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"28 Days later" (2002) ist ein "Zombie"-Film von Danny Boyle (u.a. "Trainspotting", "The Beach")...

Tag 1: Rasend schnell verbreitet sich der hoch infektiöse Virus aus einem Forschungslabor über die gesamte britische Insel. In Sekundenschnelle werden aus Menschen reißende Bestien. 28 Tage später: Jim (Cillian Murphy, u.a. "Sunshine", "Batman Begins") wacht in einem Londoner Krankenhaus aus dem Koma auf - in einen Albtraum. Die Stadt ist menschenleer, ganz England verwüstet, seine Bewohner dezimiert. Horden infizierter werden zur allgegenwärtigen Bedrohung für die wenigen Überlebenden der Katastrophe. Doch Jim ahnt nicht, dass ihm der eigentliche Alptraum noch bevorsteht...

"28 Days later" startete am 11. Oktober 2002 in den britischen Kinos und am 5. Juni 2003 in den deutschen Kinos...

Das Sequel "28 Weeks later" - unter der Regie von Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (u.a. "Intacto") - kam am 30. August 2007 in die deutschen Kinos...
Sechs Monate sind vergangen, seitdem der Wut-Virus Besitz von Großbritannien ergriffen hat. Der US-Armee ist es gelungen, den Virus zu stoppen, die Ordnung in London wieder herzustellen und die Bewohner in die ausgestorbene Stadt zurückzulassen. Doch unter den Heimkehrern befindet sich ein Einzelner, der den Virus noch in sich trägt und erneut ausbrütet. Als der Virus ausbricht, ist er noch gefährlicher als zuvor. Die Folgen sind verheerend...

Ein 3. Teil mit dem vorläufigen Titel "28 Months later" soll kommen, möglicherweise unter der Regie von Paul Andrew Williams (u.a. "The Cottage")... Tja, wenn die Sache mit den Rechten nicht wäre... *g*

28 Days later

[13.10.2010] meldet...
[...] For those wondering, this news has come from Boyle himself. The director indicated to a good friend of our site that "there's another 28 Days Later in the works." When asked if the title would be 28 Months Later, Boyle replied "In theory, yes." Immediately the next question was if he'd be producing, to which Boyle responded, "Actually I want to direct it." [...]

[05.10.2010] sprach mit dem Drehbuchautor Alex Garland, u.a. über den 3. Teil...
28 Months Later: "I'll answer that completely honestly. When we made '28 Days Later,' the rights were frozen between a group of people who are no longer talking to each other. And so, the film is never going to happen unless those people start talking to each other again. There is no script as far as I'm aware." [...]

[09.01.2009] Bei Empire Online gibt es das Transcript eines Chats mit Danny Boyle...
djimi42 asks: What is the future of the 28 Days franchise? Is there any possibility you could direct 28 Months Later?
Yeah, we've got a good idea for the third one. Very strange. And sadly we've run out of time to tell you about it...

[11.11.2008] meldet...
Danny Boyle, who created the series of London-based viral epidemic films 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later, told a group of journalists that not only could there be a third film but also that he might direct it. Boyle directed 28 Days but produced 28 Weeks for director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo.
"I'd certainly like to," Boyle said in a group interview on Nov. 6 in Beverly Hills, Calif., where he was promoting his latest film, Slumdog Millionaire. "I feel the idea is quite a strong idea, and it could well involve directing it. Yeah, absolutely."
Boyle began rousing fan speculation about a third film when he suggested that 28 Months Later could follow 28 Weeks.
As for what would happen when Weeks turn to Months, Boyle remained vague about the concept.
"There is an idea for a third part, but I haven't really done enough about it yet," he said.
The first film introduced the viral outbreak that reduced London to hordes of raving, zombie-like monsters. The sequel explored what happens when the military tries to repopulate the city after the threat was presumably contained.
Since Boyle has not begun scripting a third film, he did not want to reveal the new premise. "But I've got an idea for it, so I can't really tell you any more than that at the moment, but hopefully that might happen," he said. [...]

[08.10.2008] Twitch meldet...
In a very brief email from the powers that be on this film I am told that any rumor of Paul Andrew Williams’ involvement in 28 Months Later is "totally untrue". [...]

[07.10.2008] Arrow in the Head meldet...
[...] am at the SITGES FILM FESTIVAL right now doing my thing and while I was sitting downstairs with some peeps I overheard a conversation that had my genre friendly ears perk up in attention. Seems that there's a sequel to 28 DAYS LATER and 28 WEEKS LATER coming our way and its called 28 MONTHS LATER.
Now I kind of knew about that already but mention it here for those who may not know. The scoop I caught was that a director has been chosen for this second installment. Who? PAUL ANDREW WILLIAMS baby! The UK director of THE COTTAGE (Read our review of it here). [...]

[12.09.2008] sprach mit Danny Boyle über den 3. Teil...
[...] "There’s a bit of discussion going on about it at the moment," Boyle said of what I’m going to start calling "28 Months Later," the third in a series which began with "28 Days Later" in 2002 and continued with "28 Weeks Later" last year.
We wouldn’t put it past Boyle to blow us away again, but for the life of us we can’t figure out to continue a franchise which seems to acceptably conclude with each installment without becoming narratively ridiculous. Turns out, Boyle’s not so sure either.
"I have an idea for it [but] I’ve got to present it and see what people think really because it might be silly really," he laughed.
What’s the idea? Where’s the film set? Boyle won’t say, insisting that discovering his secret is "part of the joy of it, really."
On the matter of whether or not he would direct the film, though, the "Slumdog Millionaire" helmer was much less coy, admitting that "it was a possibility." [...]

[13.09.2007] Der TV-Sender VOX zeigt "28 Days later" um 22.15 Uhr... Die Wiederholung läuft um 2.35 Uhr...

[30.08.2007] Heute startet "28 Weeks later" in den deutschen Kinos...

[15.07.2007] widmet sich der Frage, ob Danny Boyle beim 3. Teil Regie führen wird...
[...] He didn’t exactly say he would in the below clip from Kurt Loder’s recent interview, but we sure get the sense that Danny Boyle has the itch. Are we reading too much into this or not? You be the judge. But check out how jazzed he sounds as he talks about directing second unit on "28 Weeks Later." And he does acknowledge that "there is an idea" for a sequel. [...]

[28.06.2007] B-D meldet...
Meeting various development folks around town have led me to some really interesting news. Apparently the ONLY horror film in the works right now over at Fox Atomic is their PG-13 remake of The Entity, which is being directed by Japanese filmmaker Hideo Nakata (The Ring Two, Ringu). What's even more disappointing is that Fox Atomic had planned on taking the 28 Days Later franchise up until 28 Years Later, which as of this moment, will never happen. Now if DVD sales are through the roof for 28 Weeks Later and horror regains some lost momentum, maybe we'll work our way towards seeing 28 Months Later. Go support your genre and help kick-start the flooded engine.

[15.05.2007] Bei Moviehole gibt es ein Interview mit Harold Perrineau...

[11.05.2007] Bei AICN gibt es eine positive Kritik von Capone... Vorsicht SPOILER !!!

[09.05.2007] Bei AICN gibt es eine Kritik von Massawyrm...
[...] Director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (director of the brilliant and criminally under seen Spanish supernatural thriller Intacto) delivers upon all the promise he showed in his previous effort. This movie is a gritty, dirt-under-your-fingernails kind of raw that 28 Days Later grasped at with Digital but this movie accomplishes with much better production values. Not that the money made the difference, but Fresnadillo’s style added a layer of depth to what could have been just drab.
I can’t sing the praises of this film enough. It really and truly is the visceral, unhinged horror film that we all have deeply wished it could be. Highly Recommended for anyone who has ever enjoyed a zombie film, and Required Viewing for anyone who loves either incarnation of Dawn of the Dead. Not Recommended for the timid, the squeamish or anyone who doesn’t feel like they want to get their ass kicked for a paltry $8. Really, the only people who shouldn’t see this film are people who just don’t like horror or gore. This is the film those who were disappointed with the last film wish it could have been. [...]

[26.04.2007] Bei AICN gibt es eine weitere Kritik zum Sequel...

Ältere Nachrichten kann man im Archiv nachlesen...

28 Days later
DVD & Video

DVD28 Days later
Regionalcode 2
FSK: Freigegeben ab 18 Jahren
Ton: Deutsch, Englisch
Bild: 16:9
DVD Erscheinungstermin: 29. November 2003

DVD28 Weeks Later
Regionalcode 2
FSK: keine Jugendfreigabe gemäß § 14 JuSchG
DVD Erscheinungstermin: 25. Februar 2008

28 Days later

28 Days later
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28 Weeks later
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28 Days later

Cross Cult veröffentlicht hierzulande die edle Hardcover-Ausgabe von Steve Niles' Comic...

Steve Niles (Autor), Dennis Calero (Autor), Diego Olmos (Autor)
28 Days later - Die Zeit danach
Gebundene Ausgabe
111 Seiten (Juni 2007)

Erzählt in vier Episoden, was nach den Ereignissen von Danny Boyle's "28 Days later" geschah und bildet gleichzeitig die Vorgeschichte zur Fortsetzung "28 Weeks later"...

Alex Garland
28 Days later
Englischsprachiges Taschenbuch
144 Seiten (April 2003)

28 Days later

28 Days later
Audio CD
Erscheinungstermin: 2. Juni 2003

21 Titel: u.a. The Beginning; Rage ;The Church; In Paradisum

Die Band Godspeed You Black Emperor! sorgt u.a. für die musikalische Untermalung: Auf deren Website kann man sich einen Eindruck über die Musik verschaffen (MP3)... Wer Gefallen daran findet... Bei gibt es einige ihrer Werke auf CD...

28 Days later

28 Weeks later
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28 Weeks later
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28 Weeks later
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Ein Vorgeschmack auf den "28 Weeks later"-Trailer, der im Vorprogramm von "Hills Have Eyes 2" zu sehen sein wird...
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28 Weeks later
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Ein Zusammenschnitt von Rohmaterial aus "28 Weeks later"...
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28 Days later
Graphic Novel Preview
Ein paar Seiten aus der Graphic Novel "28 Days later: The Aftermath"...
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28 Days later
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