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"Apocalypto" (2006) ist - nach seinem kommerziellen Riesenerfolg "Die Passion Christi" - eine weitere Inszenierung eines historischen Stoffs von Mel Gibson...

Es ist die Zeit, in der der Niedergang einer der ältesten und geheimnisvollsten Hochkulturen aller Zeiten bevorsteht: der Maya. Bis heute birgt diese Zeit offene Fragen und ungeklärte Geheimnisse. Die Eroberung Mexikos und Zentralamerikas durch die Spanier besiegelt endgültig den Untergang dieses hochzivilisierten Volkes. Erzählt wird die Geschichte eines Mannes aus dem Volk der Maya, der in dieser Zeit um sein Leben kämpft. Nur die Liebe zu seiner Familie und zu seiner Frau gibt ihm die Kraft und den Mut zu bestehen...

Die Besetzung besteht aus unbekannten Darstellern - Gibson wird selbst keine Rolle übernehmen...

Die Dreharbeiten begannen am 14. November 2005 in Mexiko... "Apocalypto" startete am 14. Dezember 2006 in den deutschen Kinos...


"Apocalypto" auf DVD !!!
Highlight veröffentlichte am 29. Mai 2007 "Apocalypto" auf DVD !!!

[23.08.2009] Der TV-Sender Pro7 zeigt heute um 20.15 Uhr "Apocalypto" als deutsche Free-TV-Premiere...

[24.01.2007] "Apocalypto" wurde für 3 Oscars nominiert !!!

[16.12.2006] Bei CS! gibt es ein Interview mit Mel Gibson...

[14.12.2006] Heute startet "Apocalypto" in den deutschen Kinos... Und Constantin Film meldet...
Es wurde im Vorfeld viel über Mel Gibsons Zukunft in Hollywood spekuliert. Viele Beobachter gaben seinem neuen Regiewerk bei den Kritikern und Besuchern kaum Chancen. Nach dem hervorragenden Start in den USA auf Platz 1 der Kinocharts und positiver Kritiken von New York Times bis Washington Post sicherte sich Mel Gibson heute auch die heiß begehrte Golden Globe Nominierung. Sein ungewöhnlicher Film über den Untergang der Maya wurde in der Kategorie "Bester nicht-englischsprachiger Film" nominiert [...]

[11.12.2006] CS! meldet...
[...] Despite all the controversy surrounding Mel Gibson's arrest earlier this year, the director managed another top finish with Apocalypto. The $40 million-budgeted action-adventure earned an estimated $14.2 million from 2,465 theaters, an average of $5,746 per location. [...]

[09.12.2006] Bei AICN gibt es eine weitere Video-Featurette... Ausserdem gibt es bei AICN eine Kritik von Moriarty...
[...] As I was watching APOCALYPTO, I enjoyed myself, and I would encourage action junkies and gore freaks to check it out. If you can't get past Gibson's personal life, nothing in this film is going to change your mind, and if you're looking for some deep meaningful statement on modern civilization, you'll still be looking when the credits roll. [...]

[06.12.2006] Bei AICN gibt es ein sehenswertes Video-Feature...

[04.12.2006] Bei CS! gibt es einen TV-Spot... Und bei gibt es eine positive Kritik (8/10)...
[...] All the characters were great and engaging. Every character was so interesting by the way they spoke to each other and wore their ornaments, hair, make-up and weapons. You could probably make individual movies with each of these characters. Just one look at them and you can see their story. The fact that Gibson didn’t use any recognizable actors made the film that much better as it certainly didn't need any star power to push this film and it made the film more authentic.
[...] it is a very graphic film, and I’m talking animal entrails, human skull crushings and be-headings where the peeps are actually aware of their own decapitation after the fact!! Very disturbing and mind-blowing stuff! So if that kind of content turns you off, maybe sit this one out. But despite the graphicness, the film does deliver!

[01.12.2006] Bei AICN gibt es eine weitere Kritik...
[...] Apocalypto was one of the most wildly entertaining movies I have seen all year. [...]

[30.11.2006] Bei AICN gibt es mehrere Stimmen zum Film...

[29.11.2006] Bei gibt es eine umfangreiche Bildergalerie...

[31.10.2006] Bei CS! gibt es ein Interview mit Mel Gibson...

[11.10.2006] Bei CS! gibt es ein "Behind the Scenes"-Video...

[06.10.2006] Bei AICN gibt es eine Kritik zur Rohfassung des Films - von Massawyrm...
[...] Apocalypto is amazing. Even in its unfinished form it is easily one of the best films of the year, if not the very best. Once again Gibson sets out to put you in another place and time, one which at first seems totally alien - only to brilliantly and quickly endear you to the people you’re following. Within the first 20 minutes of the film you absolutely identify with the tribesman and find quite a bit in common with them. And just as you are completely comfortable and at home with them, bad shit happens. And you feel it. [...]

[26.09.2006] Bei AICN & Co. wird fleissig über die Rohfassung des Films diskutiert...

[24.09.2006] Harry von AICN berichtet über die Rohfassung des Films...
[...] The film isn’t done. Some visual effects aren’t in place, the sound design is completely not done, the score is 100% temp tracked and somewhere in there is 5-10 minutes that will be coming out. I imagine this will come out of the Mayan civilization outskirts. It’s all quite nice, but it’s the only fatty and drag-ish area of the film. Otherwise, what we saw this early afternoon is a film of immense power. [...]
Is this the great film of the Maya Civilization? It is the most audacious and successful attempt at that period. Mainly due to the fact that the story is such an intimate experience. The whole film rests upon the shoulders of actor Rudy Youngblood and his Jaguar Paw character. To think that this cast is nearly all first time actors. People that Mel found on Docks and wandering the streets of Mexico City... is astonishing. The faces and the stories on these faces are great. The make-up, costumes and recreation of a lost culture are exquisite.
What I saw today was a very rough jewel [...]

[14.09.2006] hat den finalen "Apocalypto" Trailer veröffentlicht !!!

[31.05.2006] Bei CS! gibt es das US-Poster...

[18.04.2006] CS! meldet...
Touchstone Pictures has pushed back Mel Gibson's Mayan epic Apocalypto from August 4 to December 8.
A spokesman for the studio told the Associated Press that the production had fallen behind because of heavy rains in Mexico, where Gibson is shooting the film. [...]

[09.03.2006] widmet sich "Authenticity over star power"-Besetzung...
[...] Gibson is quick to note that Apocalypto is less dependent on dialogue than most movies, and as a result, he looked for people who could express as much with their faces and actions as they do with their lines. Newcomer Rudy Youngblood, 25, a movie-star handsome Comanche and Cree Indian who plays the Apocalypto hero named Jaguar Paw, grew up in Texas and had been a grass dancer with the Native American Dance Theater before Gibson found him last year. [...]

[03.03.2006] besuchte Mel Gibson am Set...

[12.02.2006] Constantin Film hat sich die Rechte gesichert...
[...] APOCALYPTO ist nach den Sensationserfolgen DIE PASSION CHRISTI und BRAVEHEART das mit Spannung erwartete neue Regieprojekt von Hollywood Star Mel Gibson. [...] Das historische Action-Spektakel entsteht aktuell in Mexiko. Den deutschen Kinostart plant Constantin Film am 24. August 2006. [...]

[21.12.2005] hat den "Apocalypto" Teaser-Trailer veröffentlicht !!!

[20.12.2005] hat erste bewegte Bilder veröffentlicht...

[13.12.2005] Harry von AICN berichtet über das Festival "BNAT 7"...
[...] We kicked things off this year with a video greeting from the jungles of the Yucatan in Mexico where a shaven Mel Gibson introduced the premiere of his APOCALYPTO trailer. Which was awesome! The final show of what looked like Tikal or Palenque - not quite sure which from a first viewing in it's heyday - was just awe-inspiring. Mel didn't feature any of the native Mayan language in the trailer - but from the music to the shot selection. It just felt epic! Can not wait to see this next summer. [...]

[30.10.2005] Yahoo! meldet...
Mel Gibson says a fascination with ancient cultures and great civilizations is what led him to make his upcoming movie "Apocalypto," starring unknown Mexican actors speaking in an ancient tongue.
"What I'm doing is making an action-adventure film of mythic proportions," Gibson, sporting a plaid flannel shirt, jeans and a long salt-and pepper beard, told a news conference Friday.
The movie is scheduled to begin production Nov. 14 and will be shot almost entirely in the jungle of Mexico's Veracruz state.
The film's stars will be unrecognizable to most moviegoers, and they will speak in the Mayan tongue of Yucateco, Gibson said. It will be light on dialogue and heavy on images and action. It's set 600 years ago, prior to the 16th-century Spanish conquest of Mexico and Central America.
The most anyone will see of the 49-year-old movie star "is my fingernail," Gibson said. "If I was in it, it would wreck everything."
In his first public explanation of the movie, both written and directed by Gibson, he said he decided to hold a news conference "to satisfy people's curiosity a little bit" and knock down inaccurate speculation.
The movie is "a story about a man and his woman, his child and his father, his community," adding that the man "is put in an incredibly heightened, stressful situation ... has to overcome tremendous obstacles. So it's a universal story in that respect."
Like his last film, the stunningly successful "The Passion of Christ," Gibson will bankroll "Apocalypto" himself. Disney has signed on to release it in the United States.
Gibson said that although he researched the writings of a Spanish missionary and the Mayan bible, the "Popol Vuh," and visited Mayan sites in Guatemala and Mexico, the Mayan setting is merely the backdrop of the movie. he chose it because "it's just fascinating to me. There's still a lot of mystery about the culture."
"I'm hoping by focusing on this civilization we can ... analyze ourselves," he said, adding that the movie "is kind of an anthropological journey."
The film's title, "Apocalypto," a Greek word for an unveiling or new beginning, "just expresses so well that I want to convey," Gibson said. "I think it's just a universal word. In order for something to begin, something has to end. All of those elements are involved. But it's not a big doomsday picture or anything like that." [...]

[26.07.2005] Bei AICN gibt es einen Kommentar von Harry Knowles...
[...] Looks like Mel is making a MAYAN epic, shot in the original Mayan language and taking place within that culture. Frankly... my excitement level for this film just sky-rocketed. As a boy my parents took me to Palenque, Tikal, Tulum and dozens of other sites around the Yucatan. Tikal and Palenque were just astonishing to be in. According to Mayan Prophecy global armageddon, the end of the world, apocalypto (term used by theologens to discuss end times according to various religions) was worked out according to their complex astronomy. It takes place 11 days after BNAT 14 in 2012. Or was it in the Fiftieth Century? You can read about it here or here or here. Now - the interesting part is that according to Mayan lore - this is all supposed to take place in our future - but apparently this movie takes place in Mayan times... The real question then comes - is this about that bit of Mayan mythology - or... the death of Mayan culture? Or something else entirely. I've often dreamt of seeing a great Mayan epic. Their artistry and history is amazing. How they bound their infants heads to create that alien looking sloping back of the head amazed me as a kid at the Mexico City museums. I wonder if Mel will even attempt to bring that sort of look to this. [...]

[25.07.2005] CS! meldet...
Variety reports that Mel Gibson's Apocalypto will be filmed in an obscure Mayan dialect.
Set 3,000 years ago, the film may feature the same kind of subtitles Gibson reluctantly added to The Passion of The Christ. It will star a neophyte cast indigenous to the region of Mexico where Gibson will shoot in October. And it likely will carry an R rating, unless Gibson tempers the onscreen depiction of violent scenes he wrote in his script. [...]

[22.07.2005] CS! meldet...
The Passion of The Christ director Mel Gibson is getting back behind the camera with the action film Apocalypto, which he also wrote. Walt Disney Pictures will distribute domestically and Gibson's company, Icon, will handle foreign territories.
Variety says Apocalypto is set to begin production in October in Mexico for a summer 2006 release. Gibson will produce along with Icon partner Bruce Davey.
Gibson will not star in Apocalypto and may not use a star for the film, which is set in an ancient civilization some 3,000 years ago. The title is a Greek term which means "an unveiling" or "new beginning."
Consistent with such Gibson films as Braveheart and "Passion," the script depicts abundant action and violence.

DVD & Video

DVDApocalypto (OmU)
Regionalcode 2
FSK: Keine Jugendfreigabe
Bild: 1,85:1 in 16:9
Ton: Maya mit deutschen Untertiteln (DD 5.1, DTS 5.1)
DVD Erscheinungstermin: 29. Mai 2007

DVD-Extras: Making of APOCALYPTO "Becoming Mayan" (ca. 50 Min.), Audiokommentar von Mel Gibson und Farhad Safinia (engl.)


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Eric Taladoire, Jean-Pierre Courau
Die Maya
Gebundene Ausgabe
247 Seiten (September 2005)

Geheimnisvolle Hinterlassenschaften zeugen heute noch von der Maya-Kultur: Pyramidengleiche Stufentempel, versunkene Städte und eindrucksvolle Kunstwerke hat der Fotograf Jean-Pierre Courau für dieses Buch in großartigen Bildern festgehalten. In seinem Text dazu lässt der Archäologe Éric Taladoire eine untergegangene Zivilisation lebendig werden: Er erzählt über die Herrschaft der Gottkönige, den Aufbau der Gesellschaft, die Wirtschaft und über kulturelle Errungenschaften wie die Hieroglyphenschrift...

Berthold Riese
Die Maya
Geschichte, Kultur, Religion

143 Seiten (Januar 2004)

Magda Wimmer
Die Maya
Weber der Zeit, Spieler des Universums

380 Seiten (November 2000)

Die Maya wußten, daß sie Spieler sind im großen Spiel des Universums, und deshalb war es für sie wichtig, die Spielregeln zu kennen: Die 13 Zahlen und 20 Sonnenzeichen im Heiligen Kalender der Maya ergeben ein Webmuster, das überall vorhanden ist und keinen Anfang und kein Ende hat. Anhand zahlreicher Abbildungen lehrt Magda Wimmer den Leser, diesen Kalender zu verstehen und damit selbst ein Spieler im Muster des Universums zu werden...

Jens Freyler, Gabriela Kiehl, Noah E Pohorilles (Übersetzer)
Popol Vuh
Die heilige Schrift der Maya

131 Seiten (Juni 2004)

Nur wenige schriftliche Zeugnisse der präkolumbianischen Geschichte haben die Missionierung der spanischen Eroberer überstanden - dieses Buch ist zweifellos das bedeutendste von ihnen.
Wie alt das Popol Vuh, die mythische Geschichte des Volkes der Quiche-Maya ist, vermag heute niemand zu sagen. Das Original ist verschwunden, was blieb ist die Übersetzung des Padre Francisco Ximenez, der 1688 nach Mittelamerika kam. Dort erhielt er nicht nur das uneingeschränkte Vertrauen der Quiche, sondern auch ihre Heilige Schrift.
Ihr Glaube, das Verständnis der Schöpfung der Menschen aus Mais und die Geschichte des Volkes der Maya faszinierten ihn damals ebenso wie sie uns heute zu diesem Projekt veranlassten: Der heiligen Schrift der Quiche eine neue Auflage und der Welt der Maya ein neues Gesicht zu geben.


James Horner
Audio CD
Erscheinungstermin: 15. Dezember 2006

14 Titel: u.a. From the forest; Tapir hunt


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