Bei AICN gibt es eine Kritik von Harry Knowles...
[...] Gil Kenan has directed a performance capture film that is filled with soul. Contrary to POLAR EXPRESS - where the eyes and faces simply lacked the wonder of expression that makes animation such a wondrous medium... here - they didn’t go exact human replicas - instead they went for caricatures... and they work, fabulously. [...]
The film is just fucking great. The kids are just flat out real. DJ and Chowder ARE best friends. Jenny is THAT girl that you first got a crush on and wanted to kiss. The Babysitter is THAT babysitter that would have her boyfriend loser wannabe rock-star over that would torment you. The adults don’t believe you, the way adults don’t believe you when you start talking about shit like a Monster House.
The film is out-right SCARY. It has that feeling of those classic 80s kids films like GOONIES, EXPLORERS and STAND BY ME. [...]
As for taking your kids. This movie IS scary, but it's scary the way Disney's Haunted Mansion attraction at Disneyland or Disneyworld is. It's not a HORROR film, so much as it is a THRILLING FILM for all ages. As I said - every character in this film has a soul and is played with a very warm heart and a richness of detail that I haven't seen laid into characters in an animated film since THE IRON GIANT or THE INCREDIBLES. And I mean that with absolute seriousness. This is a fantastic film.

[25.06.2006] Bei AICN gibt es eine Kritik... SPOILER !!!
[...] The movie winds up being a decent adventure comedy with that fun sense of light horror mystery that really delighted me as a kid. I never found myself wanting the movie to hurry up or wanting any of the main characters to die a painful death (something I wanted out of Polar Express). I never cringed at a line reading. I never got distracted by any poor animation or plot holes. The families around me seemed to enjoy it enough, and I hope that a lot of families do go to see this flick. It's nothing close to what, say, Pixar could've done, but it's a movie that at its core relies on the charm of its characters rather than tons of flashy set pieces and creepy songs (Polar Express, I'm lookin' at you).
In conclusion, I really didn't like The Polar Express. I really did like Monster House. I feel slightly less pessimistic about Beowulf now. [...]

[13.05.2006] AICN besuchte den Regisseur Gil Kenan...
[...] We followed Gil into the next room, where his editors were hard at work. The first thing he showed us was a Japanese teaser trailer for the film, which I loved because the emphasis was entirely on horror. Big crazy monster beats, the house ripping itself free from the foundations, with the entire trailer being nothing but music until the final moment, when a Japanese announcer bellows "MONSTER HOUSE!!!" at top volume.
Gil then showed us a couple of clips from the film. The first is a scene involving Nebbercracker (Buscemi), the old man who lives in the house. He’s notorious for taking anything that is thrown onto his yard and keeping it, and the kids are mystified about how Nebbercracker always knows if someone’s outside his house. We get some important clues in this scene, in which it appears that the grass itself is part of the house, wired to it, alive and even hungry. DJ (Mitchel Musso) and his buddy Chowder(Sam Lerner) throw a ball into the yard by mistake, and when Nebbercracker doesn’t appear right away, they figure they have a shot at retrieving it. Of course, he comes out at the last possible moment, scaring the hell out of the kids. He ends up picking up DJ and shaking him, which leads to Nebbercracker having a heart attack and keeling over dead, collapsing on top of the boy. As the ambulance takes Nebbercracker away, the grass tries desperately to hold onto him. It’s a subtle thing, but it’s really creepy.
The second scene he showed us was a character scene between Zee (Maggie Gyllenhaal) and DJ. Zee’s his babysitter while his parents are gone, and she’s going to take full advantage of her position. It’s nice because it gave us a sense of how the non-monster scenes are going to play, and I thought there was some really natural interaction between the characters. [...]

[11.05.2006] Bei GameSpot gibt es Impressionen zur Videospielumsetzung "Monster House" für die PlayStation2 !!!

[29.04.2006] Bei gibt es den neuen "Monster House" Trailer !!!

[16.04.2006] Bei AICN gibt es eine weitere Kritik zu einer Testvorführung...
[...] After seeing the Trailers for the last few months we were very excited about seeing the movie. We were very disappointed. Here's a few reasons why. There aren't any characters you really care about. You know that none of the kids are going to get hurt. It wasn't very funny. The middle third of the movie really drags. The characters in the movie are just the basic caricatures. Continuity problems (a dog which changes from female to male for no apparent reason.). My 14 year old was bored and my 8 year old was scared, not a good combination. My 12 year old commented on the language in the movie and how it wasn't appropriate for children (such as Dickhead). [...]
Finally I would compare the movie to something like Chicken Little, a very thin story that only really works on one level. It just wasn't very funny and some parents will be offended by some of the language.
As my 14 year old put it, "It was just OK".

[13.04.2006] Bei AICN gibt es eine Kritik zu einer Testvorführung...
[...] I was quite impressed. It's been a long time since I've seen a truly good family horror film but this flick definitely fits the bill.
While I was impressed in part with the technology behind THE POLAR EXPRESS I don't mind admitting I felt it still had it's issues the biggest of which being that it was REAL thin on plot. Not only is MONSTER HOUSE leaps and bounds ahead in story and plot but the animation is also way above what they accomplished in THE POLAR EXPRESS.
All in all I would recommend this movie to pretty much everyone but really little kids because they might find some parts of the fill really intense. If I had to compare this flick to anything I'd say this very much along the lines of MONSTER SQUAD or the great Disney short THE LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW with maybe a little bit of THE GOONIES thrown in for good measure. I'm really hoping that they don't change anything because this film was pretty much flawless as it was. While there was about 25% of the movie that still needed to be finished what was done looked great and played really great to pretty much the entire audience. [...]

[24.03.2006] Die Offizielle Website hat ihre Pforten etwas weiter geöffnet...

[12.11.2005] Bei gibt es den "Monster House" Teaser-Trailer !!!

[31.10.2005] CS! meldet... SPOILER !!!
[...] Monster House revolves around DJ, a young boy who is extremely suspicious of the house directly across from his bedroom window. "(He) is certain there are some strange doings across the street," said Kenan. "That house is the one we all know. It's the place you stay away from and you try to avoid when you are walking through the neighborhood. And help you if have anything lost on that lawn."
DJ and his buddies Chowder and Jenny decide to investigate the house after the death of its owner, old man Nebbercracker. When they go inside, they discover that the house is alive and according to Kenan, "the third act gets crazy." The voice cast includes Steve Buscemi as Nebbercracker, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Jon Heder, Jason Lee, Fred Willard, Nick Cannon, Kevin James, and Catherine O'Hara.
The first sequence was screened in a near-completed form and it features a Forrest Gump-esque opening following a leaf falling from a tree and making its way to Nebbercracker's lawn. A young girl is bicycling, happily singing and ends up in Nebbercracker's lawn, only to be accosted by the old man. [...]

[20.07.2005] Die Offizielle Website bietet einen kleinen Vorgeschmack...

[19.07.2005] CS! meldet...
Columbia Pictures' Monster House, the second film to employ the ground-breaking "Performance Capture," innovation developed by Sony Pictures Imageworks, will be released in more than 100 theaters in REAL D's revolutionary digital 3-D format day-and-date with its 2D national release on July 21, 2006, it was announced today by Rory Bruer, President of Domestic Distribution, Sony Pictures. [...]

[23.06.2005] Bei AICN gibt es ein sehenswertes "Monster House" Teaser-Poster von der NY Licensing Show...

[20.10.2004] AICN meldet...
[...] Newcomer Spencer Locke (SPANGLISH) joins Sony Pictures/Imagemovers' MONSTER HOUSE for director Gil Kenan. Locke has been cast an aggressive and entrepreneurial young girl who teams with her two male buddies to defeat the ravenous Nebbercracker house and its appetite for kids. The film will be made using "performance capture" animation. [...]

[27.07.2004] AICN meldet...
[...] Sony has picked up the animated pic MONSTER HOUSE from DreamWorks, where it was in turn-around, with Gil Kenan set to direct. Pic will be the second film made using "performance capture" animation -- which will first be showcased in Warner Bros.' POLAR EXPRESS this November. ImageMovers will produce. It's based on an original screenplay by Dan Harmon and Rob Schrab about three kids who discover that a neighbor's house is a living, breathing monster. They try to stop the house's evil plans, though adults don't believe their claims. [...]

[02.09.2003] AICN meldet...
[...] Gil Kenan will direct MONSTER HOUSE to DreamWorks for Robert Zemeckis' ImageMovers to produce. Project centers on the adventures of three kids who discover that a neighbor's house is a living, breathing monster. They try to stop the house's evil plans despite the fact that adults don't believe their claims. [...]

Monster House
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DVDMonster House
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FSK: Freigegeben ab 6 Jahren
Bildformat: 16:9 Widescreen (2.40:1)
Tonformat: Deutsch, Englisch, Italienisch, Isländisch (Dolby Digital 5.1) & Türkisch (Dolby Surround)
Erscheinungstermin: 23. Januar 2007

Limitierte Erstauflage im wertigen Pappschuber mit integrierter Drehscheibe: Audiokommentar der Filmemacher; Treten Sie ein ins Monster House; Entwicklung der Szene "Ebbercracker verjagt Eliza"; Bildergalerie; Trailer

DVDMonster House
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Regionalcode 2
FSK: Freigegeben ab 6 Jahren
Erscheinungstermin: 23. Januar 2007

Monster House

Monster House
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Monster House

Lara Bergen
Attack of the Monster House
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24 Seiten (6. Juni 2006)

J.W. Rinzler u.a.
The Art and Making of Monster House
Englischsprachige, gebundene Ausgabe
160 Seiten (29. September 2006)

Monster House

Douglas Pipes
Monster House
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Monster House

VIDEOSPIELE - Hardware, Spiele & Zubehör THQ veröffentlichte am 16. August 2006 das Videospiel zum Film "Monster House" für PS2, GameCube, Nintendo DS und GBA... Das Spiel bietet 3 spielbare Charaktere mit eigenen Aktionen und Fähigkeiten, gruselige Atmosphäre für Kids in "Goonies"-Manier... Wasserpistolen (Soaker) helfen beim Kampf gegen die Objekte im Haus - diese können verbessert und sogar mit Objekten aus dem Haushalt kombiniert werden... Ausserdem ist auch das 2D-Automaten-Spiel aus dem Film enthalten...

Monster House

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