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[19.12.2007] CS! berichtet über die "Hellboy II: The Golden Army" Trailer-Premiere...
Universal Pictures tells us that the first Hellboy II: The Golden Army will debut online on Thursday, December 20th at noon PST/3p.m. EST. [...]

[12.12.2007] Bei STYD gibt es ein neues Bild von Hellboy mit dicker Wumme...

[05.12.2007] Im Offiziellen Forum schrieb GDT bereits vor ein paar Tagen...
[...] In the next 3/4 weeks we will reveal Johann.
Expect "Baddies" around mid-December too.
A trailer SHOULD be out around the Holidays. [...]

[29.11.2007] Mittlerweile bietet Offizielle "Hellboy 2" Website auch "Hellboy 2"-Werbeplakate mit Hellboy und Abe Sapien...

[29.11.2007] Die Offizielle "Hellboy 2" Website bietet ein erstes Werbeplakat von Liz Sherman in "Hellboy 2"...

[20.11.2007] berichtet über die Spezialeffekte... SPOILER !!!
[...] When Ivan Poharnok founded the Budapest-based special effects company Filmefex in 1996, most of the work was for commercials. Now it's almost exclusively feature films. This year, Filmefex has already doubled up on Universal's "Hellboy 2: The Golden Army" and "Nutcracker: The Untold Story," a $65 million English-Canadian-Hungarian co-production.
Filmefex specializes mostly in makeup and prosthetics work. On "Hellboy 2," the company was involved in making a special creature for a scene that takes place in a troll market, as well as building statues and several full-sized replicas of the Golden Army. [...]

[19.11.2007] Wie meldet, besteht die Möglichkeit, dass sich die Verfilmung eventuell verzögert...
[...] At Warner Bros., "Justice League of America" finds itself without a shooting script and has options expiring on potential actors who recently were screen tested. As a result, it might have to postpone production. [...]

[09.11.2007] Bei SHH! gibt es exklusives "Hellboy 2"-Artwork...

[04.11.2007] Die Offizielle "Hellboy 2" Website bietet neues Artwork zu "Hellboy 2"...

[26.10.2007] Bei IESB gibt es einen "Hellboy 2"-Setbericht...

[18.10.2007] Die Offizielle "Hellboy 2" Website ist gestartet und bietet vielfältiges Material !!! Derweil berichtet IESB über mögliche weitere "Hellboy"- und "B.P.R.D."-Filme...
Guillermo "El Cabron" del Toro has a fascination with the classic monsters from Universal Studios, now that his baby Hellboy is at Universal, are there plans abrewin’ to bring the Creature, Frankenstein, Wolfman, Dracula and Mummy to the world of B.P.R.D.?
Del Toro has always wanted Hellboy to play in the same sand box with the Universal Monsters so last night at the premiere of 30 Days of Night we chatted with the producer and publisher of Hellboy and the owner of Dark Horse Entertainment, Mike Richardson, to see if had any updates for us.
First, Mike tells us what we can expect from Hellboy 2, "You won’t believe what that movie looks like, it’s a whole different scale - you won’t believe what you are seeing, greatest sets that we’ve ever seen, it’s just huge."
So have Dark Horse and Universal started exploring the possibilities of bringing the world of Hellboy/B.P.R.D and Universal Monsters together in one film?
It shouldn’t come to such a surprise that Universal would want to try to reboot the classic monsters. We asked Mike about the possibility and he answered, "There might be something going on but I don’t think that I can talk about it - there might be something that is being discussed."
While Mike is not able to talk about it as you can see in our video interview it’s quite obvious that this isn‘t just mere fanboy rumor mongering.
He also confirmed that a feature film for B.P.R.D is moving forward but these plans will depend on the success of Hellboy next year.
Can you imagine Abe Sapien and the Creature from the Black Lagoon going mano a mano? Or Hellboy vs. Dracula vs. The Wolfman vs. Frankenstein? I’m sold, bring me my monsters! [...]

[14.08.2007] zitiert Doug Jones aka Abe Sapien...
[...] "It is an even bigger production," he says. "The original production in Prague was from start to finish longer but I was on it for a shorter time. That was a three-month commitment for me because my role was smaller: Abe Sapien dipped out - for the last third of the film, you didn't see him. In this one, he is a major player from start to finish.
"It is not a TV sequel they just slapped together to just make some money. It is really a piece of art," the lanky actor says of the film and script, which further fleshes out the Abe Sapien character.
In the follow-up, Hellboy and gang are on a mission to stop the prince of the woodland ghouls, who is hell-bent on retrieving three pieces of a key that will allow him to unlock the might of the Golden Army, a fighting force of invincible metallic soldiers. With two of the pieces already in hand, he must obtain the last from his sister. To divert a war, Hellboy and his troupe must protect the princess, but things get complicated when Abe falls in love with her.
"I think in the first movie," says Jones, "Abe Sapien was more of a one-note sort of character. In this one, he is showing more range of character traits. He has got a bit of a love interest this time, which is the first time Abe has ever felt that."
Though undeniably excited, Jones is also tired. "We've started filming and they are six-day weeks and the hours are," he exclaims in a high-pitched sing-song voice for added emphasis, "insane! This last week I had a forced call - which means it was less than the usual turn around from one day to the next. And the most I slept all of last week was five hours one night and the least I slept was two and a half hours." But he is not complaining. "Once I look at myself in the mirror, it is like: 'There's that blue fish-guy again.' It is like visiting an old friend. I just adore Abe." [...]

[15.07.2007] Bei gibt es mehrere E3 2007 Videos zum kommenden Videospiel "Hellboy: The Science of Evil"...

[12.07.2007] Bei gibt es die E3 2007 Gameplay-Montage zum kommenden Videospiel "Hellboy: The Science of Evil", welches zahlreiche Spielszenen enthält...

[06.07.2007] Bei film ick wird einiges zur Handlung von "Hellboy 2" verraten... Vorsicht SPOILER !!!
[...] I think Hellboy 2 stands every chance of being far, far better than the first film - which, to be clear, I loved, particularly in its longer cut. The same character abounds, despite the upshift in scale, and the essential elements are all intact. [...]

[04.07.2007] Bei steht zu lesen...
[...] If you’ve seen the first Hellboy you know that he likes cats. There is this scene in Hellboy’s bedroom where they needed about 75 cats to make it perfect. Filming for that part was over last week, but there are still two or three cats that that escaped and are still wandering around the set. The animal handler is trying to round them all up. [...]

[03.07.2007] Bei gibt es ein paar Bilder vom "Hellboy 2"-Set...

[02.07.2007] GameSpot sprach mit den Jungs der Krome Studios über das "Hellboy: The Science of Evil" Videospiel...

[16.06.2007] CS! meldet...
Principal photography has begun on the action-thriller Hellboy 2: The Golden Army from writer/director Guillermo del Toro and film producers Lawrence Gordon (Hellboy, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Die Hard), Lloyd Levin (Hellboy, United 93) and Mike Richardson (Hellboy, Gone). The film will be released on August 1, 2008.
Del Toro, who most recently brought the Oscar®-winning elaborate fantasy Pan's Labyrinth to the screen returns to helm the second installment, starring Hellboy alums Ron Perlman (Outlander, The Mutant Chronicles), Selma Blair (The Fog, In Good Company), and Doug Jones (Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Pan's Labyrinth).
With a signature blend of action, humor and character-based spectacle, the saga of the world's toughest, kitten-loving hero from Hell continues to unfold in Hellboy 2: The Golden Army. Bigger muscle, badder weapons and more ungodly villains arrive in an epic vision of imagination from del Toro.
After an ancient truce existing between humankind and the invisible realm of the fantastic is broken, hell on Earth is ready to erupt. A ruthless leader who treads the world above and the one below defies his bloodline and awakens an unstoppable army of creatures. Now, it's up to the planet's toughest, roughest superhero to battle the merciless dictator and his marauders. He may be red. He may be horned. He may be misunderstood. But when you need the job done right, it's time to call in Hellboy (Ron Perlman).
Along with his expanding team in the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Development -- pyrokinetic girlfriend Liz (Selma Blair), aquatic empath Abe (Doug Jones) and protoplasmic mystic Johann -- the BPRD will travel between the surface strata and the unseen magical one, where creatures of fantasy become corporeal. And Hellboy, a creature of two worlds who's accepted by neither, must choose between the life he knows and an unknown destiny that beckons him.
The screenplay for "Hellboy 2" is written by Guillermo del Toro, from a screen story by del Toro and Mike Mignola, based upon the Dark Horse comic created by Mike Mignola and the 2004 motion picture Hellboy. The first installment, released by Revolution Studios in 2004, earned $100 million at the worldwide box-office and became a cult sensation when released on DVD. The character continues to be a top-seller in publishing and collectibles and has been expanded into best-selling animation and games.
The film also features British actor Luke Goss (Blade II, Undead) as the ruthless leader of the underworld, Prince Nuada, and actress Anna Walton (television's "Out of Hours," Vampire Diary) as his compassionate sister, Princess Nuala.
"Hellboy 2's" behind-the-scenes team includes Oscar®-winning director of photography Guillermo Navarro (Pan's Labyrinth, Night at the Museum) production designer Steven Scott (Hellboy, Doom), costume designer Sammy Sheldon (V For Vendetta, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy) and editor Bernat Vilaplana (Pan's Labyrinth, La Monja). Chris Symes (Eragon) is the executive producer of the film, with Mike Mignola serving as co-producer.
Hellboy 2: The Golden Army will film in both Budapest and the United Kingdom, with post-production based in London.

[10.06.2007] meldet...
GDT just completed his first day of shooting on Hellboy 2 and already has some big news for us: Danny Elfman will be scoring the Big Red Sequel! Del Toro posted the following on our message boards:
Danny Elfman IS going to score HELLBOY II and I feel privileged. I have worked with Marco Beltrami many times and will work with him soon enough but I believe we will have a beautiful score with Elfman, whom I admire greatly (in fact the "Title sequence" music cue had the "Ta-de-dum-ta-de-dum" rythm by explicit request by me in an atempt to make it kind of Elfmanesque) and with whom I share a dark view of the world.
Also, GDT added that there will be around 30 monsters in H2 (compared to 8 in the original), and it will be around a 50-50 CGI to prosthetics ratio.

[07.06.2007] Bei gibt es Infos zur "Hellboy 2"-Besetzung - direkt von GDT...
[...] John Hurt is back for a cameo.
Myers is not back (see Rupie in KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN in the London stage!!).
Universal has NOT authorized a brief Kroenen cameo/ epilogue- yet.
Johann will be played by John Alexander (body) and Tomas Kretschmann (voice).
Dougie will play 4 characters.
Brian Steele will play 4 characters.
Anna Walton is the actress playing Princess Nuala.
Luke Goss plays Prince Nuada. Silverlance.
Roy Dotrice plays King Balor
He went on to add that "The names of the characters come from the Tuatha Dé Danann but their function and characteristics in the film (the characters being of Elvish lineage) is completely different." [...]

[25.04.2007] STYD sprach mit Luke Goss über seine Rolle in "Hellboy 2"...
"I've got so many restrictions from Universal it's ridiculous," actor Luke Goss prefaces before going further about his role in the anticipated Hellboy 2: The Golden Army. The British actor who first landed on the Guillermo Del Toro map as Nomak, the Reaper, in Blade II was confirmed to have a place in Del Toro's follow-up to Hellboy earlier this month. According to Universal he'd play, "A ruthless leader who treads the world above and the one below [who] defies his bloodline and awakens an unstoppable army of creatures."
When Shock catches up to the actor, who will next be seen in Unearthed this Friday at the Tribeca Film Festival, we prod him politely for a touch more information. Goss plays it cautious, as if Universal has tapped this writer's phone. "I play 'the Prince' and in simplistic terminology he's the nemesis," he elaborates. "The great thing about him is he's not trying to take over the world, he's a rounded character that's not just driven by greed and I think people are going to enjoy the depth Guillermo brings to him."
Thanks to an Academy Award nomination for Pan's Labyrinth, Del Toro has been granted a certain amount of freedom for Big Red's next adventure, Goss says. In the next chapter, Hellboy is trying to temper a forthcoming battle between the creatures of fantasy and the human race. Leading the former into battle is Goss' "prince" who, he adds, reflects many emotional shades. "Like with 'Blade II,' I'm a big fan of taking the maniacal out of anything. Certainly ten years ago it was like 'bad guy' meant 'maniacal villain' - they were great actors not in the best roles. Dr. Evil was created out of performances that were meant to be valid. From Guillermo's script, without giving it away, let's just say I'm a big fan of internal pain and anguish. All of these things elicit a truthful direction rather than just [fueled by] greed or ego. This character, the Prince, his father's the King so..." Goss gets dangerously ahead of himself. "It's just a bloody great role. Visually, it's stunning."
The actor is off to Budapest at the end of this month where he begins shooting Hellboy 2. [...]

[22.04.2007] Heute um 20.15 Uhr zeigt Pro7 "Hellboy" als deutsche Free-TV-Premiere... Die Wiederholung läuft um 2.20 Uhr...

[19.04.2007] Bei Konami gibt es neue Impressionen aus dem "Hellboy"-Videospiel für PS3, Xbox 360 und PSP, welches im Herbst 2007 erscheinen soll...

[10.04.2007] Bei gibt es ein Interview mit GDT...
Del Toro is speaking from Budapest, where he's in pre-production on Hellboy 2, the sequel to a studio movie that he regards as one of his most personal films. The central character, Hellboy, originated in a comic book - he's bright red, charismatic and cranky, and he has horns that he tries to minimise by shaving them to bluntness - yet he is also a figure with a strong emotional charge.
Hellboy concluded with an intense image of its character's connection with another person. The new film, del Toro says, deals with the aftermath of romantic fulfilment. "It's about the first year of marriage," but it's also about "a deadly war between humans and magical creatures", in which the title character has a major dilemma: which side is he actually on?
Hellboy 2 was written while del Toro was working on Pan's Labyrinth. There might have been, he says, some crossover between the two films: he conferred on the Hellboy 2 story with Hellboy's comic-book creator, Mike Mignola.
But the first draft he came back with, he says, shocked Mignola. "Mike was quite horrified by how much I had deviated from what we had talked about, especially at some of the quote, unquote whimsical elements, the parts about magic and the fairy world. But then fortunately, he saw Pan's Labyrinth" - the darkest and most devastating of fairytales, a lyrical but unsettling film in which the borders between the world of the imagination and the world of the everyday are blurred - "and he realised that the two movies would have some parallels".
Otherwise, del Toro says cheerfully, "he would still be horrified". [...]

[06.03.2007] CS! meldet...
Ron Perlman talked to the LA Daily News about Hellboy 2: The Golden Army, for which Pan's Labyrinth director Guillermo del Toro has flown to Budapest to "zero in on the beginning of principal photography."
Perlman added that he is busy working out to get back into that super suit of his for a production start around the end of May. "I'm already in the gym six days a week," he notes with a smile. And what does his workout consist of? "The push-ups, the sit-ups, the stationary bike. Then, of course, there's the lifting of the pizza." Does he have a trainer? "I have a trainer, and I'm almost housebroken," he quips.
The sequel will have "an epic quality," says Perlman, even as it "continues to explore all the things that are great about this character - a superhero who is such an underachiever and such an adolescent." [...]

[20.02.2007] Bei gibt es mehrere Videos zum Action-Videospiel "Hellboy" für PS3, Xbox 360 und PSP...

[11.02.2007] CS! meldet...
[...] Sequel Hellboy 2: The Golden Army has been targeted for August 1, 2008 with no competition yet. [...]

[04.02.2007] Bei GameFront gibt es Screenshots aus dem Action-Videospiel "Hellboy" für PS3, Xbox 360 und PSP, welches Konami noch 2007 veröffentlichen will...

[11.01.2007] Capone von AICN sprach mit Doug Jones alias Abe Sapien...
C: [...] Guillermo also mentioned when he and I were talking about HELLBOY 2, correct me if I’m wrong, but he said you’re actually playing more than one character in that film.
Right. This hasn’t been "officialized" or anything yet, in fact, most of the cast is still without a contract at the moment, so we’re all--I’m using the quote marks in the air--we’re all "in talks." But, I think, when we come to terms, I’m confident that we will, I believe that there are maybe one or two other characters that he has in mind for me as well. I haven’t been to the creature shop yet to see what those designs are and what the creatures actually are.
C: Did he give you any indication what they would be?
I have a script so I can guess, but I don’t really know for sure.
C: Can you say if they are villainous in nature?
[Laughs] I’m going to guess that yes. I’m going to guess they are. HELLBOY 2 is going to be like a big piece of rich cheesecake for action and comic book and horror fans. It’s going to bring a lot together. And, it’s got creatures galore. That’s the whole nature of HELLBOY and the BPRD team is that we fight the forces of hell. So, when those gates of hell are opened up, and things are running amuck on earth, you’re gonna see some critters. So, that’s great.
C: You did Abe's voice for the animated Hellboy films, right?
I sure have. We finished SWORD OF STORMS. It’s already out on Cartoon Network and, I think, the DVD comes soon in February. The next one is BLOOD AND IRON, and I’m not sure when that airs on the Cartoon Network, but I think it’s lookup-able.
C: Is the story line continuous?
No, they’re stories unto themselves. Each one stands alone as a feature of its own.
C: Do they animated films bridge a gap between the feature films? Or, is there no real connection there?
Other than the fact that Ron and Selma and I are all doing voices of the characters, but the stories... like, for instance, Abe Sapien in the films is clairvoyant and I can put out my hand and I can tell what’s been there and what your personal history is and all that. In the cartoon version, he does not have that power, so it’s more based, I think, on the comic books than the movie. [...]

[29.12.2006] Capone von AICN sprach mit GDT, u.a. über "Hellboy 2"...
C: [...] Where are you with HELLBOY 2 now?
We are in pre-production. We are designing. We’re budgeting with Universal. We’re scouting in Hungary. We’re doing effects breakdown, all of that. We’re going to shoot in May-June in Hungary and London. [...]

[09.12.2006] CS! sprach mit GDT, u.a. über "Hellboy 2"...
CS: [...] The first movie had elements from the Mike's first mini-series, but I assume the sequel will be something new and different or will that also be based on one of the stories?
Del Toro:
Funny enough, Mike says that he's including some of the storyline of the sequel in the present series. He said it's a coincidence and he was moving into that direction already, so it's a blessing. We're going to have sort of a thematic continuity on the movie.
CS: How do the two of you work on this. With the comics, you at least have a visual reference. Are you able to write things and then have him draw them up or do you work on it together?
Del Toro:
No, I worked on the story and then I went away for almost two years and wrote the screenplay and came back with the screenplay completed and now that we're in the design phase, we sit together, we draw for days and days and days, then he's going to be gone and he'll come back during production.
CS: For the new "Hellboy" movie, are you going to be incorporating more of the BRPD characters into it or will it focus more on Hellboy?
Del Toro:
Johann Krauss comes in and other than that, and literally, we can't afford any more agents, cause Johann is already an expensive character, the ectoplasmic guy. What we do have is a better gallery of villains than the last one. Mistakes were made in, for instance, killing Kroenen too early. He was such a good character, he should have died last, you know? 'Cause basically, the movie ends when Kroenen dies.
CS: Oh, I dunno. I liked the big Lovecraftian creature.
Del Toro:
I like it too, but it's not as satisfying as beating the crap out of Kroenen.
CS: Are you going to try to use some of the things you've learned making "Pan's" as far as doing things on a smaller budget to that?
Del Toro:
Yeah. The idea is to take "Hellboy" and then make it for a number close to the first one, but make it look two or three times the budget. [...]

[18.10.2006] Bei gibt es neue Infos zu den "Hellboy"-Trickfilmen, unter findet man die offizielle Website (inkl. "Hellboy Animated" Trailer) und unter schreibt Tad Stones über deren Entstehung...

[30.09.2006] meldet...
Guillermo del Toro, who is readying Hellboy 2: The Golden Army, told SCI FI Wire that the sequel to 2004's Hellboy will feature killer robots and a new character, the spectral B.P.R.D. agent Johann Kraus, but will eliminate Rupert Evans' Agent Myers, the only character not drawn from Mike Mignola's Hellboy comics series. As for the plot, del Toro likened it to his upcoming historical fantasy film Pan's Labyrinth.
"The idea is, in a strange way, not very different from Pan's Labyrinth," del Toro said in a telephone interview on Sept. 28. "It's a clash between the real world and the fantasy world, you know? And how the world of humans is destroying, eroding, imagination." [...]
Another well-known character from the comics, Roger the Homunculus, may appear in the film, but only briefly, del Toro added. "We will only see him in the background, in the corridor, like we did the first time," he said. "We played with the idea of bringing him in, but in a strange way, ... Roger ... in the comics is not very removed from Hellboy's plight in the first movie, which is he's essentially a very human soul trapped in a very brutal body. So I think ... Mike Mignola and I both felt, in writing the story, that it was too similar."
As for the robots? The won't be like the killer robotized gorillas in the comics. "There will be killer robots, period," del Toro said with a laugh. "Gorilla-sized, but not gorillas." [...]

[27.09.2006] Bei Moviehole gibt es ein Interview mit GDT...
[...] Del Toro hopes to return to mainstream Hollywood and shoot "Hellboy 2" in April, this time for a different studio, and promises it will be radically different from its predecessor. "My idea with Hellboy 2 is that it's almost a rephrasing. You don't re-enact the franchise you reinvent it. My favourite movies are like Evil Dead 2 which is basically reinventing Evil Dead 1, so I would hope Hellboy 2 could be taking what I learned from Hellboy 1 and reinventing it." [...]

[12.09.2006] Comics Continuum meldet...
[...] Kevin Hopps, whose credits include Justice League and The Zeta Project, was a writer on the second animated Hellboy movie, Blood & Iron.
Supervising producer Tad Stones explained that he and Hellboy creator Mignola were also instrumental in the story process.
"He (Hopps) came to Mike's house," Stones said. "We basically told him the story. He basically pitched the story back to us with index cards, and we talked more."
"In the case of both films, Tad and I came up with the general idea and some of the moments," Mignola added. "And then a writer came in and kind of put it in order. And then we went back in and said, 'Well, he wouldn't say this or do this.' Tad and I were kind of there at the beginning and the end."
Stones described the second film as "a vampire tale."
"We wanted it to be all original, but we got to a point where, 'This would be the place where this major character in Hellboy's life would pop up,'" Stones said.
The two Hellboy movies -- both to air on Cartoon Network and be released on DVD -- could lead to more animated adventures, but Stones said he doesn't want a weekly series.
"I want a series of movies," Stones said. "In the second movie, there are things that we really play out. There's a haunted house in the story and the guys split up and each of them has a run-in with ghosts. And you just take the time to really make the moment. That's what I can do in movie that I can't do in a series."

[06.09.2006] Comics Continuum meldet...
[...] Hellboy creator Mike Mignola confirmed that Agent John Myers will not return for Hellboy 2: The Golden Army.
Myers, played by Rupert Evans, was a character created by writer/director Guillermo del Toro for the first film.
"He said in a such freak-show circus we needed a regular guy so that the audience had somebody they can relate to and somebody who could discover this world, the stand-in for us as the audience," Mignola said. "So that was the device. Now that we've gotten into that world, we don't need him.
"He just didn't fit into the story. We worked on getting him in there. But it would have been the case where he was the young naive guy, can we come back to that guy five years later where he's turned into a bit more of a street-wise agent? For whatever reason, it didn't quite fit.
"And we did want to bring in other characters from the comic. You can only deal with so many other characters."
The film, from Universal Pictures, will begin principal photography in April in Budapest and London, with pre- and post-production based in London. It is scheduled for a summer 2008 release.
Ron Perlman returns as Hellboy for The Golden Army. Mignola noted that Perlman possessed a unique physical gift that made her perfect for the role.
"Guillermo originally switched the stone hand to the left hand because you're dealing with, usually, a right-handed actor," Mignola said. "And if you put that hand -- which he can't use -- on his right hand, then he's going to look awkward doing other stuff left-handed.
"And then he really wanted to do it as the right hand. And then we discovered that Ron is left-handed, so that's great.
"But now, the right stone hand is going to look awkward if he punches because he's punching with his bad hand. Except that Ron is left-handed but his father taught him to do all sports right-handed. Ron was mutantly created to be Hellboy." [...]

[23.08.2006] ICv2 meldete kürzlich...
The Hellboy animated feature, Sword of Storms, will debut on the Cartoon Network on October 28th, months before it becomes available on DVD on February 6th. Sword of Storms finds the BPRD enforcer immersed in Japanese folklore and it should fit in perfectly with the both the Cartoon Network's penchant for all things Japanese (anime) and the Toon Net's traditional pre-Halloween horror and supernatural-based programming.
The second Hellboy animated feature from IDT, Hellboy: Blood and Iron, appears to be even better suited for Halloween activities -- it involves vampires and haunted houses, but there is no definitive word yet on when it will be released -- though it is expected to be out on DVD sometime in 2007.

[21.08.2006] Bei Latino Review gibt es eine Kritik zum "Hellboy 2: The Golden Army"-Script (A-)... SPOILER !!!
[...] The first Hellboy was a modest hit that found a bigger audience on TV and DVD, but Hellboy 2: The Golden Army is bigger in every way. And it doesn’t look like the end of the story, either. By the end of Hellboy 2 there are big changes in Hellboy’s life that will make for a really interesting Hellboy 3. And when you finally do get to see the movie in 2008, stick around past the end credits. Del Toro drops in a little hint as to what we might see Hellboy taking on in Hellboy 3, and fans of the first film will be really excited! [...]

[04.08.2006] ICv2 meldet...
Universal Pictures has picked up Guillermo del Toro's Hellboy 2, and will finance and distribute the picture. The release is slated for summer, 2008.
Although a sequel was announced shortly after the release of the first movie (see "Hellboy 2 Gets Green Light"), it all fell apart when Revolution Studios, which made Hellboy, folded.
Ron Perlman and Selma Blair will reprise their roles. Shooting starts in April.

[22.07.2006] AICN berichtet von der Comic-Con 2006 und zitiert GDT...
[...] HELLBOY 2... from week to week, day to day almost things change. From a go picture to a total no-go. He said as soon as anything goes with it, he'll tell the world. He thinks the script is beautiful, even if it is without Lobster Johnson (Mignola refuses to include him, but Guillermo told the audience to get on his case about it because he wants Lobster Johnson, too). [...]
Doug Jones is doing the voice for Abe Sapien in the animated HELLBOY toon. [...]

[07.06.2006] CS! meldet...
We knew the Hellboy sequel wasn't at Sony Pictures anymore, but director Guillermo del Toro revealed at Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors that it's now at Paramount. reports:
"We're moving studios right now," says Del Toro. "They don't have a deal with Sony any more and we are looking for financing for HELLBOY 2. It's at Paramount right now. It's bigger in scale, but not necessarily in budget. Abe Sapien has a much bigger part, and we're keeping closer to the mythology of the comics." Del Toro giggled with glee as he revealed a singer whose music would be part of the film. "There is a song by Barry Manilow, and you'll have to find out about how that fits in. I know you are all saying 'what the f**k is that?!'" [...]

[13.05.2006] berichtet über Konami's Videospielumsetzung "Hellboy"...
[...] Dank modernster Lichteffekte und Textur-Techniken präsentiert sich Hellboy mit ebenso ausgedehnten wie detailreichen Umgebungen, in denen auch die ungezügelte Kraft des Helden bestens zur Geltung kommt. Die interaktiven Schauplätze verleihen dem actionreichen Titel einen zusätzlichen Grad an Strategie. Wenn der Spieler etwa mit eine großen Zahl an Gegnern konfrontiert wird, hat er die Möglichkeit, Wände einzureißen und die Horde so in kleinere, leichter zu kontrollierende Gruppen zu teilen. Auch Geröll und einzelne Felsbrocken lassen sich aufnehmen und als Waffen einsetzen. Im Kooperativ-Modus begeben sich zwei Spieler gemeinsam ins Abenteuer - in der Rolle eines Charakters aus dem Hellboy-Universum wie etwa Abe Sapien oder Liz Sherman.
"Hellboy entfesselt dank packender Nahkampf-Action, einem aufwändigen Kampf-System und voll zerstörbarer Umgebungen perfekt die gewaltige Kraft der Comic-Vorlage", so Hans-Joachim Amann, Head of European Product Management von Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH. "Wer den Comic oder Film kennt, wird erfreut sein, die Abenteuer des Helden jetzt persönlich nacherleben zu können. Und auch alle Fans von Action-Spielen werden von den mitreißenden Grafiken und dem ebenso eingängigen wie strategischen Gameplay sofort begeistert sein."
Hellboy wird von Krome Studios für PLAYSTATION 3, Xbox 360 und PSP entwickelt; geplante Veröffentlichung ist 2007.

[09.05.2006] sprach kürzlich mit Ron Perlman...
[...] he spoke with someone intimately involved with the proposed sequel, Hellboy 2: The Golden Army, and was informed that May 1 was a "great day in the genesis of turning of Hellboy 2 into a reality."
Perlman added: "What that means? I know they're incredibly close. I know that there's one studio in particular that I probably shouldn't name [that] is pounding away at looking at the budget and has expressed a huge enthusiasm for [Guillermo] del Toro's script and the desire to do the project. Now they're just pushing numbers around. And I wouldn't be surprised if it's announced very soon." [...]

[09.01.2006] Bei IESB gibt es ein Video-Interview mit Ron Perlman...
[...] Ron confirmed that the script for the sequel to Hellboy has been turned in and del Toro is very happy with it.
We asked him what he thought about the possibility of his Hellboy Director Guillermo del Toro doing Halo and how that might affect Big Red.
Would Ron do a sequel without del Toro? [...]

[04.01.2006] Im Forum von schreibt GDT...
[...] LIfe before, during and after Pan has been a bit crazy. Crazy hectic (delivering the script for HELLBOY II, THE GOLDEN ARMY, doing impromptu trips to Europe and New Zealand, finishing PAN´s LABYRINTH, etc) and just plain crazy. [...] Projects are piling up in the horizon but HBII still comes first. Mike M has read it and has sent his comments as have Larry Gordon and Lloyd Levin, so, knee-deep in those rewrites I pause to drop these lines. [...]

[09.12.2005] Empire Online sprach mit Guillermo del Toro...
The rumours are true: Peter Jackson has approached Hellboy director Guillermo del Toro to helm the eagerly-awaited adaptation of the best-selling videogame, Halo.
However, del Toro - who’s currently in Madrid, where he’s in post-production on his new Spanish-language fantasy film, Pan's Labyrinth - is torn between committing to the Universal movie, or reuniting with his favourite comic character for Hellboy 2. [...]
On the one hand, he is raring to go on Hellboy 2, the sequel to last year’s cracking comic book adaptation, starring Ron Perlman as the red-skinned, demonic, wisecracking paranormal investigator.
The original made just under $100 million worldwide, but has done very well on DVD, prompting Sony Revolution to allow him and producers Lloyd Levin and Larry Gordon to develop a sequel. "It’s going really good," says del Toro, who’s completed a script. "It’s about the fairy world and the mythical creatures all rebelling against humanity and saying it’s the end of mankind and it’s the season for the sons of the Earth. And basically Hellboy has to try to repress or suppress that rebellion."
Sounds good. Perlman and the rest of the original cast - including Selma Blair, Doug Jones, David Hyde-Pierce and Rupert Evans - are all coming back, while Hellboy creator Mike Mignola is also on board. "He should be reading the screenplay right now," laughed Guillermo.
But - and it’s a big but - Hellboy 2 is still awaiting the big greenlight, before filming can take place (partially in the UK, fact fans). "We’re budgeting," said del Toro. "I’m very much looking forward to it. I wanna do it. It’s still on the front burner, but it’s all about budget."
On the back burner, but very much in Guillermo’s thinking, is Halo, a game that, with its fully realised alien worlds and bizarre creatures, is after del Toro’s own heart.
"Well, Halo is very much an interesting project because it’s so full of monsters," he said. "It’s a big temptation. I’m in talks with them [Universal and Bungie Films] and Peter, but it’s not true that it’s on and Hellboy’s off. Hellboy’s on. If everything goes as planned, Hellboy will go." [...]
However, time is not on Guillermo’s side - if Hellboy 2 happens, or takes some time to go, it’s possible Halo could go somewhere else. "The ideal for me would be to do Hellboy 2 and if Halo doesn’t go away, then yeah, I’d love to do both. But it may go to somebody else. We’ll see."

[09.11.2005] Cinematical meldet...
Teen Titans Go! comic book cover artist Sean Galloway has been selected to lead the animation team for two direct to DVD animated Hellboy flicks. The seventy minute shows will also be aired on the Cartoon Network, the first one appearing next October. The new style for the cartoon can be seen above; Galloway indicated that Mignola (creator) wanted a different style for the cartoon version of Hellboy. [...]

[24.06.2005] meldet...
Selma Blair, co-star of the upcoming sequel to Hellboy, told SCI FI Wire that production on the film has been tentatively scheduled to begin at the beginning of 2007. "I just did The Fog with Revolution, and I was trying to pick their brains for when Hellboy will go," Blair said in an interview. "Apparently [director] Guillermo [del Toro]'s supposed to hand in a script any minute. I know there will probably be a long preproduction, so we'll probably start maybe January 2007."
In the original Hellboy, Blair played Liz Sherman, Hellboy's companion and sometime girlfriend, who possesses the power to start fires with her mind. Blair said she hopes her character will be stronger in the sequel. "I hope that Liz and Hellboy will be more of a team, or at least Liz will be really strong," she said. "The first one was kind of a girl recovering and learning to grow up."
Blair acknowledged that Hellboy 2 will have to focus on Ron Perlman's title character. But she said that she looks forward to tapping into her inner superhero. "The movie's a much larger thing than just me playing Liz Sherman, but from my point of view, if you're going to get to play a superhero, come on! Let's bring it on! Let's play a superhero now!" she said. "You know, that was kind of her ... evolution."

[06.05.2005] zitiert Ron Perlman...
[...] "The Hellboy 2 script was turned in this month, but they do everything in their power to keep me as much in the dark as possible," Perlman said in an interview at the Saturn Awards in Los Angeles. "It was an amazing genesis of how that movie got made, and how the fans embraced it," he added, referring to last year's hit adaptation of Mike Mignola's comic series.
Perlman added that he'll need to get back into his Hellboy shape. "I'm going to definitely take off all the weight I've put on in between," he said. "I went back to being a character actor. I'll be thinner."
As for the sequel's story, Perlman said: "I know that they were looking to get more into the folklore of the character, you know, and less into the pyrotechnics. ... I guess I'll read it when I'm invited to. ... I couldn't even dream beyond what already has been a reality. I mean, you know, everything that's transpired with regard to the depiction, Guillermo's distillation of turning a two-dimensional guy into a three-dimensional guy was far beyond anything I could have dreamed possible. So I'll just defer to him. Happily." [...]

[14.04.2005] meldet...
Es gibt nicht wirklich viele außer Hellboy und David, die sich mit dem Trennschleifer die Hörner abschleifen müssen. Und weil sich der Hellboy-Film ganz passabel in den Kinos verkaufte und auch die DVD kein Ladenhüter geworden ist, ist Hellboy Konami eine Versoftung wert. Mike Mignola, der Comic-Autor des Original-Hellboys, und Regisseur Guillermo Del Toro, sind sich schon mit Konami einig. Das gleichnamige Spiel basiert freilich auf den Film-Charakteren und dem Film-Set. Alles weitere ist natürlich noch nicht bekannt.

[24.03.2005] E!Online sprach mit Ron Perlman...
Will there be a Hellboy sequel?
Yes. I think we start shooting in the fall.
And which characters will be returning?
I'm not privy to those 125 pages, but I think I have a nice-size role.
Do you think it'll eventually be a trilogy?
You know, you make them one at a time, but I would say that if there are more Hellboys in the future, then I'm very blessed, because he's a guy I could play every day for the rest of my life and never grow tired of.

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