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"Battle Angel Alita" (1993) - Originaltitel: "Gunnm" - ist die Verfilmung der Mangas von Yukito Kishiro...

Ein Blick in die freudlose Zukunft: Die Elite der Erde hat sich in ihr eigenes Reich, einen sterilen Zufluchtsort namens Zarem, zurückgezogen. Der Planet ist degeneriert und zu einem verotteten mechanischen Müllhaufen verkommen, bevölkert von einem Haufen schwerfälliger Cyborgs und brutaler Kopfgeldjäger. Unter all diesem Unrat arbeitet der brillante Cybernetic-Naturwissenschaftler Dr. Ido. Eines Tages entdeckt er das Wrack einer Cyborg, er nennt sie Alita, und setzt sein ganzes Wissen daran, sie wieder zum Leben zu erwecken und ihr ihre außergewöhnliche Kraft zurückzugeben. Und wirklich, Alita erwacht und wird in der Welt der Gesetzlosen aktiv...

"Battle Angel Alita"-Realverfilmung !!!
James Cameron (u.a. "Aliens", "Terminator", "Titanic") arbeitet an der Realverfilmung "Battle Angel" in 3-D und wird auch selbst Regie führen... Verfilmt werden die ersten 3 Bände... Evtl. will Cameron zwei weitere "Battle Angel"-Filme drehen... Da Cameron zuvor mit "Avatar" beschäftigt ist, wird der erste "Battle Angel Alita"-Film wohl nicht vor 2015 in die Kinos kommen...

Battle Angel Alita

[13.11.2010] Empire sprach mit dem Produzenten Jon Landau...
[...] with Cameron and his Lightstorm partner heading back to Pandora for the next few years, where does that leave manga adaptation Battle Angel and freediving drama The Dive? "They’re further-out projects," says Landau. "Neither one has that shooting script yet and both are really worthy projects to make." [...]

[12.12.2009] CS! sprach mit James Cameron, u.a. über die geplante "Battle Angel"-Verfilmung...
[...] Cameron said that Battle Angel is one of the projects he's going to be considering when he decides what he'll do next. He was asked if he was to do a sequel to Avatar, would it be after Battle Angel? He said, "Not necessarily, that's part of the decision making process." [...]

[20.09.2009] MarketSaw berichtete kürzlich, u.a. über Test-Footage...
[...] Now picture the "Angel of Death" looking like a child. a 14 year old. Now imagine this, this little girl goes through these guys like butter. Did you see the KICK-ASS trailer? Well imagine that girl via the Matrix via Ghost in the shell, via AI. "Remember the True Lies bathroom brawl?" Well take out Arnold, and "copy and paste" Bruce Lee on acid via the Terminator. as seen through the eyes of a sweet innocent 14 year old cyborg girl. And all of this done via the mind of James Cameron, Holy shit what is not to love? The lights flicker and shit hits the fan. Awesome stuff. [...]

[24.07.2009] Quint von AICN berichtet von der Comic-Con 2009 und zitiert James Cameron...
[...] "It’s a good idea to have your next gig lined up in case AVATAR tanks." Laughs, but says it’s still on his plate, as are other projects that aren’t as heavily effects driven. "It’s not a great time to ask a woman if she wants more kids when she’s crowning." [...]

[10.01.2007] Harry von AICN sprach erneut mit James Cameron...
Harry - [...] Now, while your doing the Visual Effects work on this, will you be doing any work on BATTLE ANGEL..
Jim -
Probably, Yeah, I’ll probably be sliding into PRE on Battle Angel during that time, it’s hard for me to know, until I’ve gone through the process to know what my time management is going to be capable of. You know, if I spend 5 hours a day doing Visual FX, which is probable, that will leave me time to do Battle Angel.
If it winds up being 8 hours a day. NO. But I can’t answer that for right now. I’m hoping to telescope Pre on Battle Angel into post on Avatar. Which has always been the plan. [...]

[15.11.2006] TAF meldet...
Talking with a guy, inside the Hollywood industry, eased my gut feeling that James Cameron is really writing another kick-ass Cyborg role for Schwarzenegger.
I was told that Arnold was one of the main reasons Jim skipped making BATTLE ANGEL ALITA first, because Arnie might have won a 2nd term (which he did) and that would have screwed Cameron's schedule up big time. The other reason Cameron choose AVATAR over BATTLE ANGEL ALITA was because of Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay's mega budget robots-in-disguise summer 2007 event film TRANSFORMERS.
By holding out and making AVATAR first, Cameron has proven his total loyalty to his governor pal and one time action/adventure partner Schwarzenegger. Cameron helped fund Arnie's second term with a healthy donation to his campaign, so Jim knew that the oak would more than likely win a 2nd term in office. "James Cameron really wants Arnold for the cyborg role of Ido" says my source. It's a role I have always had a gut feeling would suit the Austrian Oak. [...] The story is based around Gally (Alita in the US). A cyborg initially found by a doctor/scientist Ido. It starts with Ido finding only her head while searching for parts in the junkyard and discovers that her brain has suffered only minor damage. Ido begins to construct her body from used cyborg parts. We find out that Gally doesn't remember her past life at all, so she just lives with Ido having a father/daughter type relationship. Little does Gally know about the darker side of Ido, a side that Ido shows only to the criminals that he hunts (a job described as Hunter Warrior).
Gally follows Ido one night and discovers Ido's secret bounty hunter life, but she also finds that she too has a strong fighting spirit and knowledge of an ancient Martian martial art called the Panzer Kunst. So begins the story of Gally and her search for her memories and herself.
If this re-teaming turns out to be true, then Arnold's return back to action films after a 2nd governorship term will be well worth the long wait!

[02.07.2006] Bei gibt es ein Interview mit James Cameron...
[...] Cameron is finally pulling back the curtain on two would-be trilogies that might define sci-fi filmmaking for the next decade and beyond. "I have two franchises, if you will, or films that play out over an arc of a number of films that I am going to be making," he revealed. "[I won't make them] back-to-back, but one after another. They, in turn, might spawn back-to-back sequels. It all depends on how the first one does." [...]
"We're going to do 'Avatar' first, and we're in active pre-production on it right now," he added. "I'm directing it; I'm directing all these films.
"And with 'Battle Angel,' also, we'll do the same thing," Cameron said of his second project, a sci-fi thriller about a female cyborg in the 26th century. " 'Battle Angel' is actually designed as a three-film cycle. So the logic there is to make one and, if it hits, boom-boom on the other two."
"If you want to know more about 'Battle Angel,' you can get the graphic novels," the director said of his source material. "There's a series of 10 graphic novels, the original 10, by a Japanese artist named [Yukito] Kishiro."
The tech-minded Cameron added that although he watched with great interest as "Sin City" filmmaker Robert Rodriguez reinvented the graphic-novel movie with his green-screen breakthroughs, "Angel" won't be such a slave to the colored page. "It'll be a cinematic style; it won't be a moving graphic novel," he revealed. "I think what Robert did with 'Sin City' was a spectacular visual experiment; I think it worked brilliantly, but that's not what I'm going for. It's more of a cinematic, photo-real feel." [...]

[01.03.2006] Harry von AICN sprach mit James Cameron...
[...] he still doesn’t know if it is going to be BATTLE ANGEL ALITA or AVATAR that comes next. You see deep within the N.S.A. like security of LIGHTSTORM, Jim has been constructing a Virtual Production Studio completely unlike anything anyone has ever seen before. Within that space are two separate teams concurrently prepping and getting ready to shoot back to back essentially over a 3 year span, BATTLE ANGEL ALITA and AVATAR.
Because of the films’ mutual lack of a BIG STAR in the lead role, his start up on filming isn’t having to be locked down. So both projects can be prepped right up to the last minute before he calls it as to which is getting made.
Why the back and forth? It isn’t because he’s trying to drive us crazy, it’s because he is so in love with both projects that he can’t just emotionally choose one over the other. What has to be decided is which project is the greater commercial introduction to the technology that he’s going to be unleashing upon us. You see. This isn’t just a "next film" to Jim, it’s about evolving cinema as we’ve come to know it. [...]
I asked if we could expect any of the Cameron Company Regulars to be in BATTLE ANGEL ALITA or AVATAR. His response was, "I really hope so. Listen, I definitely have my favorites. If I’ve chosen to work with an actor once, it’s probably with a good reason, but if I’ve worked with an actor a couple of times, I’ve stayed friends with them."
Now - BATTLE ANGEL ALITA is seen as the next "franchise" from Cameron. He sees it as a "3 film cycle." I asked about whether or not he’s seen "Alita" yet, and he confirmed that on both ALITA and AVATAR he’s seen working models that he’s quite satisfied with. [...]
Lastly, he wanted people to understand something in regards of the Digital projectors that would be being placed in theaters around the world. These projectors have the capacity to screen things at up to speeds like 120 to 140 fps. The entire industry is going to be shifting to higher frame rates, probably somewhere above 40fps where suddenly the strobing you see or can detect on those big massive battle scenes in films like TROY, which instantly make you disconnect. Those will go away. And on AVATAR and BATTLE ANGEL ALITA it is absolutely necessary to have those higher frame rates, one for the sheer projection of the Stereo images, but also the sort of images he’s planning on putting out there are just the type that at 24 fps, would start to kind of break-up and become unintelligible.
The very last thing I asked was in regards to him having a finish line in his head by which point he’ll know for a fact whether it will be BATTLE ANGEL ALITA or AVATAR - and he said it would be a couple of months and that he’d give me a call to keep me in the loop. [...]

[18.02.2006] meldet...
After nine years, three documentaries, one Entourage stint, and about 15,000 Celine Dion jokes, the shock isn't that James Cameron is back. It's that his first feature since Titanic won't be Battle Angel, the sci-fi-meets-anime project (based on Yukito Kishiro's Japanese graphic novels) that Cameron fans have been anticipating for years. ''We've moved Project 880 into first position,'' Cameron told Entertainment Weekly at the Santa Barbara film festival.
So just what is Project 880? Don't ask Cameron: ''It's as classified,'' he says, ''as the Manhattan Project.'' (That secrecy hasn't stopped some industry observers from guessing that 880 is actually a version of Avatar, the director's oft-rumored love story set against interplanetary war.) Whatever it is, Cameron is ready to shoot 880 at Twentieth Century Fox - where he's also preparing Battle Angel. Neither film has been completely cast, but 880 is now slated for '07 and Angel is set for '09. ''We couldn't do one unless we do both,'' says Cameron. ''They use the same technology.''
And that's where things get really cool. Cameron is no stranger to cutting-edge gadgetry - he's been on the forefront of the CGI revolution since Terminator 2. Now he's using realistic-looking motion-capture techniques like those that made The Lord of the Rings' Gollum so eerily lifelike, and shooting both new movies in brand-spanking-new high-definition 3-D. The catch? If the movies are to be distributed in 3-D format, he hopes to have at least 1,000 theaters converted to digital projection. (You'll view high-def 3-D through an updated version of the old glasses, but regular 2-D will be available.) Don't take these release dates to the bank, however. ''We don't want to get jammed up like on Titanic,'' he says, refusing to rule out the possibility that Project 880 could move to 2008. ''The consensus has been we will serve no wine before its time.''

[03.12.2005] James Cameron ist auf der Suche nach der Hauptdarstellerin - alle Infos zum Casting gibt es bei AICN !!!

[14.06.2005] meldet...
As the clock ticks down toward the December start date of James Cameron's next project, the director is shifting his full attention from "Battle Angel." Although he has publicly identified that film as his next movie, he also is readying a parallel project, tentatively titled "Project 880," according to sources at Cameron's Lightstorm Entertainment. Both films would be shot in 3-D with custom-designed high-definition cameras. Whichever film Cameron does next, he also plans to use a photo-real version of the performance capture technology used by Robert Zemeckis on "The Polar Express." Seven years after "Titanic" took the all-time global boxoffice crown ($1.8 billion), the 50-year-old writer-director had said that he plans to return to directing with a big-budget studio picture for 20th Century Fox after producing TV and movie projects ("Dark Angel," "Solaris") and experimenting with 3-D Imax documentaries.

[10.03.2005] GameSpot meldet...
[...] James Cameron is working on a game for the next-generation Xbox. The news came in the form of a video montage of game, consumer electronics, and entertainment luminaries speaking about the future of entertainment and the power of Microsoft's next-generation console.
One of the said luminaries was none other than Cameron, director of Titanic, Aliens, and the first two Terminator films. At first, his remarks were broad to the extreme. "The technology is changing so rapidly. What's coming over the horizon the next couple of years is going to enable the imagery during the actual gameplay to look so much like the pre-rendered cinematic sections," he said. "It's going to feel like a lucid dream that you're in a movie and experiencing it and manipulating it."
But during a following segment, Cameron got much more specific. First, he told of his plans for an Enter the Matrix-like crossover game based on his next movie. "In my next film, I can only tell you what we're planning on doing which is simultaneous developing a major motion picture and hopefully a major game title that co-exists in the same world, that share characters." He continued, "Going into that world will actually inform those watching the film and vice-versa. I don't want to say anything more than that because I don't want to give away some of the cool stuff that we're working on." [...]

[11.01.2005] Bei IGNFF gibt es ein Interview mit James Cameron...

[11.01.2005] CS! sprach mit James Cameron...
Can you describe the genesis of the project?
A few years ago I started down this path of creating this 3D camera system and once I started working in that, I couldn't imagine myself going back and shooting with the camera that I used before. It just seemed like going back from a car to a bicycle, and I don't want to ride a bicycle again, so the question is, at what point can I use the kind of imaging that we're able to do now for a feature film? That's taken a few years to put together and the pacing item on that is digital cinema, the changeover to d-cinema, which is going to be happening throughout North America and eventually Europe and so-on, where they are literally going to replace every projector in North America in the next five or six years, however long it takes, because in order to display the stereo, the 3D, you need to have those digital projectors. I need those theaters, so I've sort of been waiting until the right moment to make a big movie and we believe that moment is now. So we're in pre-production now on a movie called Battle Angel, which is based on a Japanese Manga series of graphic novels by an artist named Yukito Kishiro. It's not in the sort of top ten of graphic novels in Japan; it's a lesser known one, and we're going to make Battle Angel over the next couple of years and release it in '07. By early summer of '07, we expect to have somewhere around a thousand digital 3D theaters that will be able to show an image that looks more or less like what you saw in the IMAX theater but the IMAX theater was film, and this is going to be digital projection.
This will be shown in multiplexes?
Multiplexes everywhere. All cities, all territories. And yeah, you'll wear glasses, obviously.
Which timeline do you intend to focus on?
It's a bit of a mélange of the first three books, which means that it pulls forward the motorball story into the Ido, Alita, Hugo story, if you will.
Will it be live action?
Live action and CG mixed, meaning we will build sets, we'll shoot with actors and we'll have CG characters. Alita will be CG; she'll be performed by an actress but what you see in the film will be CG.
Like Gollum?
That's a very good example.
Do you have any casting choices?
No. We have some stuff we're working on, but it's kind of premature to talk about it.
Marquee names or just unknowns?
They won't be unknown. They'll be very recognizable names, but I don't see this as a star vehicle per se.
Is this the future of cinema?
Uh, TBD. I don't know yet. It's the future of cinema for me, if I can make this work with these digital theaters. The next time we shoot, we're going to use the new generation of the camera system, which is the new Sony SR compression, so it's inherently got a little more dynamic range and a little better resolution, and we'll do the Lowry processing, or Lowry-type processing on top of it, so we think we're getting to a level where we're basically the equivalent of capturing two side-by-side 4K images, and that's like so much more information than you need. It really allows us for a theatrical feature, I could blow the image up double and still have more resolution than a 35mm film.
With all of your opportunities is filmmaking for yourself more than an audience?
If I'm making a feature film like when I'm doing Battle Angel or some of the other projects I have planned for after Battle Angel, I know I'm making a film for an audience. I can't just please myself.
What is the basic plot of Battle Angel?
26th century, the story takes place 300 years after a societal collapse caused by a major war, but in that society, it's a technological dark age following a pinnacle of achievement far, far beyond where we are right now. So in a sense it's post-apocalyptic, but it's post-apocalyptic from a very high level. So now, you've got cyborg technology as just a way of life. People are augmented a lot as workers and so on, so being a cyborg is not unusual. The main character is a cyborg. She has an organic human brain, and she looks like she's about fourteen years old. She has a completely artificial body and she's lost her memory- she's found in this wreckage and she's reconstituted by this guy who is a cyber-surgeon who becomes her kind of surrogate father. It's a father-daughter relationship story that just has the most insane action that you can imagine. It will be PG-13 -- lots of blood, but it's all blue."

[10.01.2005] Latino Review meldet...
When speaking to James Cameron for Disney’s Aliens of the Deep, he said his next project was a feature length 3-D film called Battle Angel, a Japanese graphic novel.... "It will be live action combined with CG, and hopefully will be ready for release in 2007."
On what book the movie will cover Cameron said, "It will be a combination of the 1st and 3rd books."
Cameron spoke briefly on who will play the main character of Alita, "A known actor will be cast to play Alita, but it is not a star driven movie. And most of Alita will be CG." Cameron went on to say that he’s waited to do Battle Angel in digital 3-D because of Digital Cinema, "By the early summer of 2007 most theater houses will be equipped with D-cinema, or Digital Cinema."

[17.12.2004] IGNFF sprach mit James Cameron über die 3D-Technologie, die zum Einsatz kommen wird...

[27.11.2004] Wie die NZ meldet, steckt James Cameron "mitten in den Vorbereitungen zu einem Science-Fiction-Projekt namens «Battle Angel»"...

[20.11.2004] AICN titelt "James Cameron Confirms BATTLE ANGEL As His Next Film!!"...
[...] Finally... straight from the horse’s mouth. Yesterday, James Cameron was interviewed on NPR, and you can find the archived interview here. If you want to hear him talk about his next film, fast-forward to about 31 minutes into the piece, close to the end.
We’ve been saying this for months now... maybe longer... but Cameron has confirmed all the details I’ve written about here on the site. BATTLE ANGEL is the next film, pre-production is underway as they finish up the shooting draft, the main character will be completely created using CG, and the film will be shot in 3-D. [...]

[30.07.2004] Moviehole meldet...
John Savage is rumoured to be in talks with Director James Cameron about playing a part in the "Titanic" director's highly-anticipated big-budget 3D Film.
Savage previously worked with Cameron on the TV series "Dark Angel".
The film, which has also attracted the likes of Sly Stallone and "Manhunter" star Brian Cox, was originally set to start filming in November but that date has reportedly been pushed back.

[19.06.2004] In der Yukitopia FAQ antwortet Yukito Kishiro...
Q Is it true that GUNNM (Battle Angel Alita) will be made into a movie?
A It is true, I made an agreement about film adaptation of "GUNNM" with the movie director James Cameron. I can't tell you in detail I have the confidentiality agreement. It is yet to be determined by him when start making it and released on. An official announcement will be made after a decision of starting time. Often they will give up movie projects or make it for more than a decade, you could guess that the GUNNM movie will get put together as well as I could. Please pray for quick and complete making the amazing movie, and warmly watch and wait in the long term.
Mit Dank an Thomas K

[11.05.2004] Bei AICN gibt es einen Bericht über die "Saturn Awards"... Moriarty lief dort James Cameron über den Weg...
[...] I should have asked him to comment on the many reports I’ve had that his new film will be based on the popular manga series BATTLE ANGEL ALITA, but I didn’t. Like I said, I basically swallowed my tongue when he was standing there, and he walked away before I recovered my composure. Instead, I asked another attendee at the awards about it, since they were in a good position to know what’s up, and they agreed to speak to me as long as I didn’t identify them. "It’s definitely ALITA," they said, "and he’s already deep into pre-production on it. The tech tests so far are amazing, and you would not believe the scale of his art department. They’ve been working for almost six months at this point, and their work is just beautiful. As far as Alita’s concerned, she’s going to be the culmination of all of Cameron’s ambitions on projects like AVATAR. Trust me... if Gollum pushed the envelope, Alita is going to shred it." Hyperbole aside, I’m dying for Cameron to make his official announcement, and 2006 (his proposed release date) can’t get here fast enough. [...]

[22.01.2004] James Cameron plant ein "Big Budget"-"3D"-"SF"-Epos... Harry von AICN meint...
Ooooooh... I’m telling you... it’s BATTLE ANGEL ALITA. Or whatever Cameron’s calling his remake of it. He’s been working on that script with Laeta Kalogridis forever, and I just know it... that’s what he’s going to make next. Man, I can’t wait. Having Cameron back in the game is going to force everyone to aim higher. [...]

[15.04.2003] Moviehole meldet...
James Cameron's been flogging the bejesus out of his latest effort "Ghosts of the Abyss" and while doing so talking to every man and his dog about the next projects on his plate. One project he hasn't touched on much is "Battle Angel Alita", and in an upcoming edition of Hot Dog magazine he belatedly addresses it. "Battle Angel is a very real possibility, and that's the film that I fully intend to direct, that I *will* direct ? the issue is will it be the next film, or will it be the one after the next film? That's really all there is to it at this point. We've done a tremendous amount of design for the film, we're fine-tuning the script, it's just a matter of time.", says Cameron.
"What I like about it is that when we first meet Alita she's very young, she's sort of almost pre-pubescent in a way, and she actually matures throughout the story. I like that, that the development of her mind actually affects her physicality. There's a lot of really great things about it, and there's a lot of things ? whether the artist really intended them or not ? that I read into it, and so I think it'll be a good fusion of what Kashiro created and how I would do things."
"The manga is very episodic and very discordant ? it's not internally consistent, meaning sometimes she looks like one thing and has one set of abilities, and at the whim of Kashiro he'll go off on a whole different tangent. It needs to be fused and focused and given a centralised storyline. But the character will be very, very true to Alita as she is in the manga."
"Motorball might find its way more into the second film ? I definitely want to do more than one film. I want to create a world and a character that can go through at least one more film, possibly more. And that's not just for the classic financial reasons, it's just that I think there's a possibility for a real mythology here, so I feel that this is a good canvas to do something big that's got more scope." [...]

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