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Die TV-Serie "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" hat Mord und die Geschichten, die sich im Anschluss an einen Mord ergeben, als zentrales Thema... Seit dem Start der 1. im September 2001 auf dem Fernsehsender Vox, läuft CSI auch in Deutschland mit grossem Erfolg...

Gil Grissom (gespielt von William L. Petersen, Leiter des CSI und Insektenforscher, ist introvertiert, dabei jedoch charakterfest. Er ist gleichzeitig Mentor und moralische Instanz für sein Team. Neben der ehemaligen Stripperin Catherine Willows (Marg Helgenberger) und dem vormals Spielsüchtigen Warrick Brown (Gary Dourdan) tummeln sich da noch der fleißige, nach Perfektion strebende Nick Stokes (George Eads), die Arbeitsbesessene Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox), der es nicht immer gelingt, den gewünschten emotionalen Abstand zum Fall zu wahren, sowie Capt. Jim Brown (Paul Guilfoyle), der als notwendige Verbindung zum Polizeiapparat fungiert...

Bedingt durch den grossen Erfolg der Serie, entstanden zwei Ableger-Serien "CSI: Miami" und "CSI: New York"...

Ob und wann "CSI" auch in die Kinos kommen wird, steht bislang nicht fest...


"CSI" auf DVD !!!
Im Sommer 2009 erschienen
"CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" Season 8.2, "CSI: Miami" Season 6.2 und "CSI: NY" Season 4.2...
In der Rubrik DVD & Video finden Sie weitere "CSI"-DVDs...

[19.08.2008] CS! meldet...
Oscar nominee and Emmy and Tony Award winner Laurence Fishburne (What's Love Got To Do With It, The Matrix, "Miss Evers' Boys") has officially joined the cast of the CBS Paramount Network Television and Jerry Bruckheimer Television series, "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation," on the CBS Television Network. His character will debut in this season's ninth episode.
Fishburne will play a former pathologist who is now working as an itinerant college lecturer, teaching a course in criminalistics. His focus is on understanding criminal behavior, how and why people commit acts of violence - tendencies he disturbingly sees within himself. In the course of a murder investigation, he comes into contact with the CSI team and ultimately joins the Las Vegas Crime Lab as a Level-1 CSI. [...]

[06.08.2008] meldet...
Laurence Fishburne is in talks to succeed William Petersen as the star of CBS' veteran crime drama "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation."
CBS and CBS Par's search has been shrouded in secrecy, but sources say Fishburne is being heavily courted to play the new character, described as a doctor/scientist outsider to the CSI unit who has the same genetic profile as a serial killer but hasn't previously acted on any homicidal impulses.
Fishburne, an Oscar nominee for "What's Love Got to Do With It" who most recently co-starred in "21," had been mentioned as one of the "CSI" producers' top choices for the role, along with John Malkovich and Kurt Russell.

[29.09.2007] TV-Guide berichtet über den Ausstieg von Jorja Fox... Vorsicht SPOILER !!!
[...] Jorja Fox by Andrew Macpherson/CBSHow's this for a twisty turnabout: Even though Sara Sidle survived her run-in with CSI's Miniature Killer in last night's gripping season premiere, her time on the show has nonetheless come to an end. Multiple sources confirm that Jorja Fox - whose contract expired at the end of last season - will depart the hit procedural this November after failing to come to terms on a new long-term deal. [...]

[14.12.2006] DemoNews bietet Infos und Screenshots zum kommenden "CSI: Hard Evidence" PC-Spiel...

[22.12.2005] Blickpunkt:Film meldet...
Wie seine Vorgänger "CSI" und "CSI: Miami" ist auch "CSI: New York" weltweit zwischenzeitlich in 200 Territorien verkauft worden. [...]

[09.11.2005] Ubisoft kündigte heute "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: 3 Dimensions of Murder" für Windows-PC an, das im Frühjahr 2006 erscheinen soll...

[20.05.2005] CSI Files meldet...
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation creator Anthony E. Zuiker said recently he'd be open to the idea of taking CSI to the big screen.
"I hope that comes true because I have some ideas about that," Zuiker was quoted in the TV supplement of the Australian Sun Herald. "I can't really verbalize them, but I think there's a way to make it work."
Zuiker was only able to wax briefly about his CSI movie dreams, as most of the interview consisted of reporter Scott Ellis grilling him about the rumored displeasure of William Petersen (Gil Grissom) with the show. "Billy is the glue in a nucleus to the whole franchise," said Zuiker, who apparently seemed uncomfortable even to consider the possibility of Petersen leaving. But when pressed, Zuiker said that "the show will go on, [and] whether we lose actors or not, the concept will move forward."
"We have been fortunate enough not to really lose too many people in five years," Zuiker continued, "so we're grateful, but [the franchise] has become bigger than all of us. The show will go on without William Petersen, but probably will not be as good." [...]

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